Old Growth FC

Old Growth FC

For years, the idea of a soccer team of Timbers Army Elders came up in post-match pub talk. These conversations usually began with, “We’re getting to old for this s**t” and after traditional chants such as, “Burn, destroy, wreck and kill! Aah!…My knees!”

Old Growth FC formed in Fall, 2011 and begins play in the Greater Portland Soccer District’s Spring 2012 season.The inaugural OGFC squad includes original members of the first Timbers Army FC (now known as Cascade Rangers FC) and veterans of other GPSD sides, including Deacon Blue. OGFC players take to the turf in a wide variety of shapes, sizes and skill levels.

OGFC is a proud member of the TAFC initiative and is proudly-sponsored by Bazi Bierbrasserie. Core to the OGFC mission is to be involved in the community. OGFC is fully engaged in 107ist-supported initiatives such as AC Portland, Operation Pitch Invasion and TOPSoccer. In addition to these initiatives, OGFC and Bazi partner to support the mission of Girls, Inc. of Northwest Oregon. OGFC also assists the Bhutanese Soccer Team of Oregon, an emerging grassroots effort of Portland-area immigrant and refugees in their teens and 20s.

OGFC refer to the rest of TAFC as “our youth academy.”

Spring 2012 Schedule (GPSD O-40 Division II)

Date Time Home       Away
4/4 6:45 PM Optimators 7 - 0 Old Growth FC
Location Delta Park – 9       Report
4/18 6:45 PM Sellwood Moreland UTD   -   Old Growth FC
Location Delta Park – 3        
4/25 6:45 PM Old Growth FC 0 - 15 Tug & Whistle
Location Delta Park – 3       Report
5/2 7:00 PM FC 77 Hibernian 7 - 1 Old Growth FC
Location Delta Park – 3       Report
5/9 7:00 PM Old Growth FC 0 - 6 FC Nor’East
Location Delta Park – 1       Report
6/3 10:00 AM Rose City Revolution 4 - 1 Old Growth FC
Location LaSalle high School       Report 
6/10 10:00 AM Old Growth FC 1 -  4 Random Assortment
Location LaSalle high School       Report
6/17 12:00 PM Old Growth FC 0 -  4 Rogues
Location Snyder Park       Report
6/27 7:00 PM Fossils 10 - Old Growth FC
Location Delta Park – 2         Report 
6/30 10:00 AM Old Growth FC 1 -  6 Celtic Portland FC
Location Gladstone High School       Report