Membership FAQ

Is there a minimum age to join?
Like the Timbers Army, 107ist is open to anyone who loves the Timbers.

Do I have to buy season tickets to join?
No. Your membership in 107ist includes all the privileges listed, and you will be welcome to take part in any and all activities we organize.

Does membership have any bearing on whether or not you are in the TA ticket sections?
Nope! TA is open to everyone, and the section is as well (and it will stay this way!). Membership in 107ist is for the right to run and vote in elections to the 107ist board (which, indirectly helps direct where 107ist money is spent), as well as gives you some leg up on away support and specially designed merchandise.

I signed up for 107ist n days ago, but haven’t received an email. What do I do?
You should have received a confirmation email from Paypal and a copy of you username and password after completing the registration form. If you’re missing either of these, please check your your bulk/junk/spam mail folder first as some email providers filter messages based on content, subject line, or the sender’s address. Please also ensure that and are on your email approved sender list and/or in your address book. You may also send us an email and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

What if I change my email address or move?
Log into the member area at and click on ‘update my profile’

Do I have to include my real name, email and mailing address in my profile or during registration? I’d prefer to stay anonymous!
Yes. This information is the source for our membership database, so if it’s incorrect we’ll have no way to contact you or send out your membership pack. Please be assured that is kept private we do not share/sell/rent our member-list at all.

How do I get my membership card and merchandise item?
We mail membership packets out to you about a week after you join; there is no extra charge for this. Please make sure your address is correct in your profile on when you sign up as that is the address we will send them to. Member merchandise items are available for pickup at the Fanladen for local members. Members outside the local Portland area will have their merchandise item included in their membership packet.

How does it work if I want to buy or renew a membership for someone else as a gift?
Unfortunately we don’t offer gift memberships at this time.

I want to pay for someone else’s membership, but can’t seem to do that at the same time I renew my membership. Is it possible to do this?
Because it’s one membership per person, and the registration information needs to be filled in for each one, there is no way to pay for more than one membership at a time. Please make sure you are logged out of the member area before processing the next payment (If you’re still logged in, Paypal will think you’re trying to extend your current membership, not buy a new one!).

When will I have to renew my membership?
Membership period is by calendar year, so all member renewals are due as of January 1st in preparation for the upcoming season.

Where does the money go?
The money that 107ist collects will be used for three basic purposes:

  • Flags, banners, tifo displays and other things aimed at making the Timber’s game-day experience the best in North America.
  • Travel and insurance: Supporting bus trips to Seattle, and road trips to other West Coast cities such as San Jose, Vancouver, Los Angeles and Salt Lake City.
  • Charitable works: The Army has done organized volunteer work on behalf of Habitat for Humanity, Friends of Trees and Oregon Food Bank, has provided uniforms and equipment to the Madison and Jefferson High School’s boys and girls soccer teams, is a founding partner of AC Portland and Operation Pitch Invasion, has sponsored local students to take part in National Team soccer camps, and taken part in the last 3 annual Walk Now for Autism events.
    Note: All 107ist Board members all serve on a voluntary basis.

Do you have youth or family memberships?
Not at this time although it’s something we are still looking at implementing for future seasons.

Can I join now and pay in installments?
Not at this time.

Where will Timbers Army and 107ist announcements be made?
Timbers Army and 107ist news and events will be announced via email directly to members, posted on and/or in the member forums, as well as on Facebook and Twitter. Be sure to add and to your email approved sender list and/or your address book so you don’t miss out on any of these announcements.

I only just joined in September/October etc., why do I need to pay again?
Membership period is by calendar year, so all member renewals are due as of January 1st in preparation for the upcoming season.

I have a question that’s not listed here
Email us at