Cascadia Cup Photo Shoot

We all had a great time introducing you to the Fanladen and snuggling up to the Cascadia Cup. It was a fantastic afternoon and also a landmark moment in the evolution of 107ist and Timbers Army. Thank you to everyone who came out and shared the day.

Here’s the link to the entire picture gallery where you can browse to your heart’s content, locate your own pic and download it for free. We expect to see Facebook plastered with Cascadia Cup glory within the week.

Cascadia Cup Picture Gallery

We must thank our exceptional photographers. They are all pros who volunteered their time and talent: Steven Lenhart, Liv Schelly and Colleen Sparks. Please consider using them the next time you want any sort of portraits or sessions done.

Steven Lenhart’s website
Liv Schelly’s website
Colleen Sparks’s website

And for those that missed out…should we do another photo shoot?

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13 Responses to Cascadia Cup Photo Shoot

  1. Mike Pacific says:

    Awesome, thanks!

  2. Steven D Lenhart says:


  3. Christopher Glawe says:

    Great pictures! Thanks!

  4. Sounders are the KINGS of Cascadia says:

    Aww… glad you Portschumies are having a fun time with it! ‘CAUSE YOU’RE NEVER GONNA GET IT BACK ONCE WE TAKE IT FROM YOUR DEAD HANDS!
    Sounders forever.

  5. Vanessa Chiong says:

    Thanks to everyone that helped, I had a great time and appreciate your efforts!

  6. Zachary Rau says:

    Yes one more cascadia cup photo shoot please. Perhaps with a Santa for the kids.

  7. Daniel Kelten says:

    Yes, another Cascadia Cup photo shoot please. Awesome for us that had prior commitments.

  8. Kevin Bensel says:

    I agree with a request for another Cascadia Cup photo shoot. Thanks!

  9. Janet Potter says:

    PLEASE, another Cascadia Cup photo shoot would be wonderful – out of town for the opening of Fanladen and the original opportunity! I have waited years for this one! Thank you all for what you have done! Fanladen, Cup photos, etc……PTFC! RCTID!!

  10. Megan Wise says:

    Does anyone know when the photos from the Cascadia cup shoot on 1/20/2013 will be ready?

  11. Bruce Eaton says:

    The photogs are coordinating the pics right now. I’d expect something in the next few days.

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