Cascadia Summit Quick Notes

Important information for all this weekend.

Dear Summit Attendee,

The moment is upon us.We are less than 48 hours away from the Cascadia Summit this weekend. These are exciting times and we hope you are looking forward to it as much as we are.

We will also be sending you a detailed itinerary for the weekend depending on the transportation method you chose when purchasing tickets.

We wanted to take a minute to impress upon you the importance of behavior this weekend and the consequences to all of us if things do not go as planned.

You are representing all Timbers fans this weekend.The Timbers Army is famous for traveling in numbers, traveling well and having a blast doing it.These games, especially Friday night against Seattle, should be no different.

We are asking you to rise above and hold you, your friends and everyone around you to a higher standard. We are louder, prouder and bigger than we have ever been, and we are the standard by which all other supporters groups will now be measured. Simply put we are the best.

With that title comes responsibility.

We are asking that you be responsible.To rise above any nonsense that rival fans may attempt to engage you in.The country will be watching so let’s show them what all the fuss is about by doing what we do best: singing loud and proud for a full 90 minutes.

We have met with security for Starfire and Qwest and they have informed us that the same standards and consequences that apply at Qwest will apply at the Starfire complex.That means no smoke bombs, flares or pyrotechnics of any kind, with the possibility of arrest for violations.It also means no entering a rival supporters section for any reason, and obviously also means no projectiles thrown onto the pitch.Violation of this will have consequences not just for attending away matches but home as well.

The good news is that we will have our own entrance, section, beer garden and restrooms.

We have all worked hard to get to this moment.MLS in Portland.MLS Timbers vs MLS Sounders and MLS Whitecaps.Let’s celebrate that this weekend the best way we know how: with class.


Your 107ist Board Members

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2 Responses to Cascadia Summit Quick Notes

  1. Nels Hesseldahl says:

    Hear hear!

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