Cascadia Supporters Groups and Major League Soccer Reach Agreement in Principle on Cascadia Cup Trademark Issue

Portland, OR, Vancouver, B.C., Seattle, WA — Ahead of this weekends Cascadia Cup match between the Sounders and the Whitecaps, the supporters groups in Seattle, Portland and Vancouver and Major League Soccer are pleased to announce we have reached an agreement in principle regarding the Cascadia Cup Trademark Issue. The agreement in principle was the result of a transparent and productive dialogue between the league and the Cascadia Cup Council (CCC) representatives.

While final ratification of the agreement is pending legal approval, both parties have agreed to a general framework that includes important provisions regarding trademark and sponsorship. The Cascadia Cup Council will own the name, logo and likeness of the trophy and no party may sell trade nor barter any sponsorship to the Cascadia Cup without the unanimous approval of all parties (i.e., CCC, Portland Timbers, Seattle Sounders, Vancouver Whitecaps and MLS).

More details regarding the agreement will be released upon legal ratification.
The Cascadia Cup Council is pleased with the agreement in principle with Major League Soccer and is encouraged by the fact that Major League Soccer recognizes the importance of the supporter-owned Cascadia Cup for the growth of soccer in the Cascadia Region. The CCC believes this agreement in principle ensures that the Cascadia Cup will remain a supporter-created and supporter-owned cup.
About the Cascadia Cup Council: The Cascadia Cup Council is a recognized non-profit entrusted with the management of the Cascadia Cup. The Council is made up of one representative from each of the three founding Cascadia Cup supporters groups. The current representatives are Jeremy Wright – Timbers Army, Greg Mockos – Emerald City Supporters, and Brett Graham – Vancouver Southsiders.

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9 Responses to Cascadia Supporters Groups and Major League Soccer Reach Agreement in Principle on Cascadia Cup Trademark Issue

  1. Mike Pacific says:

    Awesome work by the Council and leaders from the TA, ECS, and Southsiders!

  2. Stephane says:

    See MLS just use your words and the SGs will work with you. GReat work by the SGs

  3. Sherrilynn "Sheba" Rawson says:

    Huge props to Jeremy and the rest of the Cascadia Cup Council. We got a big win here as supporters. Thanks to all of you, and to our crack legal team, for reaching this point.

  4. Daniel says:

    Kudos to Jeremy and all three SGs – yes, including the ECS – for coming together on such a high-profile issue.

  5. Jeremy Wright says:

    Thanks and we need to give major props to our legal team of Josh Barrett and Mike Heilbronner who devoted an incredibly amount of time (and still do) to giving us the guidance to craft this agreement. Indispensable.

  6. Chad Stephens says:

    Huge thank you to the SG’s and the CCC for their hard work then, now, and going forward in this process.

  7. Roger Anthony says:

    Very, very proud of the 107ist for the tenacity, patience and diplomacy this required. Have yourselves a beer.

  8. Eric Yinger says:

    Thank you for all the work and the result. MLS should be embarrassed and ashamed for pushing it to this point. Look out for MLS to try and trademark Charlie’s Co., or Tetris.

  9. Janet Potter says:

    Congrats to all involved for the brilliance of keeping this where it belongs – in the hands, hearts and legality of the fan base. MLS should NOT be included in anything we do – with exception of being polite and working with them around what we do. Again, thank you to all involved!

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