Cascadia Supporters Groups Jointly Oppose Major League Soccer’s Claim of Ownership of Cascadia Cup Trademark

Portland, OR., Vancouver, B.C., Seattle, WA. — January 10, 2013 —The supporters groups in Seattle, Portland and Vancouver jointly oppose Major League Soccer’s claim of ownership of the Cascadia Cup trademark. The three supporters groups have jointly used the Cascadia Cup mark for many years and have been the rightful owners of the mark. In response to recent statements and actions by MLS, the supporters groups recently formed a new entity, the Cascadia Cup Council, which acquired the supporters’ groups trademark rights in the Cascadia Cup mark. The Cascadia Cup Council will ensure that the mark remains in the hands of the very supporters who created it.

The Cascadia Cup Council recently filed a U.S. federal trademark registration application for the Cascadia Cup mark, and a registration application will likely be filed in Canada as well. The Cascadia Cup Council also intends to formally oppose Major League Soccer’s attempt to register the trademark that the public recognizes as a fan-created competition that predates Major League Soccer in Vancouver, Portland or Seattle.

Not only does the Cascadia Cup Council believe they rightfully own the trademark to Cascadia Cup but they also are of the belief they are the appropriate entity to protect the mark from third parties that are unaffiliated with the supporters groups in the Pacific Northwest.

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22 Responses to Cascadia Supporters Groups Jointly Oppose Major League Soccer’s Claim of Ownership of Cascadia Cup Trademark

  1. CVO says:

    Thank you to the Board, Barrett, and all others that jumped on this right away!

  2. prizby says:

    why haven’t mls trademarked older rivalries that have been in MLS longer than Cascadia has been in MLS…its a money grab by them

  3. Joshua Noble says:

    Thanks to everyone who jumped on this right away, very proud to see all the SGs working together.

  4. Paul Atkinson says:

    Well done, everyone. This is a perfectly appropriate response, and if there’s any justice at all the mark will end up in the hands of the new entity.

  5. james says:

    that is a sad play by the MLS…I just lost a little more respect for them. Most supporters know if anyone other than the supporters take ownership it will forever change the atmosphere of the Cascadia Cup.

  6. Dan Gerhardstein says:

    It’s a Supporter trophy, not an owners trophy, not a team trophy, not an MLS trophy…

    I got an idea, how about the MLS spend their time getting better referees and getting world relevance rather than chasing an extra dime from their supporters.

  7. Bryan Hoff says:

    Nice job working with the other supporter groups to try and secure this.

  8. Epic work by all three SG’s. Supporters before Dollars.

  9. Leif Brecke says:

    Is there anything the Cascadia Resilience Network and the Cascadian activist community can do to help starting with, if it is desired by the Cascadia Supporters Groups, a statement of support?

  10. Jason Martschinske says:

    Kudos to all that are putting in the effort to keep the trademark with the SGs. Lost some respect for the MLS. But what do you expect, if there is a chance for them to make money, they will take it.

  11. Sherrilynn "Sheba" Rawson says:

    Huge thanks to Barrett and everyone from the three SGs who worked to continue to protect the Cascadia Cup as the supporters group trophy and competition that it is. The ham-handed attempt by the MLS to claim ownership of a mark that clearly is not theirs and predates any of their involvement is only trumped by their even more lame explanation that they had the interests of the fans in mind. Really. Here’s a tip: next time you want to try to “protect” something that isn’t yours, you might consider talking to the people who actually own it first. Yeah, I’m pissed that we have to spend time and energy on this. But I’d be far more upset if we let the MLS steal it. It doesn’t belong to them.

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  13. Danny says:

    Yes, thank you! I don’t want to be watching the Cascadia Cup presented by Viagra

  14. Donald says:

    thanks and well done everyone!!!

  15. Daniel says:

    Ridiculous that this even has become an issue. Amazing the gall that MLS shows in even attempting this. Don’t believe it has a chance against the Cascadia Cup Council’s trademark application considering the origin, history and well-established traditions by the supporters’ groups with the Cup. Formal opposition to the MLS’s application for trademark right should be a slam dunk, even for bureaucrats unfamiliar with soccer, let alone unfamiliar with supporter’s culture.

  16. Mike Andreyuk says:

    Always been a “fan” but now I am a member of this organization because of the smart and strong response from you all. Keep up the great work!

  17. Daniel Kelten says:

    Here’s a protest song we should sing whenever Garber is in town. Maybe at all Cascadia matches. To the tune of Another Brick in the Wall.

    We don’t need no corporate sponsor
    We don’t need no false control
    No mock protection for Cascadia
    Barber leave that Cup alone
    Hey! Garber! Leave that Cup alone!
    All in all it’s just another buck for the league.
    All in all we’re just another buck for the league.

  18. Daniel Kelten says:

    (should be Garber both times)

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