Official Grand Opening of the Fanladen

Last month we held an informal open house at the Timbers Army fanladen, when a few of you had a chance to get a sneak peek at our new space. Since then a lot of extra work has taken place, and we are ready to declare the place officially open.

The fanladen allows us to better meet our members’ needs, have safe storage of inventory, and provide ample creative space for us to continue to lead the way with our expressions of support for the boys. And, as it’s located at SW 17th and Alder, it’s just a dodgy keeper’s goal kick away from the stadium.
We invite you to join us to socialize with your Timbers Army brothers and sisters and enjoy some of the festivities we have planned.

What: Official Fanladen Opening
When: Sunday, November 11th from 1pm to 6pm
Where: The Fanladen, 1633 SW Alder St.

  • Come have your photo taken with the Cascadia Cup, thanks to Steven Lenhart, Liv Shelly, and Colleen Sparks
  • Renew your membership for 2013
    • A special gift will be provided to the first 350 who join or renew on site November 11
    • Plus ALL members who join or renew by December 31, 2012 will receive a 107ist t-shirt in addition to the normal membership packet and swag in early 2013
  • Enjoy free refreshments, including beer, soft drinks and snacks, with a special shout out to Jerry for donating a keg from Lompoc
  • Limited edition box set scarf purchase auction (see below for details)—A beautiful box set of scarves will be available for purchase during the grand opening
  • Special limited edition merchandise (see below for details)—No Pity Originals has cooked up some great limited edition merchandise fitting for this momentous occasion. Many of these items will never be sold again, so don’t miss out!
  • Last season merch sale and ‘look what we found when we cleaned the van’ bargain bin

LIMITED EDITION: Rose City ‘Til I Die/Bury Me In Green & Gold Scarf Set
Limited to 107 pieces. This box set includes a gorgeous red/burgundy “RCTID” bar scarf, and green/gold “Bury Me In Green & Gold” bar scarf. Completing the set is a special Timbers Army display box, featuring Timbers Army and No Pity Originals imagery, along with a special map of the area surrounding the Fanladen. A portion of these box sets will be pre-sold to those that helped build the fanladen and the top volunteers in the 2012 volunteer tracking database. The majority will be allocated through a raffle to be held as part of the opening event.

If you are interested in purchasing a limited edition box set of scarves, request your raffle ticket upon arrival at the fanladen. Winning tickets will be pulled periodically throughout the event. If your ticket is drawn, you have the right to purchase a single box set. Winners must either be present to win or must be available to answer the phone when their tickets are drawn.
Box sets are $50 each (one-per-person limit)

Heritage Collection
Portland has a rich footballing history that stretches back to the late 1800′s. What began as locals battling British sailors quickly evolved into coordinated teams and leagues. Our Heritage Collection pays tribute to this strong heritage with two limited edition t-shirts. Honor the first official football club in Portland with our “Portland Association Football Club” shirt.
Shortly after Portland’s first football club came Portland’s first football league. All six participants are featured on our “Portland Football Association” shirt: Multnomah Red & White, Oregon Railroad & Navigation, The Cricketers, The Crescents, Caledonians, and Columbias.
Shirts are $15 each

Limited Edition Headwear
To mark this momentous occasion, No Pity Originals has re-issued all of our classic headwear in a traditional 1970′s colorway. This will be the first and probably the last time you’ll see the classic colors on these hat designs.
Hats are $20 each

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4 Responses to Official Grand Opening of the Fanladen

  1. SEAN REILLY says:

    Cannot WAIT!!!

  2. Jimmy Mack says:

    What a great place. I had a blast hanging out with everyone and want to pass along a ‘well done’ to everyone who put in the time to make this happen. Curious about when and where we can see our Cascadia Cup photos?

  3. Obi says:

    Cascadia Cup Photo links should be loaded within the next day or two.

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