Hey, there hasn’t been a Timbers Army Football Club recap in a while…

I was looking at the calendar and realized that there hadn’t been a post about the Timbers Army Football Club results in a while. It’s not that I didn’t want to put something together, but it’s a bit more difficult when life and your club get in the way. I’m not going out to get myself one of those Franklin-Covey systems either to help, but perhaps as you read this, it will make more sense why it’s been a while since our last aggregate post.

I hadn’t traveled to support the Timbers yet this season, but was able to be in Seattle and Vancouver for both October road matches, and while that’s good from the fan perspective, the other side of being on a Timbers Army Football Club team is that the league doesn’t necessarily stop for events like this.  As evidenced by many of the messages on the TAFC HQ page, TA clubs were scrambling to find eligible players to fill many roles for matches that just couldn’t be rescheduled.  With ten clubs in the Greater Portland Soccer District under the TA umbrella and many other clubs having people interested in the Timbers, you would think this would come under some thought when they were setting up the master schedule.  While I understand there is a limited about of time and fields available, it doesn’t make sense to me to have Timbers Army matches on weekends with Timbers matches.  But that’s a soapbox that I don’t want to go down.

The second thing that has delayed the recaps has been the update to the website for team pages and results.  It’s still under process at this point, and while the news feed is listing some of the games being played in the Fall 2012 term, it’s not listing everything. I use the pages as a backbone of the amalgamated report that I do, and it’s a lot more difficult to do that when you have no reference links.  I know the technical team is working very hard to get everything set up and sorted, and when it’s done, it’s going to be fabulous for anyone to keep track of what’s going on with the TAFC clubs.  I’m even somewhat impressed with the website updates that GPSD has done to the league pages because it’s easier navigation and better to read.  As we say, though, all good upgrades take time.

The third bit of news and probably the one that has stuck with me the most is the events at the Old Growth FC match on October 14.  By now, most of the Timbers Army knows what happened at halftime and what actions various members of OGFC did to save a life.  The incident spurred a lot of attention towards getting CPR classes set up and processes to ensure that AEDs were available at all fields just in case, and I applaud those who are giving their time and efforts to these endeavors.  Strategic planning is a wonderful skill, but often, many of us don’t plan for things until a true emergency situation hits.  The outcome of the day could have been far different without the team effort displayed by many, though.  I have to admit that when OGFC finally took the field again this past weekend after our October 20 match was moved, it felt like years had passed since our previous match even though it had been just three weeks.

We can add the distractions of the Timbers along as well because there’s certainly a lot going on there even though the team has started their offseason.  The biggest reason behind that is I expect this to be a season of tremendous change within the Timbers.  I know that’s to be anticipated when you bring on a new coach and there’s questions about which players will return, but at the same point, I believe there will be a big move or trade sometime this offseason.  I’m not basing that on any inside knowledge due to my other role with Oregonlive.com, but more of a premonition looking at the months ahead.  Granted, it’s a bit easier for me when I have facts and figures to fall back on with my statements, so this is new territory for me to rely upon my gut.  If I’m right, well, then I suppose I can trust it more often as I probably should have over the years.  If I’m wrong, well, the stomach goes back to its primary role of food consumption and I return to the land of facts and figures.

I promise that this column will eventually become a regular feature once the website updates are completed, and the process to get results out to the readers becomes more streamlined.  Perhaps by that point, I’ll have figured out if my gut instinct was right.  Until then, have a great rest of your day and Go Timbers!

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