How Do I Find or Sell a Ticket


You’re the person who really likes going to games but doesn’t have a season ticket or you’re looking to grab a couple extras for friends. Maybe you’re looking to sell an extra ticket because you’re friend can’t go. Hopefully this will be a good guide on how to do that without being scalped.

1. Don’t go to a scalper. They are leeches. Ignore them both online and at the stadium.

2. Before the day of game check the Timbers Ticket Exchange page on Facebook. It is moderated and anyone trying to sell a ticket for over face value gets the boot. We know everyone doesn’t have Facebook but this is really the only method out there that offers some way to moderate it so that fans aren’t scalping to fans. Spread the love folks. So if you’re looking to buy or looking to sell before the game that’s the easiest place to go.

3. On the day of the game check out the Fanladen located just a block away from the stadium at 1633 SW Alder St. It is staffed by friendly volunteers who will try to connect those looking to sell a ticket with someone looking to buy a ticket. The Fanladen opens about 3 hours prior to the match and closes about an hour before the match so the volunteers can get to their seats in the stadium too.

4. Stop by the No Pity Van at Rack Attack just across the street from the stadium at 1737 SW Morrison. The No Pity Van accepts ticket donations only and sells them for face value with the proceeds going into the tifo fund (how we pay for those giant banners). Did you also know Rack Attack is awesome and also gives 107ist members 20% off MSRP on all racks and rack systems, excluding Sportrack products? Well now you do.

5. Do not feed the scalpers!

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3 Responses to How Do I Find or Sell a Ticket

  1. Mike Coleman says:

    TA Face Value prices:

    Season Tickets $18.00 ($360.00 / 20 games – yes we count friendlies and preseason tourney)

    Box Office Non Premium Games – $25.00 (+$7.00 if you bought online)

    Box Office Premium Games (SEA, VANC, LAG, Finale) – $35.00 (+$7.00 if you bought online)

    Now you know

  2. Joe W says:

    This post should be added to the gameday tab! Thanks for the info.

  3. Patricia says:

    Thanks for the help.
    My boyfriend often gets to go to the timbers games as he has a friend who has season tickets and is able to bring a guest.
    But we are often looking for two more tickets… And yes once did the scalper thing..

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