Important 107ist Board Update

At times in our lives we have to take a step back and look at what is really important in our lives and do what is best for ourselves. As many of you know one of our board members, Joanne Couchman, was recently diagnosed with cancer. The latest tests revealed the need for chemotherapy as part of her treatment program. Chemotherapy is a multi-month process and very physically draining. Due to the inclusion of chemotherapy into her treatment program she has decided it is in her best interests to step away from the day to day business of 107ist and focus entirely on her recovery.

As someone who has worked with Joanne over the years from the group that worked on the foundation of 107ist in those days we spitballed ideas at the Watershed through serving as a board member with her I can unequivocally say 107ist would not be the organization it is today without her dedication and tenacity. She has worn every hat there is to wear on the board and has done every single one of them well. The board wishes to thank her for her time, commitment and attention to detail over the years. Here’s to a speedy recovery and seeing her back in her normal spot in section 108 as soon as possible.

The board will be meeting shortly to discuss next steps and will communicate those as soon as they are available.

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21 Responses to Important 107ist Board Update

  1. David Wagoner says:

    Jojo, get better soon! Please let us know if you need anything.

  2. Mark Warner says:

    We love you Joanne!

  3. Brent Diskin says:

    Stay strong, always cheerful, and lean on any of us whenever you need, Joanne – and come back stronger!

  4. Brandon Sweany says:

    Thank you Joanne for all that you have done and wish you a full recovery so you can get back to as normal of a life as you can have. I hope it is a good prognosis and my thoughts are with you. Cancer is a terrible thing and as a survivor myself, I hope to see you become one as well. Best wishes.

  5. Cody Goldberg says:

    Thinking of you Joanne! Cancer doesn’t stand a chance against you!! Be well.

  6. Nick Brock says:

    Hang tough Joanne, we’ve all got your back! Sending nothing but love and good vibes your way!

  7. Dave Hoch says:

    Get well JoJo!!!

  8. todd diskin says:

    I wish Joanne all the love, support and hope in the world and am happy to step up my support and assist in any way needed for the board until she feels ready to return.

  9. Ryan says:

    Hang in there Joanne!!! You are in all our thoughts and prayers.

  10. Frank O says:

    Aguante Joanne!

  11. Jeff Dean says:

    Joanne, i know you’re gonna kick cancers arse! Youre in my thoughts and prayers!

  12. Kyle Jones says:

    Joanne, you are in our thoughts a prayers. If there is anything – anything – you need from us as a membership and as friends, do not hesitate to ask. We will all be there for you.

  13. Lindsey Salzer says:

    Thinking of you, as is everyone else. We all appreciate you and keep your head up during these hard times!

  14. Tom V. says:

    Joanne, I feel bad for your cancer – it has no chance. Get well soon!

  15. michael perron says:

    Get better soon, Joanne. Sending positive thoughts your way.

  16. Patrick Musto says:

    The collective hearts of the Army are with you!

  17. Larry Shaw says:

    joanne, you’ve always been so kind and so helpful to me and always with a smile. i see you healthy and energized – now, during and after you whip this bugger! namaste!

  18. Joaquin Gutierrez says:

    Best wishes JoJo!

  19. Dan Upp says:

    You got this, Joanne. Work out some kind of time-share with Timber Jim’s cancer-killing scarf and you’ll be golden. Thanks a million for everything you have done for the TA and 107ist up to this point, and we will eagerly look forward to having you back to carry on your labo(u)rs of love.

  20. Joanne –
    Get very well very soon, I miss seeing you at the table already.

  21. Kevin Bensel says:

    Best wishes for a speedy recover, Joanne.

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