Lou’s Ask: Don’t buy wristbands. Donate to OPI

As you know, with the help of 107IST volunteers, this year the front office has taken over the distribution of wristbands for places in line. They recently offered four wristbands for auction with Rose City Rewards points. Well, intrepid 107IST member Lou (@Lou503 on twitter) bid on the wristbands on a lark, and won them. But he doesn’t really believe in the whole concept of bidding on wristbands, and would thus like to turn this slightly silly episode into a positive.

To make a positive statement that he thinks it’s more important to raise money for worthy causes than to use points to bid for a place in line, Lou is asking that folks who feel like he does donate to OPI in support of Bless Field. For every $50 donated, Lou will destroy one wristband. If we donate at least $200, he will happily destroy all four wristbands that he won in the RCR points auction.

Let’s help him out by donating here:

We’ll keep tabs on the donations here, manually updating every time Sheba gets the chance.


Click here for more information about OPI and Bless Field.

UPDATE #5: and you blew the top off the thermometer. Keep up the good work!
UPDATE #4: YES. Ed puts us over the top. I <3 all of you people. Feel free to blow the top off of that thermometer just the same.
UPDATE #3: Splash three. You people are awesome.
UPDATE #2: And that makes two wristbands gone.
UPDATE #1: Boom, one wristband gone. Well done folks.

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3 Responses to Lou’s Ask: Don’t buy wristbands. Donate to OPI

  1. Shawn Levy says:

    Bless you boys and girls!

  2. Lou says:

    Big thanks to Sheba for putting the page together so fast and to everyone that donated! I am amazed at how quickly this all happened!

  3. Sherrilynn "Sheba" Rawson says:

    I <3 all of you people. :)

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