Meet Alex Segovia and Rubio Mendez-Rubin

In August of 2011 the 107ist board decided to award two scholarships to two exceptional young men Alex Segovia and Rubio Mendez-Rubin whom after years of hard of dedication both young men earned an incredible honor to study and train at the IMG Academy as two of the top 40 U-16 players in the United States. Prior to this both had participated in the U-14 US National Soccer Development Program Team during the 2009/2010 season.

Alex and Rubio come from close-knit, hard-working families and share the important value of love of family and friends. The boys serve as an inspiration to all. Despite their modest means, both families have made extreme sacrifices in an effort to support their respective son’s pursuit of playing soccer at the highest level. The boys and their parents understand the importance of the educational opportunity associated with the residency program and will place primary emphasis on academic achievement as a precursor to success on the field. Success and balance in both disciplines will advance Alex and Rubio one step closer to their goal of one day playing on the men’s U.S. Soccer National Team.

Alex Segovia – His first experience playing organized soccer was his U-13 season at Westside Metros 2008/2009. In addition to team practices Alex spends countless hours at soccer fields working on and improving his skills with his brothers, friends and teammates. Alex possesses a strong, yet quiet confidence in himself and is very competitive – he meets challenges head on and just keeps his eyes on the goal. His dedication and commitment has resulted in him earning this incredible opportunity to advance his personal growth and development both off and on the pitch.

Rubio Mendez-Rubin: He is one of the original Westside Metros youth development players that has lead his team to four Oregon State Cup Championships starting his U-11 season. It was clear to everyone that witnessed him play, even at a young age, that he was a special player. His passion for the game of soccer, his competitive spirit and personal drive are beyond measure. He plays with heart, every minute of the match, no matter what the temperature, score or opponent. The fire inside him to dream big and achieve at the highest level started long ago. At ten years, when other kids missed practice because they couldn’t find a ride, Rubio rode the city bus. He’s humble, yet supremely confident in himself. On occasion you will see him smile or laugh when he plays- just because he loves to play the game of soccer. Even players on opposing teams have become “fans” out of respect for his ability and approach to the game.

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10 Responses to Meet Alex Segovia and Rubio Mendez-Rubin

  1. Nando says:

    It was an incredible opportunity for me and the 107ist to be able to help these two young men, it falls into exactly what the Timbers Army is about in regards to Team, Town and TA.

    Its hard to imagine that Alex has only been playing organized soccer for three years, which to me is amazing. Everyone I spoke to had nothing but praise for Rubio, always stating the was not only was the nicest person on the pitch but the most skilled. Im sure we will see these two in Timbers green.

  2. Tommy V says:

    Awesome. Thank you 107IST.

  3. Portlandpadre says:

    Felicitaciones Alex y Rubio!!

    Fieles a la verde!!!

  4. Ryan says:

    Good work 107ist. Exciting to see more big things happening. Cheers.

  5. nickyjusa says:

    Well done 107ist! It’s these kind of actions that drove me to join!

  6. Sean Moran says:

    Congratulations to Alex and Rubio. I wish them all the best.

  7. Greg Marshall says:

    Both Rubio and Alex were and are humbled by the generosity of The Army. Your support of the Timbers is only rivaled by your support of these boys and other worthy recipients of your generosity. Thank you.

  8. Manny says:

    Suerte a los dos, Alex y Rubio! Y gracias a 107ist por apoyar la comunidad Latina y a los jovenes! Somos Guerreros Verdes!

  9. Patrick Birkle says:

    Rubio’s success is no surprise to those of us who knew him at Vose Elementary School in Beaverton. He single-handedly defeated the school staff by scoring four goals during the end-of-the-year Vose Staff/5th Grade soccer game. Congratulations to both Rubio and Alex and best wishes from many former and current Vose staff.

  10. Salvador Santillan G. says:

    Congratulations Rubio and Alex, I wish you the best and there’s no doubt you guys are going to be playing in the big leagues. I still remember coaching Rubio back when he was young, always knew he had a real talent for the game and when I coached him back in the westside metros development program. Since then I’ve been watching him grow as a player and as a person. Great student and son, your family must be so proud of you. Keep working hard and I hope you reach all your goals. Good luck two both you guys. And thanks to the timbers army 107ist for supporting the latino community. That’s why “SOMOS TIMBERS” “SOMOS GUERREROS VERDES’

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