New Timbers Army Gate Procedures for LA Galaxy Match on 7/14/12

In order to provide a fair and consistent entry procedure at Gate 3, and after much collaboration between the 107ist Board and Timbers management, we will be distributing wristbands to facilitate entry at the LA Galaxy match on 7/14/2012.

This FAQ will also be distributed as people collect their wristband so they know what’s happening. Please feel free to post any additional questions in the comments and we’ll endeavor to answer them as soon as we can (remember, we’re all volunteers!).

When will wristbands be given out?
Volunteers will arrive to distribute wristbands at a variable and unannounced time for each match. If the volunteers have not yet arrived, you should plan to stand in line at the TA gate as usual.

How many wristbands will there be?
The first 1000 Timbers Army section ticketholders in line will receive a numbered wristband based on arrival order. You will need to show your TA section ticket in order to receive the wristband.

Does a wristband guarantee me early entry before all the other gates?
Yes it does – But please remember that you’ll need to be back in line, and in numerical order, before the TA gate opens.

Can I take an extra for my child/spouse/brother/friend etc.?
No, wristbands will be placed on each fan upon arrival; you must be physically present to get one.

What happens after I get the wristband?
You can leave the JELD-WEN area, but must be back in line 180 minutes before kick-off (5:00pm). If you don’t return by 5:00pm you are not guaranteed priority entry.

If I have this wristband, why do I have to be here again three hours early? Why can’t I just show up 5 min before the gates open?
You have to be in line and in order per the number on your wristband. It’s going to take a while for everyone to sort themselves out.

Where do I go when I come back?
Head to Gate 3 (the TA gate) and line up in number order – each wristband is consecutively numbered.

When will the TA gate open?
Gate 3 will open 120 minutes before kick-off (6:00pm).

How will wristbands work with the bag-check line?
If you bring a bag you’ll still need to have it searched and your entry will be delayed. The non-bag line always moves faster, so if getting in quickly is your #1 priority, don’t bring a bag into the stadium.

What if all the wristbands are gone?
You can go to the end of the Gate 3 line, but please remember people that *do* have wristbands will be returning to the line and will stand in front of you.

Alternatively, use any of the other JELD-WEN Field gates that open at 6:30pm. These are gates, 4, 2 and 1.

Does this mean I get a reserved seat up front?
Not necessarily. The TA section is general admission and all seats are first come first served. Having a wristband only ensures that you get in via the TA gate before the other gates open.


Once in, can I still save extra seats for my child/spouse/ friend etc.?

Please DO NOT try to save multiple seats for late arriving people.

We have a policy of ’1 scarf =1 seat’ in the TA section. This means that it’s ok to save a seat for a friend as long as they get to the stadium at least 30 mins before kickoff.

Saving a seat any longer than that, or saving more than 1 seat is just plain rude and inconsiderate of your fellow Timbers Army members.

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97 Responses to New Timbers Army Gate Procedures for LA Galaxy Match on 7/14/12

  1. Mike Pacific says:

    Does ‘TA section’ = GA ticket or a ticket that specifically says “Timbers Army Section” ie a STH ticket?

  2. Forest Walker says:

    So anyone unable to be there at this “variable and unannounced” time but still, say, 4-5 hours early can expect to have up to 1000 people jump in line ahead of them 3 hours out? I’ll go check the discussion thread(s) and see if this was mentioned, but was there a measure of how far in advance of gates opening we were getting 1000 in line for recent matches?

    • Joanne Couchman says:

      From the time lapse (2 different matches) and volunteer counts we have a good idea of when to start giving out wristbands. The aim is to have the line form as normal and avoid a scrimmage when distribution begins. The main bulk of the line forms very close to gate opening time, and we’ll be there well before then :)

      The advantage is that if you’d normally turn up and be #500 in line, by the time the gates opened you’d be back to at least #750 because of all the cutters. With this system you’ll still be at #500. Fairer all round. (edited to correct number typo!)

      • Forest Walker says:

        Makes sense. About as fair as it can get for the largest number of folks. Thanks to all involved for working to implement some solution.

      • Richard Miller says:

        I understand that you’ve done research on previous matches, but the announcement of this new policy will inevitably alter people’s “normal” behavior.

        Behavioral economics suggests that the “variable unannounced time” factor will induce people to arrive much, much earlier than they normally would.

        I’m guessing that if you want a wristband, think “buttcrack of dawn”.

        • Dave Hood says:

          Exactly… me and all of my Army friends that I’ve talked to all plan on showing up *quite* a bit earlier than we otherwise would have. It will be interesting to see how this works out. I’m skeptical but trying to keep an open mind.

        • Sherrilynn "Sheba" Rawson says:

          Observer effect is definitely a concern, whether we’re talking behavioral economics, particle physics, linguistics (my area), or TA line behavior. All we can do is take our best shot at it, based on the best information we’ve got. Such is the nature of working with measurement in the social sciences. Human behavior is a very messy thing to try to measure and predict. :)

          That said, I think this can be an improvement on the current dynamics, if we all work on it together, both outside and inside the stadium.

      • Vanessa says:

        Um… never in my experience going to games have “the bulk” of the line showed up close to gate opening time… without fail i usually wind up in line with the rest of the TA-ers out there several hours before the game starts… for me this will just mean that I’m out there earlier, and potentially longer, in hopes that I don’t miss Mister Wristband… I’m hopeful, but the realist in me is kind of over-ruling on this one.

        • Sherrilynn "Sheba" Rawson says:

          I understand that your perception might be different. For what it’s worth, the last two matches the bulk of the line (as in more than 50% of the TA line for Gate 3) did indeed show up close to gate opening time (as in the last 45-60 minutes prior to the gate opening).
          No system is perfect; we’re just trying to help make the current system more fair by reducing the possibility of last minute line crashing, so that those folks like you who do stand in line with the rest of the TA-ers several hours before the game starts get to retain your places in line. Thanks for bearing with us as we work this through.

  3. Rob Spalding says:

    thank God for this

  4. Daniel Wise says:

    Well thank you all for your work on this. I am optimistic!

  5. Brandon M. says:

    Good idea. I usually sit in 115 but traded a friend for a TA ticket for the San Jose game. Got in in line at 4pm in good shape, but by the time the gates opened, the population in front of me had at least tripled with cutters. Good adjustment to reward the early arrivals…..

  6. Kevin says:

    Main points:
    No saving spots in line
    No saving more than one seat

  7. Nicolas Johnson says:

    What time are wristbands going to be handed out? I assume sometime before 5pm?

    • Erik says:

      Reading is fun!

    • Joanne Couchman says:

      When will wristbands be given out?
      Volunteers will arrive to distribute wristbands at a variable and unannounced time for each match. If the volunteers have not yet arrived, you should plan to stand in line at the TA gate as usual.

      So yes, sometime before 5pm :)

  8. Jodi says:

    Stuck in Missouri, so this doesn’t affect me in the slightest. But have to say, after several years of lining up with only Howie in front of us, only to be rushed by people who somehow thought they were more deserving of getting in when the gates opened, I appreciate the effort here. Fantastic that we have a group of people willing to advocate on our behalf, attempt a solution to a problem, and use their own personal time to implement said solution. Hell of a lot better than sitting around wringing your hands, even if it doesn’t end up the perfect answer.

  9. Matt says:

    I’m glad to see the TA putting an end to excessive seat saving. I wouldn’t even mind if up to 3 seats were saved by someone who arrived early but as we all have seen in the past, some people have attempted to block off half a row or more in the heart of the TA. That ain’t right; thanks for addressing it.

  10. JLE says:

    I’m working in Oregon for the summer and would like to experience my first MLS game. Found out that Timbers tix are impossible to obtain. Any ideas on how a fan-to-be can buy a ticket for the L.A. game this Saturday?

    • Bakasama says:

      To be honest they are hard to come by and therefore you will need to try Craigslist or (I hate saying this) stubhub but don’t pay more then $25 or so. If you are going on Stubhub, look the day of gameday and you will find reduced tickets you can purchase and then print off.

      • davemess says:

        $25 or so? You do know that face value for a TA ticket for the Galaxy game (with fees) is around $52. That’s if you bought a single game ticket and don’t have season tickets. I think the $25 days are long gone.
        People have to realize that tickets are expensive this season and some is not trying to rip you off on craigslist because they’re trying to sell you a $50 ticket to LA or Seattle.

    • Mike Kurfis says:

      JLE – check out Timbers Ticket Exchange on Facebook, or the 107ist forums. Failing that, you might have a shot if anyone is selling tix at the No Pity merch van on match day. Tweeting your need with the #RCTIDtix hashtag might do the trick as well. Good luck!

      PS – if you just want to see the Timbers play and don’t care about the opposition, there’s the international friendly against Aston Villa on July 24, there might still be tix for that available.

    • JLE says:

      Broke down and bought a ticket on Stubhub. Looking forward to my first Timbers game and seeing the Army in action. I’m driving up from Salem in the afternoon. Any suggestions on where to park and better yet, which soccer pub to go to for pregame libations?

  11. Todd Chase says:

    THIS SUCKS! When is the TA going to do something about getting seating organized in the TA Section. I would like to see assigned sections. I am in Section 108. I am in that section every game. Bracelets or not I will be in Section 108. I bought 3 season tickets, I’ll hold 3 seats in 108. Oh, and firing JS and replacing him with GW = EPIC FAILURE!

    • Joanne Couchman says:

      Todd, assigned sections will kill the TA vibe we’ve worked so hard to build over the years – why would we ever do anything to encourage that to happen. You’d never be able to sit with your friends or bring new people to see matches, and as assigned seats would be allocated on season ticket priority number, many of the people you currently sit with may not even be able to get seats in 108 with you. What if you end up next to someone you can’t stand?

      I’m usually very diplomatic, but I’m going to have to completely frank with you here and there’s no easy way to say it… but this kind of sense of entitlement/selfishness is one of the reasons we’re having to implement this system in the first place. General admission means first come first served, not first come and I demand the specific seats I want to sit in. If you demand specific seats then move your tickets to 109/209, or 110/210, or 111/211, etc. they are all TA influenced sections and participate fully (well, except maybe for Tetris ;) ). Please don’t try turn the TA into what you think it should be, accept it for what it is and you’ll find it’s much more fun! :)

      • Harper says:

        I like this “frank” Joanne! :-)

      • Ryan says:

        yea, you can say this cause you probably have a guaranteed seat up close from all your friends that save seats for 10+ people… so you wouldn’t be pissed off about it like all of us that are not in the 107/108 inner circles…. and most people i stand next to in TA are people I can’t stand anyways… cause that’s how it has evolved over the last season… people who know nothing about the game but want to be “cool” with the new PDX fad that is the “Timber’s Army”…..

        • Joanne Couchman says:

          Ryan, we obviously haven’t met :) I sometimes do, and I sometimes don’t have a saved seat, depends what TA related activity has taken up my morning and if I’ve managed to get my scarf on a seat or not. I certainly don’t have a group of friends saving 10+ seats right up front.

          I’m curious, why do you continue to stand in the same place if you don’t like the people around you? That’s the whole point of GA – you’ve got another 15 sections to try out!

          In fact, I’m not exactly sure what you’re pissed off about – is it that we’re introducing wristbands? Can you be a little more clearer about what aspect of the wristband system you’re not happy with and maybe we can help clear things up?

          • Ryan says:

            wrist bands are a fantastic idea….. if you are still ok getting to a soccer game 4-5 hours before the start of the game just to try and get a decent seat to watch a game. I find that absolutely ridiculous. The TA secion should be in the secon level of GA and they should turn first level GA into assigned seating… i would be more than happy to pay twice as much as i do for an assigned seat so i can simply enjoy my day and not waste 5 hours of it waiting in line. Im not one to complain and not take action into my own hands, and as I am a GA season ticket holder, i went ahead and bought tickets in assigned sections and am selling my GA tickets for high money to those folks who want to spend 5 hours in line…. can’t wait for Galaxy game and stroll into my fifth row seat 15 min. before game after enjoying my entire saturday not standing in line….. Cheers!

          • Aaron Frazier says:

            …assigned sections will kill the TA vibe we’ve worked so hard to build over the years – why would we ever do anything to encourage that to happen. You’d never be able to sit with your friends or bring new people to see matches…

            When my friends from back East come to Portland, I always try to take them to a match. I’ve converted many of them into soccer (and Timbers) fans that way. That’s one major plus about GA. However, it’s a shame when people are pushed to the 200s after spending eight hours in line (flounders match). Some of the true soccer fans are starting to get pushed out by the fad fans – those who text the whole match or who just want to post a pic of themselves on FB showing that they sat in TA.

            I love the fact that the wristbands will eliminate line-cutters, but I wish we could figure something out to eliminate the lines. Won’t people just be lining up earlier in the day to get their wristband?
            It’s almost as if you’re “less of a fan” if you can’t spend your Saturday sitting on the sidewalk waiting to sprint to your seats. That’s what you have to do these days if you want 100-level seats. The average person only has two days off/week. Now, half that time is spent at Jeld-Wen. Demand is far exceeding supply and prices (our time) will rise.

          • Joanne Couchman says:

            Aaron – the wristband process is only for the rest of the home matches this year. We’ll be sitting down with the Front Office, polling 107ist Members, and trying to figure out a better way for next year.

            Because of the nature of GA, unless people decide they are happy to accept whatever seat they get at whatever random time they show up, there’s always going to be a line as someone always wants to be front center.

            In a way it’s a great problem to have though!

      • Chris Lindsley says:

        Good luck trying to move your seat. At present it is impossible. I have two season tickets in the library and two Army Seats. I tried to move from the library to 110 and the Timbers ticket agent told me that with a 97% renewal rate and thousands of people on the waiting list, it was never going to happen.
        I hope the Timbers realize that people in 110 want to move to 120 and people in 120 want to move to 110. However, none of that can happen unless more people give up their seats, which isn’t going to happen.

  12. james vance says:

    Doesn’t it seem like people have always held spots in line for their friends? It has never bothered me when I have gone from 30th to 100th because of the last minute additions. I still get to “sit” in the same general area. I still get to support The Timbers. I still have a great day with other members of the TA (Including my time in line).
    I don’t feel any sense of entitlement…. In just come and support. TA is already what it is, This is a change to a working system based on the complaints of (I am guessing)one or two percent of TA members. If you want a peaceful, organized day without people singing “Fuck Seattle” next to your kids or saving spots in line for their two or three friends that could not get out of work early, move to the Key Club. In the meantime let us do this the raucous semi-anarchist fun way we have been.
    I’m betting people are already planning to show up, get a wristband, leave, spend the day in a local alcoholic beverage serving establishment, get wasted, come back 180 minutes early.
    If you promise to stop trying to “fix” the line problem I promise not to flip off ESPN.
    Thank you.

    • Joanne Couchman says:

      Right, going from 30th to 100th isn’t really an issue, but the following is “I went from around 400th in line when I arrived to 760th in line”. Add to that the seat saving inside, and this person is not going to get to ‘sit’ in the same general area.

      I promise you, it’s not just 2% of TA that’s complaining, it’s far more than that. Add to that the other problems that the line causes (blocks wheelchair access on the sidewalk, public intoxication over many hours, trash build-up etc.) then it’s only a matter of time before the Timbers FO starts to seriously consider moving to reserved seats.

      I’d love if everyone could take a moment and look outside the ‘how is this affecting me’ viewpoint and instead think ‘what are the consequences to the future of the Timbers Army’. The TA has already changed since we joined MLS… and if we want to enjoy what’s left of the raucous semi-anarchist fun we need think wider and protect what’s ‘good for the whole’, not just what’s ‘good for me’.

      • james vance says:

        I understand your concerns but The Timbers Army has done more for the FO and more for MLS than you give us credit for. They are not going to kill GA over line issues.
        As far as looking outside of how this is affecting me……. I know you didn’t mean it to sound patronizing so I wont take it that way. I just don’t see how this is much different than reserved seating. I hope I’m wrong and this fixes everything but I am not optimistic.

        • Joanne Couchman says:

          No, I didn,’t mean to sound patronizing, thanks for giving me the benefit of the doubt :) it’s been a long day!

          I also did not mean YOU personally… I was thinking out loud and it’s just something that I see a lot and think it’s part of the problem… for example ‘it doesn’t matter if I only let one person crash the line, it doesn’t hurt anyone’ etc. But we’re so large now that the effect snowballs very quickly.

          I too would trust that the FO would not go be silly enough to try force assigned seating on the North End, but if that’s the ONLY way they can control the problem… why wouldn’t they? I want us to try solve it first, protect what’s ours in our own way.

  13. Evan says:

    Hey, can someone explain to me the particular significance of Gate 3? (disregarding this new wristband policy) They all open at 6:00 right?

    • Joanne Couchman says:

      Gate 3 is the gate specifically for Timbers Army/GA ticket holders. For the LA match Gate 3 opens at 6pm and all the others open at 6:30pm

  14. Eric Bailey says:

    I think one small modification is necessary to make this new policy a success…those with wristbands need to have their own entrance, period. If this happens, it prevents the mixture of wristband people and non-wristband folks that could cause chaos in lines. And those that know they can’t get there early enough would know at least that only 1,000 people have the bands…and that the normal/old policy continues for the rest of the thousands of TA. It’s a good bridge policy…allows fairness to the first 1,000 and parity to the rest. The dedicated entrance for the wrist band folks could be the entry down by the Providence center…just allow those with wristbands in a couple minutes before the other TA.

    • Bryan says:

      I agree. There is no way you’re going to get all those people back up to the front of the line. I have a feeling a couple scuffles might happen with the people who drink in the lines, over their spot. Certainly if they waited for a couple hours.
      I know I would not give up my spot in line if I waited that long.

      • Sherrilynn "Sheba" Rawson says:

        Bryan and Eric,

        I sincerely appreciate your input.

        Within the current entry procedure there is already a modification rather like what Eric has suggested: namely, that for early entry, the front office will only allow people with wristbands to enter Gate 3 until all of the folks with wristbands have already entered. There will be a front office “blue shirt” security person who won’t let in non-wristbanded people through until the wristband line has already entered in its entirety. When that 1,001st person shows up prior to 5pm s/he will be directed to wait at another gate, unless they’d rather wait around until all of the wristbanded people have entered gate 3. (I can tell you from the data that I’ve seen that a non-wristbanded person will likely have just as good a chance at a timely entry at gates 1, 2, or 4 as they would have waiting until 1000 people pass through gate 3.) I hope that is more what you are looking for.

  15. Lost Blanket says:

    You say that going to a reserved system will kill the mood. But by adding wristbands, YOU ARE GOING TO A RESERVED SYSTEM! It is a reserved system regardless of whether you reserve your spots by buying your reserved seats before the season starts, or you RESERVE them 4-5 hours before the game starts.
    Beyond that, I actually think that this will cause more grumbling by people who CAN NOT POSSIBLY make it there that early (I am talking family/work obligations, not “I was getting my prefunk on over at the Bitter End). Some of us have no way of getting there by wristband time and are punished for it.

    • Harper Morgan-Werner says:

      The TA section is still general admission. The wristband doesn’t guarantee you a certain seat within the section.

      • Lost Blanket says:

        Yes Harper I understand that (since all of that was said above). It does however guarantee you a relative first pick if you are near the front.
        Anyways, I’m not totally against this idea, I just am voicing some of the flaws in the system that will most likely cause issues on Saturday.
        Personally I work graveyard shifts on the weekend. It’s not feasible for me to get to the park that early, since I want to be able to actually see the match without my eyes going blurry from lack of sleep. Having my girlfriend save me a place in line is usually how we go about game days when i have work the night before. I understand the one seat one scarf rule, and that we will still be able to sit together since she can save one seat. However, requiring those people with wristbands to be in line 3 hours before hand, makes it so I can’t even stand in line with her for the two hours or so after I get to JW.
        I am sure I am not the ONLY person with circumstances like this, so just be prepared for others voicing their displeasure. I’m going to suck it up and accept the ruling (and just see how it plays out).

        • Lost Blanket says:

          Also, I think it will be amusing to watch 1000 people get in line in order, after being allowed to wander around before the 3 hour mark. I have been to video game midnight releases that give you a number, and it seems like pulling teeth when even 100 people are trying to get in order by number. Good luck to all the volunteers who are putting people in order. 3 hours may not even be enough time ;)

  16. Richard says:

    Dilemma…I’d love to sit in the TA section, but I take my kids (both soccer players) and can’t see them sitting in line for 4 hours just to get in or to get a wristband. Why not have a first-come, first-served online registration? Print out the list a few hours before the game and let people pick them up at the scarf van? Allow only one seat to be saved. It works for S.W. Airlines. Seems simple to me.

  17. pretty.penguin says:

    I think this is a good idea, not great, but better than trying to figure out what line is which and where they bend. I’ve given up on 100 level seats, to be honest. My partner refuses to wait for hours, I don’t mind, but since I’m usually the one not working on game days and there are always at least 4 of us going, there’s no point to me standing in line. I realize that I’ll never again be able to waltz into 102 right before kickoff like we used to, but I actually like the view from the 200s now (as long as there’s no pole in the way).

  18. Chad says:

    JOANNE You have done a terrific job handling all of the questions, concerns and haters in this comments section. Thank you for all of the time you have put in to making our match day experience less stressful and more pleasurable. This new system will surely be ever evolving but is a step in the right direction. The current line conditions have become very frustrating and are indeed getting out of hand.

  19. dcthomas93 says:

    I agree with pretty.penguin….we are long-time Timbers fans but have recognized that the popularity of the TA, (which is amazing by the way, new fan or old….why do we continue to persecute the newer fans? Their support is not any less “meaningful” because they don’t fully understand soccer yet) , means that it is not like the “old” days where you could stand in line for a couple of hours and get a great seat in a 100 level section. We’ve made peace with the fact we will more than likely sit in the 200 level because we are not willing to head out at the crack of dawn for a premiere spot in line. The wristband idea is good in theory…we’ll see how it works out. I’m happy to hear that it will be addressed again at the end of the season.
    No matter where I end up in the TA, I sing my heart out with my friends and enjoy the games. I always have a seat somewhere and meeting new people is part of the fun.
    Cheers and good luck to everyone on Saturday. I’ll be there, probably without a wristband, but with still a huge smile and at least a guaranteed seat somewhere in the TA! :)

  20. Jonathan Cotton says:

    No matter what system is put in place, not everyone can stand in the 100 level section.
    People will be frustrated no matter what.

    But rather than throw stones at people like Joanne and Harper (who, btw, was the best bus leader, on team Rogue, to sh**tle away last year), we should be thanking our 107ist board for working so hard and volunteering their time to work on our behalf. Just imagine if we had no representation, and we were at the mercy of the front office and what they think would be be the best solution for the TA section. Thank you all so much. It’s evident that you value the TA and it’s culture and integrity far more than making sure you get your favorite spot each game.

  21. Vanessa Chiong says:

    I realized just now that I forgot to thank everyone for all of the hard work that went into ginding a solution to the line problem. You guys are the best!

  22. Bruce Eaton says:

    I want to thank everyone for voicing concerns, applauding efforts and overall being willing to give this a try.

    BTW – the time-lapse cameras placed outside the stadium for the last match were intended to document how the line typically forms – how deep it gets, how wide it grows, how much cutting swells it approaching gate time, etc. so we could have some hard evidence with which to build the new entry strategy. There were some who claimed it was some sort of Big Brother surveillance of the TA which was not the intent. It was simply to gather data.

    Please be ready to provide constructive feedback after the match as well. We don’t want to reinvent it again and again but if there’s something we can easily tweak, we will try to do so. And, in the off-season, The FO will revisit it again with our input.

  23. NewTimbers Fan says:

    As a New Timbers Fan –
    1. Thanks for trying to make a system that works for the majority
    2. Thanks for realizing Newbies can sing and cheer as much as Old ones and sharing new info. with me as a I learn the game!
    3. Everyone will always jump onto Fads – embrace rather than be negative!
    4. HUGE Props to those trying to improve things – But remember, you can’t always please everyone, so let the negativity roll off your back!

  24. Shannon says:

    Maybe I missed this. What do I do if I have a GA ticket, and I don’t get one of the 1000 wrist bands? Can I still sit in the Army?


    • Bruce Eaton says:



      The wristbands are only to facilitate the first 1000 fans into the TA section. If you don’t have a wristband you’ll just enter when the gates fully open at 6:30 and find a spot to stand in the Army.

  25. Robert says:

    Can someone please setup some cameras to capture all the line cutting DB’s facial expressions and mad scrambling to get “the seat hook up” when they find out about the wristbands?

    • Forest Walker says:

      They have had cameras up on the corner the past (few?) games… It would be interesting to sift through the captured images. I bet there are some gems in there.

  26. Concerned Supported says:


    • Joanne Couchman says:

      Appreciate your concern. It would be very helpful if you could elaborate on why you feel it’s the worst idea ever and what you think would be a good solution?

      • Concerned Supporter says:

        The current situation is not in need of change. Why stir the pot? No “perfect” solution exists for the line-cutting and/or seat-saving situation; it is a flawed system without specific reserved seating (and even that has flaws to those in search of “fairness”).


        • Kenny "Mini" Cooper says:

          Agreed – while I appreciate the fact that people are trying to come up with a solution, we run into not only the problem of the seat-saving free-for-all in the stadium, but also the entry process now taking a ridiculous amount of time. And who is to stop bracelet holder #320 going in front of #100 and saying those people in front of him/her haven’t shown up and therefore forgo their spot? This might be an extreme, but getting people to line up in order and then enforcing that order is only going to slow down entry to a crawl… and if it doesn’t then I’m not buying that the order will be maintained, since self-regulation obviously fails (see: line cutters previously).

          There will always be those that work the system, and I feel that this new methodology only punishes those that come to stand in line, as they will now have to get there earlier, and have to wait to get in longer.


          • Sherrilynn "Sheba" Rawson says:


            I appreciate your concern about entry time. The actual speed of entry has as much to do with how fast bag checkers and ticket takers can process folks as it has to do with the line outside. The wristbands are merely a tool to help folks to do their best to line themselves up before they enter the stadium.

            One of the reasons self-regulation fails in a line is that we like to give people the benefit of the doubt; we’re not certain whether the person in front of us has a legitimate claim to the space or not so folks don’t say anything; they just wonder as the line swells in width as the gate opening approaches (“was he really here with his buddy for awhile?” “was that really her place in line?”). The wristbands give folks a reasonable place to have the conversation with their neighbors about where they are/should be in line.

            It is my hope that those who have always stood in line will not actually have to stand in line any longer than usual, because as soon as they have wristbands they don’t need to be back until 5:00. And the actual gate opening time is a little earlier than usual, so ideally folks will get in at least as fast as they always have. (What might be different is *which* folks get in sooner, because only people who actually arrived early and got a wristband will get early entry this time, rather than simply whoever can manage to make their way to the front of the line.)

  27. Concerned Supporter says:


  28. Bryan says:

    If I wait in line for 3 hours, good luck making me move for someone with a wristband. Won’t happen. So TA now caters to the unemployed who have the time to wait 5 extra hours? GA means general admission, not first 1000 get special treatment. This is going to be a clusterfuck and abandoned after this LA game. I hope this system fails.
    That being said, cant wait for the game. Lets hope GW can motivate the guys to play. I am interested to see the lineup he plays.
    See you all tomorrow.

    • Robert says:

      “If I wait in line for 3 hours, good luck making me move for someone with a wristband. Won’t happen.”

      Really? Hope you enjoy the match on TV. Remember, this is in partnership with the FO, translated that means that the smurfs are going to be involved and will simply deny you entry. Cause a shit storm, definitely plan on watching it on the tube. I speak from personal experience as I’ve been booted from a match already.

      • Bryan Walker says:

        They are going to have to kick out thousands of people then. There is no way 1000 people are going to back out of their place in line and let another 1000 in front of them. Not only is it going to be physically impossible its going to ignite a lot of anger in people who have been in there for hours without a wristband and who probably have no idea the wristband was implemented.

        • Sherrilynn "Sheba" Rawson says:


          Please see my comments above. In addition please understand that while there are several thousand general admission seats in the north end, many of the people with general admission tickets do NOT line up early and instead arrive and enter with the rest of the stadium.

          And Robert is correct; a person with a blue shirt will be stationed at gate 3 and will not allow early entry for any person at that gate without a wristband until all of the people with wristbands who are lined up have entered the stadium.

  29. Frank says:

    The frenzy of I’m # 00 what are you cut cut, really! Man this is getting too complicated, it’s general admission.

    • Sherrilynn "Sheba" Rawson says:

      I know. No system is perfect, that’s for sure! All we’re trying to do is to make the current system more fair for the folks who choose to wait in line for earlier entry. I will be out there pretty much the whole time tomorrow helping with wristbands and lining up. If you choose to line up to get a wristband tomorrow, after you have your wristband please feel free to flag me down and bend my ear if you like. Happy to listen to feedback.

  30. Adam says:

    I have to work and can’t get there til 7:30. With season TA tickets will I still be able to get any two seats?

    • Sherrilynn "Sheba" Rawson says:


      With two TA season tickets, you will still be able to enter gates 1, 2, and 4, any time after they open; and by 7:30 you could also use gate 3. You and your guest will be able to take any general admission seats available at the time you enter, just like always. The wristbands are only for people who typically line up early for matches, which it sounds like you weren’t going to do for this match. So you can continue to plan to do what you would have done–arrive as soon as you can after work and find a spot. Hope this helps clarify for you. :)

  31. zodiac keyhani says:

    here is my thought on this whole matter. it has gotten to a point where timbers army should be like the rest of the stadium and be assigned seating. lets be honest….most of the TA are in groups of 5-20 that always sit in the same area for every game so why dont we just pay an extra $50 on our season ticket price and we wont have these issues any more! for people like me who WORK every weekend its not fair to have to get screwed out of seating by all the fans who just hang out all day waiting for a seat. I have sat in the TA for most of my life and have worked in retail for the last 13 years. giving us a number just to enter is the same as having our own seats!

  32. Shawn says:

    How do you avoid line cutters to the wristband line? If I am #500 at 3:00 and then become number 1001 at 3:30 and the volunteers show up to hand out wristbands at 3:45, then I am not going to be a happy camper. Like others have said, I have an open mind, but I am not optimistic.

    • Joanne Couchman says:

      After monitoring the line we have a good idea when the majority of the line cutting starts. Based on this we plan to have everyone in the line wristbanded before then. After that people get wristbands as they arrive until all 1000 gone. We’ll still be there to help advise people who don’t get a band what their gate options are.

  33. Fernando says:

    If this “experiment” fails, I wonder if just selling numbered tickets – like most venues – would eliminate these problems. Although the seats in the TA section are not as fancy, I’m willing to pay a little more for a permanently assigned seat. Just saying…

  34. Mike Drescher says:

    What if you’re one of the first 1,000 waiting in line and you need to leave the line for a few minutes to get food or go to the bathroom and, while you’re gone, you miss the wristbands being passed out? That would suck. I know that the wristband hand-out time is supposed to be random, but since there aren’t any porta-potties or whatever, it’s hard to not to the bathrooms when you’ve been waiting for 3/4 hours. Could there be a 10/15-minute warning prior to handing out wristbands?

    • Sherrilynn "Sheba" Rawson says:

      I hear you; but I’m afraid that would be asking for trouble/mobbing as we’d likely create a twitter/FB flashmob by giving an official 10-15 minute warning, which might cause a line surge/cluster that could cause you to lose more places in line than your potty stop might cause. Even if you’re at the bathroom when we get there, it will still take us a couple of minutes to get organized and started; and unless you are one of the first 25 or so people you’ll probably have plenty of time to make it back to your spot if somebody gives you a heads up that they see us there.

      There is *NO* perfect solution, I’m afraid. The best I can offer is that in an absolute worst case scenario, if you lose a few places in line because you were in the bathroom it’s still preferable to having 300 people cut in line in front of you 15 minutes prior to the match when you were waiting all day. A wristband number a few spaces back is still an early entry pass; and you still won’t know the vagaries of how long it takes security to search manpurses, etc. when the line splits so your number may or may not indicate exactly when you get it. I still think that if you miss a few places in line with an unluckily timed potty break you should still be okay.

  35. Marco Romano says:

    I think many of the problems we are having with line cutting and excessive seat saving are a direct result of the FO increasing the number of TA seats by 25% this season (though its not the only reason). Personally I think the FO should have made all of the new seats 200 level only. While not perfect, this would have helped alleviate some of the pressure. Let’s face it, most people who have TA tickets want to sit in the 100 level seats. The result of adding all those extra TA tickets is that you have dramatically increased the competition for the 100 level seats. I suggest that any TA tickets sold in the future be designated 200 level only. As people gain seniority, they can trade up to 100 level in future years. I would argue that most people on the wait list are going to be happy just to get a seat, so being in the 200 level won’t be as big a deal to them.

    • Shawn says:

      I agree with this. I don’t think it would hurt the vibe if the TA had two sections….100 level and 200 level. 100 level would be season tickets, priority dating back to when you purchased the season ticket….all the way back to USL if necessary. 200 level is second priority and regular purchase.

      • Joanne Couchman says:

        What if I’m high priority but *want* to sit in the 200 level? It’s actually a great place to watch from as you get a better sense of the flow and movement.

        We shouldn’t be thinking of the 200′s as a punishment for not getting a season ticket early enough, more as just a different type of TA experience :)

        • Marco Romano says:

          Perfect! That’s the beauty of it. Folks could elect to have 200 level tickets if that is their fancy. My bet is they would have an easier time getting in the 200 level section they prefer as well because the 100 level folks would not be using the 200 level as their plan B option.

    • Andy says:

      I think there’s already enough animosity between some of the “old guard” and the “bandwagon” fans. It’s great if you’ve been a fan longer, but these are still General Admission seats. The TA is a fan group that gets a lot of support from the club. One of the most important functions of the TA is to grow the Timbers fanbase, and you don’t do that by saying “Oh, you’re new here? Sorry, you’re not a REAL fan, stick to the crappy seats.”

      That, and I doubt anyone wants to start the pissing match of who’s been here first, who’s been to how many games, etc. If you want guaranteed seats, there’s an entire stadium of them outside the TA.

  36. georges henri says:

    please show up with ur wrist bands now . we’ve been here since dawn .

  37. Janine says:

    Ok this wristband thing sucks! I was in support of it. I’ve always been one who showed up early, waited patiently and then was frustrated as the line grew. I’ve now tripled how long I normally wait. I don’t have my scarf or normal timber gear because I was certain I’d have time to rerun home. Will probably have to spend an additional $16 in parking. Poorly done TA, poorly done! I’d rather have the surge and jumpers than this

  38. Atty Z says:

    My husband has been sitting in the line for over an hour now, with about a big line in front of him and a big line behind him. It would have been/would be nice to know when the wristbands get doled out.

  39. Todd Chase says:

    Bad Idea.
    Bad Policy.
    Just goes to show that only supporters that have a lot of free time can get the seat they normally do and the rest of the TA get screwed.
    How about reservering Sections for those of us that have been here for years.
    Thanks for screwing the people who pay their dues and show up regardless of what you and the FO do.



    • Joanne Couchman says:

      Hey Todd,
      It’s 4:55pm, we have no line and are still giving out wristbands, turn up, no wait, get in stadium before any other gates open. It’s the nature of GA that those who get there first gets their choice of seat. I’m not sure what else to tell you on this one!

      • Rob Wolters says:

        I received #923 sometime between 4:15 and 4:25 – was there earlier and debating if I just wanted to wait for regular entry. Some observations though – I could have literally not come back until 6:15 (instead of the mandated 5pm) without a problem. There were stragglers up until the last minute coming into the line before turning the corner at Morrison and 18th. Also, no one checked the number on my wristband while I was in-line or at the gate. Perhaps they only checked the color as mu number was not visible. It would be interesting to hear the perspective of the 1001st person. An interesting exercise with general admission. After entering, I would characterized seat saving in the prominent 100 sections to have been of epic proportions and just went to the east 101 sections.

  40. Stig says:

    I think the wrist bands worked incredibly well. I think it was fair, efficient and well executed. I spent 2 hours waiting for my band, an hour re-lining up and was able to walk around downtown with friends, get lunch and have a few beers at the pub during the in-between hours. Thanks to all the volunteers for all the help on this and everything else you guys do!

  41. Sherrilynn "Sheba" Rawson says:

    Sincere thanks for the feedback, everyone.
    NOTE: An after-the-match feedback survey has also been posted.

    Click here to take the survey.

    If you attended the match on 7/14, we would like to hear your thoughts about the wristband/early entry process. Thanks.

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