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Saturday was a tough day for Timbers fans everywhere. I know it was for me. Controversial loss to the Red Bulls, S**ttle winning the Cascadia Cup… Enough to make one sick!

But that’s not all that happened on Saturday. Up in Vancouver, at a little place we like to call Dublin Down, the Northern Alliance was busy working on preparations for Vancouver Away.

The DD was host to a Timbers-NYRB viewing party for sure, and there was a pretty decent turnout as far as I could see before yours truly had to leave for work. But in addition to the match there was also “Craft Time”, as we called it. Cutting out stencils to make t-shirts for the match next week, and painting up a bit of tifo for the trip as well.


Northern Alliance tifo for Vancouver Away - Photo courtesy of Bradley York

I’m hopeful that the banner will make the TV broadcast, a well as be a fixture at future Van-PDX home matches.


Vancouver Away shirts drying in the sun. - Photo courtesy of Bradley York

The t-shirts were a bit of a challenge. The initial templates were incorrect and so for the beginning of the match Northern Alliance members scrambled to cut the new ones for use. The results were amazing, as you can see.


Kelly Dews and Jacob Wright, masterminds of the viewing party and craft time, respectively - Photo courtesy of Bradley York

Thanks again to Kelly Dews for organizing the event, Jacob Wright for designing the banner and shirt templates, and of course to Dublin Down for hosting the event.

A big thank as well to everybody who made it out on Saturday and took part in the festivities with us. It was great having you along for the ride, and we hope to see you again!

Cheers and RCTID!

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  1. Loved the “Original Vancouver” banner at the game on Sunday. Even the home fans got a chuckle out of it. Good work!

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