On the Heritage Cup

This is really as formal of an announcement as we will have about the Heritage Cup. We have decided we do not want to participate in this supporter driven tournament as we feel it adds no value to the Cascadia Cup and may actually devalue our historic competition in that it is the same thing +1. We do respect the history that our four clubs share, but aren’t interested in participating in a four way competition at this time.

Below is the answer we have given those who coordinate the Heritage Cup.

While we recognize the effort put into this endeavor, the board of the 107ist (Timbers Army 107 Independent Supporters Trust) do not feel that we want to be involved with the project at this time. Here in the Pacific Northwest we have worked with Seattle and Vancouver fans over the past decade to build support for the Cascadia Cup, and do not feel that the Heritage Cup competition would be distinctly different enough to warrant our participation. If the Tampa Bay Rowdies and rumored resurrection of the Cosmos in NY were to be included we would reconsider this position, and most likely sign on to the Heritage Cup. As our president Dave Hoyt puts it ” If there was a Cascadia +3, then I think it could be seen as a legitimately different rivalry cup.”

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  1. Also Southsiders, ECS, GFC, NEF, Seattle FO, and the Portland FO all have the same stance. The only people outside SJ who are on board with the Heritage Cup may by Lenerduzi in the Whitecaps FO.

    I will also add that this is not a supporters driven cup. This is a cup being pushed by Soccer Silicon Valley Community Foundation and the San Jose Front office. I have yet to see support from any supporters group on this.

    • Dan says:

      Just a clarification, Soccer Silicon Valley IS a San Jose supporters group. Not in the stands per se, but it is a fan run group that supports the Quakes and soccer around Silicon Valley. Hell without SSV there likely would not be a Quakes team today.

  2. Jay Hipps says:

    It’s disappointing that the Timbers won’t be participating in the Heritage Cup but I respect the decision. I hope you guys will join the party if we see the day that we have at least two teams beyond the Portland/Vancouver/Seattle triumvirate that honor their NASL history.

    I do want to correct one idea left by the previous commenter. The SSVCF is a supporters organization, or at least the outgrowth of one. You can find out about the history of Soccer Silicon Valley in this article from San Jose’s alternative weekly, Metro, from 2005. The charitable foundation was created after SSV succeeded in getting the Quakes back, complete with original colors and existing records.

  3. My apologies to SSVCF on the insinuation that you are not a supporters organization. You have done great things escpecially in getting the team back, hell I almost joined when you were pushing to get a team back.

  4. cunfused says:

    Didn’t the TA celebrate the Cascadia Cup -1?

    • Garrett Dittfurth says:

      The Cascadia Cup was held between the two remaining teams left in USL. Hard to hold a competition and include a team in a different league with no guarantee to play them.

  5. Kurt Schubothe says:

    No big surprise. Timbers Army was not around in the NASL days so why would they want to be involved in the Heritage Cup?

    As one of the founders of the Cascadia Cup I support the 107ist view on this topic.

  6. Dizzo says:

    I’d love to see the heritage cup take off at a later date. Hopefully with a resurrected Cosmox team to add a little costal rivalry. As a an aside… does anyone know what happened to the original Aztecs? Doe someone still own their colors and history like the Cosmos?

  7. Ryan Pollard says:

    Good call, 107ist. I was hoping we’d have a formal position on this before first kick.

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