Op-Ed: Fare Thee Well, for I am About to Sell Out

In light of some recent professional developments, I’m sorry to announce this will be my last blog entry at TA-dot-org for the foreseeable future.

I accepted a job with a company that has a relationship with the Timbers. As a result, my ability to write in this forum without any kind of filter other than my own will become hindered. I don’t have very many standards when it comes to writing and entertainment in general, but one standard that I do hold high is my ability to say pretty much whatever I want within this forum. The 107IST Board has been absolutely amazing in allowing me to do this, even after occasions where something I wrote might have put them in an awkward position. Not once did I ever hear “hey, can you not say that again?” They trusted me to write and post my opinions in very raw form, all without insisting on being part of the editorial process. That’s some major freedom, and I’ll always be grateful.

Rather than continue to write under the weight of worrying about crossing lines, entering grey areas, etc., I figure it’s best to just leave the stage and let the next person take the mic. I’ve had more than my fair share of fun here, including some major highlights such as*:

  • Trolling other Supporters Groups
  • Calling out n00bs, old timers, scalpers, spit-swappers, and Canadians
  • Being labeled a fascist by Portland Mercury readers
  • Lusting over Old Navy and Red Lobster in Seattle
  • Seeing Deadspin write about my “Sober Saturday” piece, to which Stumptown Footy wrote about Deadspin’s piece about my piece, to which Deadspin wrote about Stumptown Footy’s piece about Deadspin’s piece about my piece**

Despite getting an email notice for EVERY comment that was filed on my blog entries, which essentially forced me to read every submitted reply as part of the moderation process, I had far more laughs than groans doing this. Perhaps one day I can return to this forum if/when circumstances allow. Until then, you can follow me at my locked*** Twitter account, where I manage to write things that are even stupider than what I post here.

<insert epic quote uttered by a really smart person here>



*links purposely left out so you can dig around and give TA-dot-org some web hits. Be resourceful, dammit!

**ironically, I spent Sober Saturday flying to PDX from the east coast, drink(s) in hand. #TrollTollPaid

***locked because…well…Canadians.


This is an opinion piece and does not necessarily reflect the opinion of the 107ist or the TA.

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20 Responses to Op-Ed: Fare Thee Well, for I am About to Sell Out

  1. Mike Pacific says:


    Can the next blogger be Candrew Frawley?

  2. Todd Diskin says:

    Yet another reason to #BlameBrawley. I suggest that EVERYONE leave a reply for the “Andy Rooney of the North End™” to let him know how much he will be missed. I am sure he will love to hear from EVERYONE.

  3. Dave P says:

    Don’t let the door hit you in the badonkadonk on the way out.

  4. Ed Hurtley says:

    Wait, who are you? Why are you saying farewell on your first post?

  5. Troll says:

    Posting because then you have to read it. +1 post count

  6. Ray Terrill says:

    You start working in Vancouver, and you’re already selling out like the Flounders. You have been WA-ssimilated. #TrollTollPaid #BlameBrawley

  7. Seth Hunt says:

    Harden the f*ck up, Brawley. Or just give the blog to Kyle. He’s getting pretty good at trolling.

  8. Lou says:

    I’m inconsolable with what appears to be some sort of outrage.

  9. SR says:

    What’s the new gig? Grass trimmer at JWF? Head of Merchandise for the Portland Thorns Sultry Sundries? Guy who stands behind MP in his chariot and whispers ‘you are mortal!’ every 5 minutes?

    Good luck, we’ll miss your words that don’t have to be counted in characters!

  10. Ilene Griffis says:

    D’oh! I just learned about the #blamebrawley hashtag. Maaaan! Good luck Sir!

  11. wes says:

    I always looked forward to reading your posts when they popped up on my facebook feed (via Timbers Army). I’m going to miss reading them.

  12. Nick Brock says:

    Seriously?? You’re announcing this before the match this weekend? Now we’re gonna hafta deal with tifo claiming Daddy Merritt paid you to create a spiced IPA pizza..or some such… #BlameBrawley

  13. druuf_ says:

    RIP Andrew Brawley.

    Died doing what he loved, eating free breadsticks at Olive Garden.

  14. Brandon S says:

    Later man. I enjoyed reading your drivel. ;) This must be Brawley’s fault. Damn him! #BlameBrawley

  15. Jeff Dean says:

    Greetings from Ohio. Another state that now hates you. I’m blaming every bad thing in this entire state on you sir. #BlameBrawleyWhyOhioSucks #TrollTollPaid

  16. Rhonda Henderson says:

    I also just want you to have to read the comment. Congratulations and wherever the road takes you may it be smooth and easy.

  17. Patch Perryman says:


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