Paint the Town in Green and Gold

Thursday will be the biggest match in the Portland Timbers MLS existence. It’s the second and deciding leg against the hated Seattle Flounders. The Timbers have a 2-1 lead heading into the match and will be looking to step on the necks of the flopping Flounders. At this very moment Sigi Schmid, the Flounders boss, is sitting in his La-Z-Boy recliner dreaming up his latest excuse for failure. What will it be this time? Rain, the referee, or maybe he’ll blame the Pope. At this point that may be the only person he has yet to blame.

Let’s not get ahead of ourselves with visions of GAM completely losing it and being sent off with a red card. We can’t play the game ourselves. We’re just supporters. What we can do is be loud. Be louder than we’ve ever been before. This is no time to worry about your voice at work on Friday. Get yourself to the your nearest natural foods store and pick up a bottle of Singer’s Saving Grace. It works for our capos.

What’s the last thing you can do? Paint the town Green and Gold on Thursday. For those of you breaking out your paint rollers put them away because that’s not what I mean. Wear your Portland Timbers gear to work and out on the town Thursday. Let everyone know what’s happening that night. The biggest party in Portland is going down at Jeld-Wen Field and if you can’t be there get yourself to one of our 107ist partner pubs and watch. Wear your Portland Timbers gear there too. It’s our first playoff game since we’ve gone to MLS. We’ve got to bring it harder and louder than we’ve ever done it. This is on all of us. Yes that means you specifically.

Paint the town Green and Gold.

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26 Responses to Paint the Town in Green and Gold

  1. Muddy says:

    Anybody know of a soccer friendly bar in the downtown Boston/Fenway area to watch this at? Thanks! RCTID!

  2. Mark.schofer says:

    Wore green and gold to work in upstate New York

  3. Ben Meaders says:

    We’ll work on painting OKC as well. RCTID.

  4. rctidkeri says:

    Got my work to send an email allowing all employees to wear Timbera gear!

  5. Eriko ono says:

    My family will be sporting colors in Amsterdam 9 hours ahead for an extra long match day! And 5am wake up call to watch online!

  6. Ryan says:

    All. Week. Long.


  7. Harper Morgan-Werner says:

    I would wear my Timbers gear to work but my commie-loving, soccer-hating employer won’t let me.

  8. Mary Dougherty says:

    I will be wearing mine in Lansing Michigan.

  9. Mihir Kumar says:

    I’m a massive Timbers fan down in Atlanta. Is there a sports bar down here that will show the Timbers game? RCTID

  10. Omar Rivera says:

    Green and gold in Valencia, Spain!!!

  11. Ed H says:

    Sadly, I’m doing a customer visit in Seattle today, so I had to “dress up”, but I am wearing my 107ist T-shirt underneath, and will set my phone (with TA season ticket under the clear case,) on the table.

    Tomorrow? Full TA game-day attire when I’m back in the office.

  12. Tracey says:

    I’ll be wearing my green and gold to work tomorrow and my timbers scarf in Dallas,TX.

  13. Basmah Rahman says:

    Garrett et al. . .where does one find Singers Saving Grace? new season? my voice was a mess after seattle away. . haha

  14. Been wearing various timbers gear all week!

  15. Tom McConathy says:

    I’ll be wearing mine at PCC Cascade and then the Barlow Tavern after my class gets out at 8pm!

  16. Josh Thompson says:

    Colors? Real lads go casual #comeonyoutimbers

  17. Jory says:

    I have been Rocking something Timbers ever since the day we knew the Timbers made the playoffs up here in TA:CO country. I ware my 107ist shirt ever day I work at the Clink.

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