What are we here for? We love our team, our town, our culture and everything about that. We are here to support our boys night in and night out despite their record. We were here in 2006 when Chris Agnello ruined everything. We were there in 2008 supporting when our overachieving club of 2007 shat the bed and finished dead last. We celebrated in 2009 when we won the regular season and crashed out of the playoffs. We underachieved in 2010 and we were still there. We changed the game in 2011 when we went to MLS and took everything to a new level. You don’t need me to tell you that. Just look at quotes from every person affiliated with MLS on any level to confirm that.

There is nothing personal involved here. It’s just something that needs to be said. This isn’t Manchester United. This town will never be reveling in championship after championship as we’re a small market and L.A. and N.Y.C. will always blow a ton of cash on players. That’s not us. We’re as close to St. Pauli in the U.S. as anyone is going to get. We get that and understand it. What we also get is passion for our club. What we connect with is players that understand that same passion. Troy Perkins got it and we also are well aware of how he was treated on his way out and want him to understand we appreciated him. I hate to make another sport reference but because there is a lack of other professional clubs here I have to do it. There is a reason every Blazers player from the 80s and 90s are idolized here. It is because of how involved they were personally. They made a connection here with the fans and many of them still live here despite being traded off or finishing their careers elsewhere.

Don’t get me wrong. I understand soccer is a business and players are traded or sold and it happens. It’s part of the game. What I want to be clear about is that players come and go but that connection between fans and players is really what is valued. We may not win a cup every year but the player who goes out of their way to make it clear how much they care will always be valued by every supporter. Especially here.

Byron Alvarez and Hugo Alcaraz-Cuellar don’t have a mural of them painted on the side of a building at a patio near the field because they were just some dudes collecting a paycheck. If you want to play here and collect a paycheck I guess that’s cool. You’d better produce because I myself care about more things than collecting a paycheck. Whenever Scot Thompson shows up on the field he’s going to get a big S-C-O-T Scot with One T chant because he was more than collecting a paycheck. Cameron Knowles earned his 6-6-6 chant for how he left his heart on the field and in our hearts. Ian Joy was here for one year and I can still sing his chant word for word as many others can do because he was the charismatic captain.

Those players got it. David Horst gets it. It may look like I am picking on him because he posted something but I’m not. He is a player that I know gets it. I’m just trying to make it clear why Troy Perkins got chanted off the field tonight. Remember the name on the front and they’ll remember the name on the back. Troy was someone that did just that.

It’s as simple as that. Remember the name on the front and we’ll remember the name on the back. 90 minutes we supported our team with everything. At the end Perkins got clapped and chanted off because he remembered the name on the front when he was here. We’ll remember the name on his back.

*My opinion is my opinion and does not reflect the 107ist board or anything of the sort*

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51 Responses to Passion

  1. Scott Meddock says:

    #blamegarrett #first

  2. Mike Hawk says:

    If that is the case, then why chant Timbers Reject to a guy like Keel who shed blood sweat and tears for the club?

  3. Jory says:

    I live in the devils county to the north and worked the Home opener for the devils team and I rooted for Perkins the full 90. I did not care about Montreal, but I do care about Perkins. Also it did not hurt that he kept the devils team scoreless at home. After I was able to pass on the word that Portland still loves him and you guys proved it tonight.

  4. BDS says:

    Agreed. (drunk post here) whenever (if ever) the professional athletes on the pitch perform to a level that equals/eclipses the level of support the Timbers Army provides to said professional athletes, i’ll shrug at any and all belly aching from them. You have one job.

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  6. janet potter says:

    Perkins was thrown out of Portland due to the slimey guy not liking his attitude. Last night, we Timbers supporters wanted to let him know he will always be a Timber in our hearts no matter where he goes. The redheaded dork threw out the best goalie in the league because he was feeling threatened…Perkins did not play politics..just soccer.

    • Fernando.Andres says:

      I would not have said it better Janet. And Perkins had, not just the professionalism to give 110%, but really loved his, what it was, home… I appreciate and will appreciate that and it doesn’t diminish my love for the Timbers..

  7. Shecky says:

    I, for one, never had a chance to say goodbye. His departure was abrupt.

    Last night I got a chance to say goodbye.

    Call me a sentimental so and so but my voice was raw long before the 90th minute.

    See you all soonish,


    • Basmah Rahman says:

      Ditto. . .I miss Perk, and the only thing I could hate on was his stupid Canadian hair. I’m sure the lads in green understand how we feel about Troy and about them. The reputation of the TA and the heart and passion of the supporters for the organization is something they’re all familiar with and that’s why on more than one occasion various players have said how coming to Portland was a top choice for them. That’s also why the victory lap matters, win or lose (rain or shine). . .it’s a sign of their mutual respect for the supporters and a chance for us to show them how much we care (Even that one time when Pong went off on Jack and had to be restrained. . .hahaha).

  8. Mike Pacific says:

    Hear, hear.

  9. Forest Walker says:

    Well said, Garrett. Little shocked to see Horst posting that. Wonder if he understands how frustrated the supporters are. Maybe if that was more his concern we wouldn’t be losing winnable matches… (Although a lightening quick MON def and repeated mistakes by Harrington are prob most to blame).

  10. Loren Wertz says:

    The only problem I have with the Perkins chant is that very vocal fans have been laying blame on Ricketts for our defensive woes. Ricketts played his heart out last night and more than made up for a poor marking defense. A little respect, and a little support, for Ricketts before we start chanting for the other side, eh?

  11. Erik ipsen says:

    Right on. It was simply a way to show respect and say goodbye. My son and all the boys in the carpool still talk about Perkins and how much they miss him and how he was their favorite player (absolutely no disrespect to Ricketts – he has had some amazing moments). Perkins put his heart and soul into the boys in green and we love him for that.

  12. Chrissie says:

    If Perkins had walked the whole pitch it would have been the same. We chanted along in 95. The way he went out was all wrong and the army got to show him that in person. I know Horst is passionate and i have no problem with him saying how he felt, and perhaps he wouldn’t have been stung if we’d won. It was a frustrating game, Perkins aside.

  13. dave78pdx says:

    Perkins is a classy guy who played his heart out for us for 1.5 years. Some applause would have been sufficient.

  14. Nikki Suydam says:

    I’m really baffled by the anger over the incident. Perkins turned to acknowledge and show respect for the TA after the final whistle, and we returned the gesture by chanting his name to show him that we still love and respect him. He then went to the locker room while we waited for our guys to make their rounds, so we could clap and cheer *them* off the field. How is that disrespectful?

    It’s not as if things like this haven’t happened before. I vaguely remember us doing the same thing when Brent Sancho was playing for another team (CP Baltimore?), and he gave us a clap after the final whistle. Was *that* disrespectful? I didn’t think so then, and I don’t think so now.

  15. Rob Ryan says:

    Thank God we don’t let the soccer get in the way of TA drama. As long as we keep coming up with these critical issues to consume our time between disappointing results we won’t have to focus on that inconsequential soccer we used to assemble to watch. SMH

  16. Kyle Jones says:

    I agree with 99% of what you’ve written, Garrett. Troy Perkins got it, and he got it quickly. There was a connection between him, this community and the TA. I will always value Troy Perkins as a Timbers player. I may be in the minority, but personally, I feel Perkins is the first and, as of yet only, MLS-era Timbers legend. The guy literally had his face ripped open playing for this club and was back on the field the next weekend.
    I am thankful we acknowledged him, and I was one of the many who clapped before the match when he was the only one out on the field for either side warming up. I was one of the thousands applauding him wholeheartedly after the match, and I value him turning to face us applaud us back, going so far as to remove his gloves and give us a thumbs up.
    Where I took issue with the whole scene was when people started chanting “Per-kins”, and for two reasons. Reason the first: it’s an AWFUL chant. Unfortunately, since Alex Nimo, any player with a two-syllable name has received this same chant treatment. The other reason I was opposed to chanting for him is because he plays for the opposing club – the one that just beat our boys in green.
    For me, it simply comes down to drawing a line between acknowledging and paying respects for a former player and disrespecting our current club. In my opinion, applauding Perkins vehemently was not disrespectful to our players and was a genuine, honest display of appreciation for everything he did for this club. But to then chant his name, in my view, crossed that line and should not have been done.
    I also agree with you that David Horst gets it. Of all MLS-era Timbers players, I think there have been three that without question got it: Perkins, Brunner and Horst. Unfortunately, only one remains.
    Here’s to hoping our new recruits understand and embrace the importance of not just this team, but this town and the TA. As has been mentioned elsewhere, the 107ist crest is a triangle for a reason.

    • dave78pdx says:

      IMHO there are not any MLS-era Timbers legends, yet…

    • Garrett Dittfurth says:

      Sadly I thought the Perkins chant was more of message to the FO that we don’t like players like Perkins treated the way he was. Unceremoniously shipped out of town via phone call on his way to training and all.

      • dave78pdx says:

        I get that, but we let it upstage the players who still wear the badge who busted their asses for us last night. Don’t let your opinion of the FO get in the way of supporting the boys on the pitch, ever.

        • Garrett Dittfurth says:

          For 90 minutes everyone supported our boys. At the end of that Perkins turned around and acknowledged the TA. The TA acknowledged him back. He left, the team came round and were clapped off by the TA. I don’t know how that is not supporting the boys who busted their ass on the pitch for us. If anything it should send a message that you’ll be remembered for being more than just a player. I wasn’t saying anything different. IMHO players should be less butthurt about that and more aspiring to be that.

          • Kyle Jones says:

            You bring up something else. Not to tangent, but I really wish they would stop the victory lap after a loss or draw. But that’s another blog post.

          • dave78pdx says:

            Good guy, good player, but he wasn’t that special. Did we make “Welcome” banners for Keel, Cooper, Kimura? GMAB.

          • John Holden says:

            I’m fine with the victory lap if there’s a log slice in it.

          • Lucas Lacasella says:

            “but I really wish they would stop the victory lap after a loss or draw. But that’s another blog post.”

            Wait, seriously? There was a HUGE stink about players not doing their lap last year (two years ago?). There was much vitriol from the TA, and much shame from the players, for quietly disappearing into the tunnel after a loss. In the end, it was one of our USL-era Timbers (Pore, maybe) that explained the win-or-lose tradition to the new generation.

          • Justin Doty says:

            Actually it was pore calling them back and merrit literally blocking the entrance to the locker room and running in to grab those that got past him… Seriously, it was probably his best moment as owner.

            The players walk and receive their honor, whatever is due.

          • Kyle Jones says:

            I think there may be a misunderstanding. I’m not saying I think they should make a bee line for the locker room after a loss or draw – I still want them to be presented with log slices and acknowledge our support. I’m just not a fan of the victory lap after every match.
            From what I recall of 2010, the lap only happened after a win. That’s all I’m getting at.

          • Garrett Dittfurth says:

            The lap happened after every game win or loss.

          • Kyle Jones says:

            Ah, ok. I stand corrected.

      • Kyle Jones says:

        I can see it from that perspective. It’s unfortunate how difficult it is to convey our thoughts on how the organization is run to the FO. There’s not much more you can do than send an email to your ticket rep and *hope* it gets forwarded to the powers that be. Most people in the organization don’t even have contact info listed on the site.
        Still disagree with including the chant, but I understand what you’re getting at. Fortunately for Perkins, sadly for us, he has a long time left in this league to be successful. Wish he was doing it in green and white.

        • Garrett Dittfurth says:

          I think you have a good point. Maybe what I’m saying here is the Timbers feel like they’re trying to be the Blazers from the 2000s when they sacked all the people that made the Blazers what they were from the 70s up until the 2000s when the team was so ingrained in the community. They ham handedly handled (say that 3 times fast) the Perkins trade and seem to have a tendency to forget that while soccer is popular here they need to spend a decade with the reach and influence they have in MLS acting like they’re trying to get ingrained into the community.

          Treating players properly is one of those things that fans recognize and from what’s been said publicly nothing makes me think Perkins was anything but straight f***ed over.

          So anyway Perkins got his goodbye.

  17. Kurt Budlong says:

    I would venture to say Mr. Horst might get the same treatment from the army if he is ever in Perkins position.

  18. Sean Graf says:

    Honestly, I’m more put off by the throngs of people who were streaming out of the North End immediately following the loss last night than I’ll *ever* be by showing a bit of respect to a beloved former player. Apparently beating traffic is more important than showing rain-or-shine support. You want to talk respect and passion? We should really be calling out those who claim to be “supporters” who leave in a snit the second the whistle blows with a result they aren’t happy with.

    • dave78pdx says:

      I have a family at home that I support more than the Timbers. Priorities, yo.

      • Sean Graf says:

        I get that. I mean, hell, I’m going to see my grandfather in Ashland next weekend instead of trekking up north to fishville (and I hope to god he’s still got cable at his house!) Real life obligations trump a game.
        That said, if you’re already in the stands, it’s only like an extra 5 minutes for the team to do their rounds and hoist their log slices. And an awful lot of those people leaving last night didn’t exactly look like they were heading back to home and hearth ;-)

  19. Paul says:

    My chanting for Troy was to show him the respect that the front office did not give him in his exit. Real talk

  20. Amusejoe says:

    I don’t care what anyone says, and if you are sitting here and saying that the TA shouldn’t chant Perkins and it was disrespectful, than please stfu. Maybe some of you forgot the horrifying season of last year and how our boys just gave up. The only one who showed up every game and played his heart out. Who did not make excuses for what was going on. showed passion for the community and club, was Perkins. He understood the rivalry of Seattle and Portland and got into just as much as the TA. The clapping was not just about soccer but was about the man he is. He deserves every bit of chanting and clapping the TA can give him, and rather than being frustrated, (Horst) maybe you should aspire to be loved as much as he is. I still hope that Perkins finds his way back to Portland and I think most people in Portland want him back too, I think the chanting showed that, maybe gw should get his head out of his fucking ass and make it happen or maybe Merritt should get his head out of his ass and fire gw. Every bad call has been because of gw, boyd. He last about half a year. You sign him and he wouldn’t even show up and practice with the te but let go a player like Perkins who belonged here more than anyone. Gw does not bleed green and gold. He does not belong in Portland. Remember Merritt it was Portland who made it possible for a pro Mls team, it was the TA that put the timbers on the map and has made you a ton of money. It’s not you or gw that will decide the future of soccer in Portland but its Portland that will, so maybe get you’re heads out of you’re stuck up asses and start thinking about the fans and not you’re personal wants and wishes. You deserve to be thrown off the team not Perkins

  21. Daniel says:

    Well said, all. Was very happy to be able to chant Perkins off the field. Was kind of bummed one of the trainers came over and crashed the party. Tweeted last weekend that Saturday = PER-KINS … PER-KINS … PER-KINS. Really good feel in g to be able to show that to Troy.

  22. Basmah Rahman says:

    Oh snap, STF is blowing up. . .almost 400 comments:

    I thought more about it, and I get why Horst is upset. . .he sees what goes down in the locker room after the matches and has a better sense of how the boys really felt after the match. I’m not sorry I clapped for Perkins, but I do think we need to do everything possible to make the current squad feel like we’re behind them 100%. . .that goes beyond chanting for 90+ minutes during game time.

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