Represent Cascadia, pre-order your Cascadia kit now!

As of 10:00AM September 7th the kits are sold out!


Volunteers from each of the three Cascadia supporters group have come together to produce a limited-edition Cascadia kit. Here is some information from Kelly Dews on how to get yours:

The kits will are being produced by Looptworks from Portland using upcycled material. They will sell for $60 each. 100 kits will be going to each market (Seattle, Vancouver, and Portland). The final price of production is yet to be determined but approximately $20 from each kit sold will go to help fund the Cascadia Association Football Federation in their mission to field a Cascadia National Team in the coming year. These will be the kits worn by the team when they take the field.

We have a volunteers in each market to handle sales and distribution. Please purchase from your representative. We will primarily be using Paypal to collect funds. Please select “I’m sending money to family or friends” to avoid Paypal fees. In the comments section state the size you would like (sizing information is below). We will need to know the number of each size needed before placing the order. YOU WILL NOT BE ON THE RESERVED LIST UNTIL FUNDS ARE RECIEVED. Updates on production, sales, and distribution will be posted on the Cascadia Trifecta Facebook Page.

For Portland the point man is Kelly Dews
His Paypal account is
Note: you can also use this email to ask any questions

We are\currently awaiting a test kit to verify size and fit. That should happen in the next few weeks. Once that is approved it may take up to 60 days to receive the shipment once the order is placed. Like I said we will need a complete list of sizes required before we place the order. It is vital that we complete the pre-sale by then to avoid any further delays. I’m aware that this likely puts us out of the regular season but it is what it is. If the process can be sped up I will seak to do so.

I’d like to thank the Cascadia Association Football Federation and Looptworks for their work in making this happen. Please “Like” their Facebook.

I’d also like to thank all the Cascadia football supporters no matter your club or supporters group. It was discussion between all of us on the Cascadia Trifecta Page that led to the first kit and helped inspire the creation of the CAFF. If it wasn’t for all of you this would not be taking place.

In summary: Kits cost $60 and you can PayPal funds (using Friends and Family not Goods and Services) to Please put your size information in the PayPal ‘comments’ field. You are NOT on the ‘reserved’ list until your payment is received.

Sizing Information:

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14 Responses to Represent Cascadia, pre-order your Cascadia kit now!

  1. Matt Crittenden says:

    Wanted to see if I’m to late? Is there any room on the list?

  2. Matt Crittenden says:

    Is there still room on the list to get one ?

  3. Kelly Dews says:

    Only 6 remaining. Any funds that come in after they run out will be refunded. I will also start a list for if people back out or more come available.

  4. gardener says:

    when will the list come out?

  5. Zachary says:

    I tried to order last night, but Paypal kept having an error and wouldn’t let me send the money… :(

    If you do a second batch, I’ll take one as well.

  6. Daniel Kelten says:

    I’m in for one if available. Looks like a sellout! Awesome. What about a second run?

  7. Eli Leppek says:

    Any chance there will be a 2nd run in 2013?

  8. Brad Johnston says:

    I would also like to know if I can get one

  9. gardener says:

    any updates, a list of who “won” them, I have sent emails with questions but have not got any reply or confirmation.

  10. Robert Smejkal says:

    Money sent for a 4xl.

  11. Steve Kuenzi says:

    lookin for a large email me at

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