Store FAQ

The Timbers Army store is run by volunteers and is a non-profit business, please be patient and understanding if we can’t get back to you right away!

Where can I get a No Pity Scarf?

It’s easier than you think… Just stop by the No Pity Van on any match day!

Please keep the following in mind when looking to buy a No Pity scarf…

  • We do not sell No Pity scarves online except during the holiday period. We prefer to maintain our old-school merchandising method for this particular item. They have always been sold/exchanged/passed on face-to-face — reflecting both our DIY roots and the personal connection you make as you join the Timbers Army.
  • No Pity scarves are hot commodities. They don’t stay on the shelf for very long. The TA merch crew does their best to keep them in stock, but sometimes that can be difficult.
  • The 107ist (the machine behind the Timbers Army) is a non-profit operation. All scarves are sold at cost ($10). If you buy one on eBay, you run a great risk of getting ripped off.

Our dream is for every Timbers fan to own a No Pity scarf. But like most dreams, they take time and effort to become a reality. So if you stumble across the No Pity Van and have an opportunity to buy a No Pity scarf right there, don’t delay!

When will I receive my items?
Shipping is done on a weekly basis. Sometimes bi-weekly if there is an exceptionally small number of orders. There is no set day of the week shipping is done. It is up to the discretion of the volunteer in charge of shipping that week and the evening they have free. Once orders are shipped standard shipping times apply.

How is shipping calculated?
Shipping is calculated based on the weight of the item, the quantity you are ordering and where it is being shipped to. You can view your shipping costs by clicking on ‘checkout’

Why can’t I pick my order up in person?
While 107IST has a physical location in the Fanladen, it is not operated as a store front for our merchandise except for specific events at specific times of the year. The volunteers who staff the Fanladen on match days are not connected with the Merchandise team. The No Pity Van acts as our store front on match days and as such Merchandise Team volunteers can be located there.

I keep trying to increase the quantity of an item in the cart, but it won’t let me.
This is because we don’t have enough stock of that particular item to fill the increased order. The cart won’t let you add it if we don’t have it.

All sales are final, however, unworn and unwashed items can be exchanged for an item of equal value or a store credit.

If you purchased your item online at, please ship the item back to the Fanladen (1633 NW Alder St. Portland 97205). Once your item is received and processed we will ship out the exchange item on the next shipping date. Shipping charges will not apply for an exchange item.

If you purchased your item at the No Pity Van we can facilitate your exchange at the Van itself, just bring the item back on the next match day.

NOTE: Please do not go to the Fanladen on match day with a customer service issue regarding No Pity Originals. Either contact us via regarding an online sale or visit us at the No Pity Van regarding items purchased at the van.

Why are items sometimes out of stock at the No Pity Van even though it says available on the website?
The Merchandise Team maintains a separate stock for the No Pity Van and for our webstore. Items may be sold out at the No Pity Van but not online or vice versa.

What happens if an item I ordered is out of stock or no longer available?
In the unfortunate case that this happens we will work with each individual to find a satisfactory solution. This may include a refund or an exchange for a similar item.

If you have an order with multiple items but part of it is out of stock, we will ship available items straight away and the remainder will be shipped when they are back in stock (at no extra charge).

I can’t get my order to go through, I keep getting this error message: “Unable to process payment. Please contact the merchant as the shipping address provided by the merchant is invalid, and the merchant has requested that your order must be shipped to that address”
Make sure that the billing and shipping addresses you enter in the store match your paypal address exactly. If it’s not an exact match for your paypal address, you’ll get this error. (This is a bug in the cart we’re using, hopefully it will be fixed in their next upgrade!). If you’ve checked your address and are sure it matches, then please email us at

All products are in men’s sizes, unless noted for either kids or women’s sizes.

Why don’t you have sizes and fit styles for women or children?
We now have select items for women and children.

What is this No Pity Van I keep hearing about?
The No Pity Van is our mobile merchandise store. On match days it can be found in the Rack Attack work bay on the corner of SW Morrison and 18th, diagonally across from Jeld Wen Field. The van also makes it out to several events throughout the year, for example the van has attended several brewers festivals, a number of Sunday Parkways and the Art Takeover event.

No Pity Van Hours
On weekend match days the Van will be open 3 hours prior to kickoff. On weekday games we do our best to be open around 5:45. We close 30 minutes before kickoff. Post-match we do our best to be open 15 minutes after kickoff. If it’s a bit longer that means we are probably celebrating something awesome, so please be patient. We stay open post-match as long as demand dictates. Sometimes its poppin’. Sometimes its quiet.

I have questions/comments/praise about my order/products/how cool the Merch Team is…
Feel free to stop by the No Pity Van on match days and talk to us or shoot us an email at

How can I stay up-to-date with new product releases and where the No Pity Van will be?