TA Guide for Veterans

It’s home opener week. We got lots of information to share this week. Spread the word!

Sunday: Do’s and Don’ts
Monday: Tifo 101 + the National Anthem
Tuesday: Guide for First-Timers
Wednesday: Guide for Veterans
Thursday: Game day!

You’ve seen it all. You know everyone’s nicknames. You get the same seats at every match. You’ve got every chant down by memory (perhaps even wrote one or two yourself). If this were a real army, you’d be at least an Admiral. We get it…you’re kind of a big deal.

While a lot of people probably do owe you a debt of gratitude for your service over the years, we don’t want to let it go to your head. You may have been the cock-of-the-walk during the USL-era Timbers, but we’re all entering this new MLS era together on equal ground. The time to cash in those respect points has passed.

Here are a few things to keep in mind this season as we maintain our status as the best Supporters Section in American soccer:

  • Growth. This is a good thing. We started in a few rows of section 107. Then we filled that section. Then we spilled out into nearby sections. Now we’re taking up the entire North End. 16 sections (101-108 & 201-208). This happened because of your hard work over the years. Thank you…now be appreciative of it.
  • Experience. You’ve got bundles of it. Now you’ll be surrounded by curious newcomers who are envious of what you got. Rather than roll your eyes at them, open your arms and share it with them.
  • Education. We’ve worked hard to maintain a level of integrity and originality. Rather than scold a newcomer for yelling YSA, calmly explain to them why we shun that practice. You attract more flies with honey….
  • Expand. As we told the newcomers yesterday, ’107′ is a state of mind, not an address. You may be loyal to that section, but if you plan to continue that streak, you may want to skip the pre-funk at The Bitter End and get in line early. Most newcomers have no idea about the knife carving you left under what used to be known as “your” seat. Besides, by many accounts, the pitch position has shifted a bit. 107 might not have offer the same perspective you’re used to. Change won’t kill you. Be flexible.
  • Respect. There was a time when you were at your first Timbers match, standing amazed and bewildered at all the chaos. Remember this when you see someone in that same boat.
  • Lead. The best way to do this is by example. You know the boundaries and expectations placed upon us. Make sure the newcomers see first-hand why we are on the frontline of US soccer supporters.

Tomorrow is the day we’ve all been waiting for!

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20 Responses to TA Guide for Veterans

  1. Shawn Levy says:


  2. This series has been great. Is there a plan to continue it through the weekend with all the events we have planned? (soul night on Friday, season opener show Saturday, FC Dallas on Sunday).

  3. Chase says:

    thanks for this! Wise and good words.

  4. Ed Hurtley says:


    Okay, I know it was done on purpose, but this line hurts my brain, “If this were a real army, you’d be at least an Admiral.”

  5. Ryan Pollard says:

    The TA as a whole has been extremely welcoming to new “recruits” over the years. Hopefully this trend will continue. I guess just “don’t be a douche,” right?

  6. Nels Hesseldahl says:

    “… if you plan to continue that streak, you may want to skip the pre-funk at The Bitter End and get in line early.”

    QFT. In this case early means… well, probably sometime tonight!

  7. Juan Farias says:

    actually… the navy has admirals, an army would have generals. Just saying

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  9. FCAPDX says:


    Thank you for sussing everything out, its nice that standards could be explained or re-explained when so much is going on in and around the team. I wont get all weird but it means a lot that the original idea of the Timbers Army isn’t getting lost in elections and membership fees.

    A tip of the hat to the people that are going to make an amazing night extraordinary.

  10. Kelly Anderson says:

    My sister and I are two of the newbies joining you this year. Sadly, not season ticket holders this year, but on the list for next. We promise to behave and scream our little hearts out and let those that came before us lead the way. We will make you proud! :)

  11. Nick says:

    I for one welcome our new Tifo overlords. Leaves more time for me to drink, shout and laugh with friends.

    ~n. <– not like I did much anyway except show up and pay my dues. :)

  12. Lendog says:

    Never stop recruiting! Use your spare tickets for good!

  13. Gisele Currier says:

    I enjoyed these instructions. Growth is great to see! but please don’t put down the old codger for complaining off and on! Don’t get me wrong, spreading the love for the Timbers is something I have done for 36 years. Just need to vent sometimes. So, now carry on!

  14. James Harrison says:

    Reserve matches can be like das olden days for vets, where the pre funk can go up until 10 min prior to kick-off. Thanks for this series, it’s great.

    • Drumman says:

      Nice to have a place that I do not have to worry about getting every match and can arrive late lol. It is a good thing seeing the match with out something or someone in the way. The westside has come a long way and standing the entire match was fine with me. That was 10 rows up in the upper section. Now we are getting into the chants. So anything is can happen. Good information for everyone who are in the north end. It is good to see all the positive stuff going on. Keep up the good work and continue to spread.


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