Timbers Army Season Ticket FAQ

Q: I hear that Timbers Army Season Tickets are sold out – is this true?
The Timbers Army Section is now sold out of Season Tickets for the 2011 season. See our press release for more information. However, around 500 tickets will be available for single game sales.

Q: Now the section is sold out, will there be a waitlist for season tickets?
A: Yes. The Timbers Front Office will be maintaining a waitlist for TA season tickets and we’ll post a link to it once it’s available.

Q: Where is the Timbers Army Section located?
A: The Timbers Army (TA) section is in the North End of the stadium, sections 101-108 and 201-208.

Q: What are the general perks to being a season ticket holder and how are the Timbers Army Season Tickets different?
A: As in previous years, all season tickets will come with many benefits. While the details are still being finalized, we anticipate that the TA Season Ticket will have additional perks such as special merchandise and TA specific events.

Q: Will there be a Timbers Army Half-Season Ticket?
A: A limited number of half-season tickets were made available in March 2011, but are now sold out.

Q: How can I purchase a Timbers Army Season Ticket?
A: You can buy a TA Season Ticket through the Timbers sales and service department. Click here to learn how.

Q: Will I get to pick which seat I want in the Timbers Army Section?
A: The Timbers Army section is general admission only. No specific seat reservations are needed.

Q: Is a youth Timbers Army Season Ticket available?
A: At this time, there are no youth ticket options available for any section.

Q: Is there a discount if I buy more than one TA Season Ticket?
A: At this time there are no discounts if you purchase more than one season ticket.

Q: Can I buy single game tickets and sit in the TA section?
A: Maybe. There will be some tickets available on day-of-game, but these will be very limited in number.

Q: I normally stand in 106/107/108,etc. today. How can I ensure I continue to keep my spot?
A: Get there early! The Timbers Army section will be open 30 minutes before the rest of the stadium.

Q: I’d like to get a ticket in the Timbers Army section but I need to sit. Will I be able to see the game in this section or will everyone be standing?
A: There will be areas at the top of the 100 sections for wheelchair access, and some of the 200 sections would allow for sitting during games. The Timbers Army’s goal is to have the lower 100 sections remain standing throughout the games.

Q: Do you have to purchase TA Season Tickets through the Timbers Army or be a 107ist member to buy one?
A: No! Anyone can buy a TA Season Ticket. All ticketing sales will be handled by the Timbers sales and service department. Click here for more information.

Q: How can I bring friends to experience the Timbers Army and help grow it?
A: There will be opportunities for people to purchase single game day tickets next year in addition to the TA Season Ticket.

Q: Will I have assigned seating or will I be able to move freely within the TA section?
A: Since the TA Season Ticket is general admission, you will be able to move freely within the TA section.

Q: How big is the TA section?
A: There are approximately 3600 seats available in the TA section.

Q: Can I access the TA section without a TA season ticket?
A: No. Entry to the TA section will require a specific TA ticket.

Q. Which other sections can I buy a general admission season ticket for?
A. There are no other sections with general admission seating. All other sections will be reserved seating.

Have an additional question about tickets? Contact us at tickets@timbersarmy.org