The National Anthem: How Will You Help?

It’s home opener week. We got lots of information to share this week. Spread the word!

Sunday: Do’s and Don’ts
Monday: The National Anthem
Tuesday: Guide for First-Timers
Wednesday: Guide for Veterans
Thursday: Game day!

The Timbers Army does some things pretty well.We make a ruckus, we do chants, and we create the atmosphere for the stadium. On Thursday April, 14 we have been chosen to do something rare in sport across America. We all know it’s usually a celebrity that sings the National Anthem for big events. Who could forget Whitney Houston killing the game at the Super Bowl in 1991?

Absolutely incredible. I still remember that performance vividly from when I was younger.

Other countries have had very memorable anthem performances that give me chills. Take a couple of minutes and watch the Canadian National Anthem being sung by the crowd in Edmonton.

Oilers fans kind of give you chills with that don’t they?

I am honored and extremely pleased to announce to the Timbers Army and the world that the Timbers Army has been selected to sing the United States National Anthem against the Chicago Fire in the inaugural home game at Jeld-Wen Field for the 2011 season.

What does this mean for you? Clear your throats. Drink warm tea with honey. Protect your throats. On Thursday April 14, 2011 you are singing the National Anthem on ESPN.

Follow the capos for instruction. Learn the words. At the end of the National Anthem we have a tifo display planned. There will be some obstructed views in the Timbers Army section. We appreciate you reading and participating in the instructions that will be taped to your seat.




Tomorrow, what to expect if it’s your first time…

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44 Responses to The National Anthem: How Will You Help?

  1. Whitney we hardly knew ye…

    I’m mostly bugged by the singing of the anthem before every sporting event, but for big games or internationals it seems fitting. One of the most stirring moments I ever had at a game was singing the Star Spangled Banner before USA vs Italy in Kaiserslautern at World Cup 2006. I was so amped up I was shaking, singing as loudly as I could to drown out the shrill whistles of the classy Italians. Pretty bad ass.

    After this seemingly interminable wait for our first MLS home game, I can’t believe I have to wait another three days FROTHFROTHFROTH!

    • Daniel Kelten says:

      Had a blast practicing the cymbal crashes with my son tonight. This is going to be ripping fun. And man, can he blast out “TIMBERS!” at the end.

  2. This is going to be big. Can’t wait, it’s almost here.

  3. MarySue Renfrow says:

    I call dibs on the high note.

  4. # 11 says:


  5. Rick Spies says:

    Lucas–I didn’t even see your comment and immediately went looking for the YouTube of that same anthem rendition. Was there in K-town myself and it still gives me chills to remember it.

  6. Austin Southard says:

    3500+ strong choir > pithy marching band

  7. Keenan says:

    I certainly can appreciate the excitement and gravity of the opening day National Anthem. I understand what it means to a lot of people. I also would like to point out that a some of us reject Nationalistic displays, due to moral or religious grounds. Their choice may not be the most popular, but it certainly needs to be respected. I think a reminder to the TA might be necessary. A beautiful occasion like our inaugural game surely will be should not be ruined for some because they feel threatened for their beliefs.

    • Garrett Dittfurth says:

      Thanks for your perspective Keenan. It should go without saying that we respect everyone’s beliefs. Nobody should feel threatened for abstaining.

  8. Joe Kadera says:

    Is the plan to sing “home of the timbers” at the end?

      • Kirk says:

        And the cybal crashes for sure…Wouldn’t be the Army otherwise!!

        • Richard Sheals says:

          Even though my tickets are in the Library, I plan on getting as man involved as possible before the start of game. Loud and proud! RCTID!

          Home of the Timbers!

          • Donald Braden says:

            Well I am going to stick with home of the Brave myself.

            It is the national anthem. I like the “cymbals” but changing the lyrics is a step to far for my rigid upbringing and deeply psychotic patriotism. (The cymbals were a tough adjustment for me, I was raised stricitly on the stand respectfully with hand over heart during the anthem, trust me it is deeply deeply ingrained in me).

      • Tex says:

        Can’t express how excited I am for all of this. Thursday can’t come soon enough!
        Now I know I’m new to the TA, but changing the NATIONAL anthem to say “Home of the Timbers” instead of “Home of the Brave” disrespects the anthem. In such a public spotlight, I’m worried this will come across the wrong way.

        • Kyle says:

          Disagree. Virtually every sporting event I’ve been to, regardless of sport, city or team, features large groups of fans replacing “brave” with whatever the team name is. I don’t view it as a sign of disrespect. In the end, it’s being sung at a game, not a memorial.

  9. Holly says:

    Lucas Grzybowski posts for me, from the bugged to the Kaiserslautern to the froth.

  10. Thomas says:

    I really hope that the drumming section is a little more on their game this year if we’re going to be on TV. Timbers Army Against Drinking and Drumming… TAADD

  11. Jelly Helm says:

    Another lovely version of the anthem: Marvin Gaye from the ’83 all star game.

  12. Sean Moran says:

    This shreeking British Twat will be singing the US National Anthem loud and Proud.

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  14. Reuben says:

    Wait, so will there be an instrumental of the anthem in the background or is it 100% acapella?

  15. Isaac Kendrick says:

    Can someone please post the lyrics?

  16. Tommy V says:

    Last season at PGE Park the teams came out for the U23 championship match and it seemed like everyone was waiting for someone to come out and sing the anthem. No one came out, I believe because anthems were sung before the third-place match earlier in the day. After a brief hesitation … the North End busted out into the anthem. It was literally spine-tingling!

    Also, it was priceless glancing over the at the Rapids supporters to our left at the Colorado away match as the Army was belting out the national anthem at the top of our lungs and seeing the stunned looks on their faces.

  17. Ted Harbaugh says:

    Love it!

  18. Aaron Brown says:

    Any chance the 107ist or somebody can formally reach out to ESPN to make sure our anthem and tifo are put on the air? I’d imagine this has already happened, but I’d love hearing it confirmed that we’ve told ESPN our plans.

  19. Shawn Levy says:

    Mr. Brown: this has been seen to. It has even been promised/assured. But we’ll have to see whether they in fact follow through on their word(s).

  20. Michael says:

    Doesn’t Seattle do this every game?

    • Shawn Levy says:

      Seattle announces that the National Anthem will be led by the supporters’ group and then defers to them to do their thing? I wasn’t aware of that. Can you cite?

  21. Jonathan Hannon says:

    Sounders sing national anthem. It’s the one thing they do that I give them a thumbs-up for:
    “The clap” and the confetti, not so much.

    Led by Dr. Stephen Michael Newby, director of University Ministries and the Center for Worship at Seattle Pacific University.

    Link here:

    Remember, folks, it was written as a “drinking song.”

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  25. Seattle FC Fan says:

    Yep, I’m a SFC fan who’s looking forward to tonight’s game. Be sure to put the Fire out before going home, only you can prevent forest fires! ;)

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  27. Bob's Blitz says:

    Excellent work guys. Excellent.

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