Timbers Army Homebrew Competition August 11th

The 4th Annual Timbers Army Homebrew Competition will be held August 11th, at 9am at Lompoc Sidebar 3901 N. Williams.


Pride of Cascadia (winning entry to be brewed at Lompoc) Pale Ale, IPA, Imperial IPA, Cascadian Dark Ale, Northwest Red

Full 90 (winning entry to be brewed at Widmer Brothers Brewing-Rosequarter Brewery) anything sessionable, the goal is a beer that you can drink for the full 90 minutes of watching a match. blonde ales, golden ales, Kölsch, pale lagers, would be good examples, but this is a sessionable summer beer category, so whatever you think fits.

We are still seeking judges. email abram.goldman-armstrong@107ist.org if interested in judging. Entries may be dropped off at Lompoc Fifth Quadrant untilExtended Deadline! closing on Saturday August 10th. Please enter 2 bottles per beer. Fee is $10 per entry, $5 per entry for 107ist members. Please make checks payable to 107ist, and include a completed BJCP entry form

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12 Responses to Timbers Army Homebrew Competition August 11th

  1. Leo T says:

    9am? Is that right? Not that I have an issue with that at all, just making sure the time is correct…

  2. Chris Owcarz says:

    Wait, what, next weekend?! Gah, looks like I missed the memo. Good luck all.

  3. Abram Goldman-Armstrong says:

    Forgot to get your entry in on time? We’ve extended the deadline for entries at Lompoc 5Q until the end of business today!

  4. Abram Goldman-Armstrong says:

    And we have winners!
    Pride of Cascadia is an IPA brewed with homegrown Chinooks
    Full 90 is a German Pils
    Congrats to the winners, some great entries all around.
    Scoresheets will be available for pickup at the Fanladen prior to the match versus Dallas on the 17th.
    Big thanks to Lompoc for hosting and Ben Dobler and Matt Licklider from Widmer Brothers for coming down to judge. Thanks to the judges.

  5. Abram Goldman-Armstrong says:

    Congrats to Chris Owcarz for winning the Pride of Cascadia with his IPA and Jason Barker for winning the Full 90 with his German Pilsner.

    • Chris Owcarz says:

      Holy #^%*! I know I’ve said this quite a few times elsewhere already but I am truly humbled, excited, stunned, thankful, honored and grateful. I had finally stopped making excuses and decided to just (yes finally) enter into a homebrew comp, knowing this one was totally worth the valuable & experienced feedback from TA on a beer that my friends really thought turned out well ….and hopefully learn how to make it better…. and yet now have a chance to brew with the pros and share with more (and hopefully new) friends! Absolutely surreal.

      Thank you to the TA, Lompoc & Widmer for supporting this unique homebrew competition again this year, and I hope I did/will do the honor justice.

      I’ll bring a growler down to the Fanladen before the Dallas match so it can be drunk, critiqued & second-guessed as it should be. And if I get my act together in the next day or two, I’ll brew a batch for the Laurelwood Bus if that’s cool with my bus captain?

      Thanks, Cheers and brew on!
      Chris Owcarz (Oakk)

    • Jason Barker says:

      Very exciting to have my Pilsner selected. Can’t wait to see it made at the Widmer facility at the Rose Quarter (or is it the Moda Center Quarter now?)
      Thanks for this opportunity!

  6. Dan Malech says:

    Abe, can you email the score sheets out? I will be out of town this weekend and missing the game.

  7. Abram Goldman-Armstrong says:

    The sheets are not digital and cannot be emailed. You are welcome to pick up your sheets from the Fanladen at your convience, I will leave them in a clearly marked envelope.

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