Timbers Army Meet-and-Tweet. The Spring 2013 “We’re Good at Soccer” edition.

Join fellow TA Twitterati at 107ist partner Sellwood Public House in attempting to have reasonably normal in-person interactions with people you may or may not have ever actually met. Luckily there will be beer available. While themes of previous editions of the Meet and Tweet have alternated between naïve hopes for the new season and crushing disappointment over the current one, this event promises the opportunity to exchange nice words about things that are actually happening.Whether your tweet count is ten or ten thousand (or zero, for that matter), if you know what #RCTID is, you are welcome to attend. This is one event where no one will mock you for looking at your smartyphone in the middle of a conversation.

Saturday June 1st 7:00PM
Sellwood Public House - 8132 SE 13th Avenue, Portland, Oregon 97202

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