Toronto FC: Operation Enduring Streamers

It has been a while since my last post as I have been busy with appearances on Shed Culture and intermittently putting out my podcasts. Plus there was this whole thing about Seattle and being the King of Clubs, life is busy for Soda Popinski these days.

Now it is time to turn our attention towards the future and the Red Moose of Ontario. Remember those times when they ruined streamers for the whole league because they threw them at players during the run of play? Talk about stupidity.

This is What NOT to do with streamers

Well I couldn’t think of a better team to continue the tradition and have the next installment of operation enduring streamers against.

Operation Enduring Streamers - 2008 - Allison Andrews

What: Buy every white streamer you can find in our beautiful city, when one place is sold out try another. This is our way to stimulate the economy!

Who: Everyone in the stadium can participate. Give them to your friends, buy more for your neighbors, spread the streamer love.

When: At the end of the national anthem let your streamers fly!

Don’t: Don’t bring any other color streamer, or throw them onto the pitch during the run of play. This is a display for prematch.

Operation Enduring Streamers - 2010 - Allison Andrews

HAHAHAHA…Soda Popinski

We Are Timbers Army, Who Are You?

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28 Responses to Toronto FC: Operation Enduring Streamers

  1. sean says:

    I’m confused. you say buy white streamers and let them fly after the national anthem, then you say don’t bring white streamers.

    Am I reading this wrong?

  2. Brandon S says:

    Dang I have a ton of green streamers… but no white… off to the store I go.

  3. Nels says:

    Read it again Sean. It says don’t NOT bring white streamers. Double negative.

    I’ll see how many I can find in Hood River.

  4. Ryan says:

    I see a Costco pack of toilet paper in my near future.

  5. Ryan Hakola says:

    So just to get this straight before the match you want us to “throw shit on the pitch?” the shot being white streamers only.

    • Soda Popinski says:

      The goal is not to throw it on the field of play but in the air just like we normally do at the end of the national anthem. 95% of them usually stay off of the actual field.

  6. Sherrilynn Rawson says:

    As you know, re-rolling streamers into three or four smaller rolls means (a) moar individual streamers to throw and (b) less chance of accidental streamer contact with the pitch. Here’s a handy tip for re-rolling streamers, courtesy of the mister. You will need two people, a cordless drill, and a Bic pen or similar that has a cap with a longish end sticking out.

    Instead of a drill bit, insert the non-writing end of a pen into your cordless drill and clamp. Take the end of your streamer and tuck it under the longish end of the pen cap. While one person operates the drill, varying the speed until you get it rolling well, the other person guides the streamer onto the business end of the pen. When your roll is the size you want, turn off the drill and cut the streamer. Repeat as long as both of you can stand it. Voila, speedy re-rolling!

    • Joanne Couchman says:

      This is a GREAT suggestion!
      Also, re-rolling into smaller rolls could be a good way to pass the time for those waiting in line for the gates to open.
      I would LOVE to see streamers in every single section of the ground. Yes Eastside, that means you too! :-)

    • Sherrilynn Rawson says:

      ETA: Thanks to Todd Diskin’s superb how-to video, I am reminded of one more important step that he already figured out: have the person guiding the streamer roll put a pencil through the middle of the roll to act as an axle, so that the roll spins freely as it feeds onto the Bic pen/cordless drill contraption.
      Thanks, Todd!

    • jarbeaux says:

      I just found 500′ folls at Party City and broke them down with pen method described. It was really easy, like I was BTS (Born To Stream)! Thanks for the suggestion!

  7. John Acerbi says:

    Will white be the color for the entire match, including goals and victory walk, or is it intended for just the anthem display?

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  9. jp says:

    what’s the Red Moose? :)

  10. Tara Sims says:

    If you’re re-rolling streamers, make sure you make them big enough (think 2″ diameter) with enough weight to give them the ability to fly. Too small and it just looks silly. I speak from personal experience. ;)

  11. dublinx says:

    Streamers away lads!!!!

  12. HTH says:

    “Too small and it just looks silly” hahaha, that’s what she said.

  13. Nick says:

    Hey all. I’m a Dynamo supporter and huge Mike Chabala fan. I am now a timbers fan by association (even when they play Houston). I just wanted to say that your army is simply inspirational! I hope that we can create even half the environment you do in our new stadium!

    • Brandon S says:

      I do to Nick. It really makes me sad when I watch our boys in other stadiums and I hear nothing, but the background chatter, a few small cheers, chants that are just the team name and nothing else and vuvuzelas. I especially hate it when I hear the *clap *clap *stomp *stomp over the loud speaker and baseball style sound effects. This league needs more loud, raucous, and rowdy support groups. My two cents. :) People in the United States like soccer, they just don’t like American soccer. As the league grows, and the talent improves, hopefully more teams will realize that the atmosphere is essential to continuing to attract people to the matches. You ever notice that some of the fullest stadiums have the loudest and biggest supporter groups?

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