When Stupid Just Doesn’t Cover It There Is Always Facepalm


EDIT: The original article was taken down from Oregon Sports News. Here is a link to the original content that appeared from David Mylet.

Often I wake up in the morning and check Twitter for a laugh. I got one this morning when I read David Mylet’s piece in Oregon Sports News. I know I shouldn’t link it here because it’s nothing but click bait. Still I’m going to for the readers who have no idea what I’m talking about.

It’s a classic, “I’m not saying you’re racists but you’re racists,” piece. One of the most jaw-droppingly laughable parts is when Mylet says the Timbers Army has no ideology despite the fact we have a pretty well known ideology. It even extends beyond racism to anti-homophobia. In fact we were named Gay4Soccer’s ally of the year. It’s such a jaw-droppingly laughable statement that it almost boggles the mind. It’s not like we’ve ever taken a political stance on anything before.

The Timbers Army aesthetic (flags, chants, scarves, smoke bombs, drinking) has largely taken its cue from English soccer fandom. That shouldn’t be a surprise, since Europe (and especially England) has an iconic relationship with soccer. But what is a bit disturbing is the close connection between some English soccer rooting sections (or “firms”) and the British white supremacist movement, in particular the National Front.

Actually, David our atmosphere is taken more from South America since British clubs have had all-seaters since the early 90s. Comparitively we make a club in England look like a morgue and I’m fairly certain if they catch you on CCTV in England lighting a smoke bomb in a stadium they ban you for life along with a hefty amount of time in jail. I really like the logic involved in that statement towards the end. It goes sort of like, “your last name is Schmidt. You have German ancestry. You must be a Nazi.” It makes about as much sense. I’m fairly certain Mylet watched Green Street Hooligans and used it as an official reference point for this piece.

The rest of it gets so bad I don’t even have the time to get into it. The logic goes, “soccer is a popular sport. In other parts of the world some soccer supporters are racists. Therefore in Portland the supporters are racists too.” There’s also some stuff about the Green and White Army chant based on the Twisted Sister song, “We’re Not Gonna Take It.” To Mylet it means we’re racists, not that the Timbers club colors are also green and white.

I’m not exactly sure what Mylet’s angle was on this one. Maybe he’s just trying to get some click bait so someone looks at something he wrote. Congratulations David Mylet. You got some clicks. My real question is probably for the editors are Oregon Sports News. When are you going to let Sarah Palin start writing a column for you?

When stupid just doesn’t cover it there is always facepalm.

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13 Responses to When Stupid Just Doesn’t Cover It There Is Always Facepalm

  1. Ian says:

    I wrote for a short time for Oregon Sports News, before this particular hack was writing there, and I can tell you – there’s no significant editing done at all. Like any good content mill, it’s about how fast you can get your dreck onto the web, not whether it makes any particular sense. The owner doesn’t pay for content and offers gift cards every month to a writer of his choice. He’s probably thrilled with this piece, because it got more than a few dozen hits by being inflammatory. Don’t feed the linkbaiters.

  2. Bruce Eaton says:

    And…it’s gone.

  3. Patrick Schroeder says:

    I was going to post this just to keep them from getting hits off this article, but now it is also needed for historical shaming preservation since they pulled it from the site. Here is a pastebin link with the article’s contents: http://pastebin.com/YvvpJg4f

  4. Forest Walker says:

    What a schmuck. The unfortunate part is that there ARE MLS supporters groups who do have this kind of element present in a significant way, that he could’ve covered… I’m looking at you, SoB…

  5. Shane says:

    I thought Schmidt was Hydra.

  6. Adam says:



  7. Adam says:

    Oh wait, he says drinking is part of the aesthetic that makes the TA like English groups that are like racist groups. Drinking is a racist symbol now guys. Flags are a racist symbol. Somebody go tell literally everyone in the world that they’re perpetuating a racist symbol so that no one is racist anymore.

  8. Austin Southard says:

    It appears that asshole has been fired, according to OSN. Although, that doesn’t mean as much after I read Ian’s comment above. Let the public shaming of the writer and editors continue.

  9. Burnside Brian says:

    An-fucking-tifa, ya twig.

  10. Cindy says:

    It has been removed and he’s published an “apology”, if you can call it that.

    I agree…FACEPALM.

  11. wes says:

    “…10 white bastards at my feet!”


  12. Sara says:

    Shame on them – we are the Green and White Army – because the Timbers colors include Green and White…green and gold…red and white blah blah blah. Also, “Oi” is also used Straight-Edge anti-Neo Nazis…

  13. Kerri Olsen says:

    Well said Garrett

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