Who Let The DB’s In?

Imagine having celebrities hanging out in the North End during Timbers matches. As if the Timbers Army needed any more publicity, right?

Now imagine those celebrities consisting of the cast of Jersey Shore, The Real World, and current fans of Tosh.0 (yeah…current as in after Daniel Tosh’s recent ‘rape joke’ fiasco).

This actually happened at last night’s game. And guess whose fault it is.

It’s the fault of ticket scalpers!

Last night saw a collection of alpha male types that I’ll refer to as “dude-bro’s” (you might be more familiar with their common name, “douchebags”) assembling in the far upper corner of section 208. What started as four DB’s turned to eight, which turned to 12, and before we knew it, we had approximately 20 of these chuckle-heads sitting together, double-fisting beers well before kickoff was even scheduled.

So how did this group get my attention? Before we get into that, let me state that I don’t claim to be any kind of expert in DB’s  (I find Juggalos to be far more fascinating) or security, but I do happen to have a couple small items of note on my resume. At one time in my wild career path, I was the lead bouncer at a nightclub in Los Angeles. Also, I happen to have an OLCC permit, and monitoring behavior induced by alcohol happens to be a major component of that training program.

So when I see a large group of these types getting together, they tend to draw my attention. When all 20-ish of them insist on wearing matching bright yellow or bright orange trucker hats, they identify themselves as a group aching to be noticed. When they aren’t participating in pre-match Timbers chants, they demand my attention. When they subtly-but-noticeably boo our Timbers as they enter the field for pre-match practice, my gut tells me something is up.

However, there was nothing visible at this point that ultimately said “these people are Galaxy fans, get them out of here before something bad goes down.”

That is until one of them removes their shirt to reveal a Sharpie-drawn LA Galaxy logo on his chest, and a mock jersey-style “Beckham” and “23” on his back. NOW WE’RE IN BUSINESS!

(Note: this Sharpie-drawn-on-body thing is worthy of its own blog entry, but my writing priorities are clear this day. I’ll get to you next year, pal.)

Now that we’ve identified a large group of Galaxy fans sitting in the Timbers Army section, which is far, far away from the away fans’ section, we must take evasive action to neutralize this situation. As the saying goes, “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” And at the rate these guys were drinking and escalating their behavior, I woulda bet my entire savings account on some shenanigans going down.

Rather than confront them myself (I may be a big guy, but come on, this is serious, and I’m no dummy), I notified JWF security, as well as a 107ist Board member and the designated TA security rep. Within 15 minutes, the majority of the group was moved to a more appropriate section of the stadium.

So why do I hold ticket scalpers to be responsible for this? These DB’s somehow got their hands on a whole bunch TA section tickets. Throw in the fact that this game against the Galaxy was one of the first to sell out after tickets for the 2012 season went on-sale, and we reveal some form of major flubbery. Either these guys all acquired tickets via an exorbitant sum of money paid to StubHub or on-site scalpers, or somebody (or bodies) in the Timbers Army sold their ticket(s) to this match and didn’t bother to care about whom they sold their tickets to.

This is just one of many reasons why a large faction of the Timbers Army decries the use of ticket scalpers. I understand the need to resell tickets to a match that you can’t attend. You want to get your money back. Nobody will sweat you for that.

However, when you blindly post your tickets for sale on Craig’s List, StubHub, or any number of reseller sites, or sell your tickets to those dirty, filthy scalpers lurking in front on JWF on match days, you are essentially handing over the keys to the Timbers Army’s vehicle, and allowing anyone to jump in for a ride, regardless of their condition and/or intent.

You may be comfortable picking up hitch-hikers on the highway, and if you’re the only one in the car, be my guest. But would you pick one up if your kids, friends, and/or friends’ kids were with you? Yeah, I didn’t think so.

If you need to resell your tickets, sell them to your trusted friends, co-workers, or any number of people who you would trust to represent you. Let them celebrate in the fun we get to have at every match. Don’t let the riff-raff in by selling your tickets to anonymous buyers.

Finally, if you feel the need to call me a narc or tattle-tale by my notifying security about that group of DB’s last night, be my guest. The way I look at it, I had to leave my own well-behaved circle of friends and clean up someone else’s mess. So if you feel that way, you don’t need to thank me, but still…you’re welcome.


8:45 pm UPDATE: judging by some Twitter conversations directed my way, it appears the group in question may have been a bachelor party from Vancouver. Can’t say this is verified in any way, but having a Vancouver-based hockey writer for NBC Sports ask me if I got my “panties in a twist” has to account for something, right?

Regardless of this group’s home base, and if this truly is the case, I stand even stronger by my actions as we don’t need Vancouver fans sitting in the North End, whether they pose as Galaxy fans in jest, or not.

Dear Vancouver, your antics reflect poorly on your beloved country. I guess this is why all the clever things to come out of Canada (Kids In The Hall, Strange Brew, Picnicface, et. al.) originate from the eastern portion of “America’s hat.”


This is an opinion piece and does not necessarily reflect the opinion of the 107ist or the TA.

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54 Responses to Who Let The DB’s In?

  1. Benjamin Persitz says:

    Here’s my one problem with your suggestion to only sell to friends or co-workers. I don’t know a ton of people in the TA, and am on the waiting list for season tickets. The only way I got at ticket for last night was on craigslist. I bought from a season ticket holder for face value and was able to join the rest of my friends last night.

    The best solution, imo, is to just verify who you are selling to. Ask for a 107ist card or quiz them about the team before you sell..but please don’t stop selling on craigslist or FB groups. I can’t always rely on the No Pity Van or a friend not being able to get to get tickets to games I wasn’t able to get during the TM presale earlier this year.


    • Melissa Jeffers says:

      Agree with you Benjamin. Those of us not lucky enough to have season tickets have a hard time getting in to games. I would be heartbroken if I couldn’t get tix anymore off resale websites.

  2. mattg says:

    Well done on quickly identifying the problem before it was allowed to escalate. I don’t think anyone can have a go at you for the way you handled it,. It was absolutely the correct response.

  3. Blerg says:

    I was sitting right next to them. They weren’t DB’s. They also weren’t soccer fans. Just in town for a bachelor party.

    That bachelor was wearing the Beckham “kit”. He was the only one who seemed to be over served. But can you blame him?

    They didn’t boo our team ether.

    • Andrew Brawley says:

      You saw what you saw. I saw what I saw. Regardless, the backne’d Beckham “kit” guy revealing himself was the cause reason for their removal.

    • Brandon says:

      I know employees of JWF who disagree with your assessment of them not being DB’s. Regardless of the intent, attitude, or their knowledge or fandom level of soccer, rules clearly state no opposing team colors, so if he chooses to break the rules, then repercussions are his to face. Not to mention Oregon law and stadium policy pertaining to removal of persons when visibly intoxicated, and city code on disorderly conduct.

  4. Cindy Mooney says:

    Good for you! I would have done the same in your situation. The best part of the whole wristband experience was seeing the poor, confused scalpers wondering where the heck everyone was:)

  5. Matthew Lindley says:

    Seriously, as much as people want to cry and complain about line cutting and seat saving. Scalping and Tourist are a much bigger problem and they bring the entire TA down. Glad to see security did their jobs and got them out of there (unlike against San Jose).

  6. Ed H. says:

    Were these the same bros who were wearing sexist pink T-shirts in The Bitter End? If so, then sorry Blerg, but they were grade A prime DBs. Even early on when a few were still sober, they acted like dude-bros.

  7. Powell says:

    Good job. And Blerg, we and PTFC are not here for DBs’ entertainment…

  8. sean says:

    I came to Portland for a few months of work the people from this area at my work are not Timbers Army my Ca. brothers are not Timbers Army but I fell in love with the game and the support. I have gone to the vs. Whitcaps and the vs. Sounders game and I did it with scalper bought tickets for the North end. I have also been to some reserves games and loved it

  9. Sean says:

    What if a TA ticket holder ends up with a spare ticket before the game and need to unload it? I think this is how scalpers get TA tickets.
    I would love to have a place like the No Pity van to sell my TA ticket for face value so other TA showing their 107ist card could pay face value.

  10. Sean says:

    FYI. First Sean post is not me.

  11. Dave Petterson says:

    I’m proud of the way the gang up in 208, key TA people, and JWF people all worked together quickly to resolve this before anything bad happened. It was clear that there was a lot of potential for that group to cause trouble. Thanks, Andrew for taking the lead.

  12. michael says:

    were their tickets for the section or did they just wander to the section? i take it TA section tix are not sold in the public sales?

  13. Yaycha says:

    Well done! I was in 209 and witnessed these guys being shown to their proper seats. I even took photos. Let me know if you’d like them!

  14. Ivan says:

    I’m going to have to disagree with you on one point. Not selling tickets on CL… I’m from bend and have hardly any friends who are season ticket holders. So if everyone fallowed your suggestion the only way I would be able to go to a match would be to buy from scalpers…

  15. Mike says:

    As a TFC supporter who has dealt with the DB situation time and time again at BMO Field…Thank you for your post. I hope this spreads across the league. Good luck during the rest of the season.

  16. Thomas Harrison says:

    Kudos to you again for recognizing, stepping in on, and preventing a possible incident before it could it could escalate into something. While there are several rationalizations for the DB’s, I would have done the same.

    I am waiting and hoping for the day that the FO can put a stop to the scalpers. While I understand that sometimes things come up, and people can’t attend a match, it is my opinion that reselling tickets on CL or stubhub should be put to a stop. There is no way of knowing who you are selling them to, and we will continue to have problems. At the last shittle match, there were 4 flounder fans in seats near mine in the South Deck. And while I cannot testify for them being the instigators in the situation, there was the beginnings of a fight between a Timbers fan, and a shittle fan. Allowing tickets to be resold using stubhub and CL will only continue to allow a loophole to exist for opposing fans to get seats in other sections. And while shittle fans remain the only ones I have personally observed problems with, it would be naive to overlook others. We give them plenty of seating to bring supporters, and in shittles case, we give them more. The only other way to curb it, would be for the FO to have security deny opposing fans entry to any non-visiting supporter sections. Though, that does little to prevent the tourists/dude-bros from acting the prickly.

  17. Sandra says:

    There is the facebook page, Timbers Ticket Exchange, that solves a lot of your problems to find tickets. Just remember to post under the specific event for the tickets. Keeps TA integrity and is *mostly* scalper free. I say mostly because a few people have to learn their lessons and be called out. If people use the site responsibly, including replying whether tickets were sold, we can avoid things..

    The sexist pink shirt stag party dudes were actually decent and I wouldn’t have guessed it by looking at them. There were a few of us who chatted them up. They were from Victoria and this is what they wanted to do for their stag party. The post is about a separate group of dbs.

  18. Woody says:

    I was in a unique position being just uphill from Andrew and on the opposite side of 208 from “Clan DB.” Not only do I vouch 100% for Andrew’s actions but also his perspective on how and why this went down. First, kudos on the JWF security, Andrew, Bickle, et al. on ejecting this crew swiftly and uneventfully. Who knows what would have happened after consecutive Becks goals (let alone 4 LA goals in 11 minutes.) Second, I think it must be noted that while these fellas were not overtly disrespectful it’s 100% imperative that the North End remain for Timbers supporters and the occasional straggler. Visiting fans, no matter how c.2006 fashionable their threads, need to be relocated.

    Thanks Andrew.

  19. noonan says:

    You guys are insane, the only ones escalating things is the douchebag ex-bouncer.
    This is mls, way to bring to bring euro style hooliganism to North American soccer.

  20. Ed H says:

    To those declaring Andrew’s actions as “hooliganism” or “DBery”, hooliganism is not politely letting stadium personnel take care of it. It is not DBery when you work to improve the atmosphere for the people who are there to watch the sporting event.

    It is DBery to go to an event with no intention of enjoying the event, but rather to make a spectacle of your own small group, separate from any established traditions, and ESPECIALLY to purposefully taunt those around you who are hardcore supporters. (If the dude-bro hadn’t had the sharpie all over, they would have just been “that annoying group”, but by going that extra step, they crossed the line into full DB status.)

    Regarding the sale/purchase of tickets. Yes, there are times when it is difficult to get or sell tickets, and you may be tempted to use such a venue. That is why venues such as the private forums exist. That is why there is a Facebook page for ticket sales. Feeding the scalpers greed only allows for large groups of non-supporters to do crap like this.

    How they got their tickets? Unless someone in the group planned this on the day tickets went up for sale this year, they went through a scalper (or scalper-like organization like Stubhub.) Tickets for all matches sold out within an hour of going on sale, and this match was sold out within 5 minutes. If you are looking for tickets, use the forums or Facebook group – you will get them for face value, and know you are getting tickets from someone reputable. If you need to get rid of tickets, do the same, or see the No Pity van to make sure they get into the hands of a true supporter.

  21. BadGonesYVR says:

    I believe this situation was handled correctly by all involved. I’m a member of the Southsiders and would act the same should a large group of visiting fans (actual or apparent) were placed in the home supporters’ section.

    However, the only DB thing I read here was from the author calling out the entire city of Vancouver. This group did nothing wrong and was moved before anything happened. Untwist your knickers and enjoy the game.

    • Andrew Brawley says:

      BadGonesYVR, my comment against Vancouver was not meant to be taken seriously. I was hoping the jest would come through by my lack of mentioning anything having to do with hockey riots. ;) I do like Vancouver, and I even like the Southsiders. I just didn’t care for this particular group. Apologies for generalizing.

  22. prizby says:

    “originate from the eastern portion of “America’s hat.””

    you mean america’s brain…and if you didn’t, then you are conceding the brain to Seattle

    in all seriousness though, as a TFC supporter, this (scalpers) has been a huge nuisance in our supporters section; its an issue that our front office has done very little to address and has made very little effort in fixing…this has continually got worse every year, which has led to things (beers) being tossed onto the field and at players, fights between fans (supporting the same team), and unannounced flares and smoke, which are illegal at BMO Field anyways.

    I envy the way your (multiple) sections, work together for 90 minutes

  23. JLE says:

    I’m working for the summer in Salem (from soccer starved Indiana) and bought a ticket for the Galaxy match through Stubhub. Paid too much for a crappy seat in the corner of 211 so I moved over to the GA section. Had a terrific time at my first MLS/Timbers match. Bought at TA scarf from the merch van to get in the spirit. Would love to attend another but don’t want to pay crazy Stubhub ticket prices. Any ideas on how to get a ticket into the TA section for another weekend match would be appreciated.
    Hoosier TA Representative

  24. Guy who was actually there says:

    Holy crap – some of you guys take yourselves way too seriously. I actually had a chat with some these guys and they were fine and pretty funny…the complete opposite of aggresive. I was disappointed they left, because I think there could have been some funny to and fro. Oh well.

  25. Truckerhat says:

    As one of the so called DB’s, this has made me laugh all morning.

    Andrew, no need to call us out, Vancouver or Canada for that matter. Protecting your area and having us moved was no skin off are back and we left quickly without argument. To my knowledge, in the TA section all the people we talked to really enjoyed us. You forgot to mention the “Let Them Stay” chant. We also did not boo your team. To go on the aggressive and call us DB’s etc.. only adds fuel to the fire.

    Timber Army the 22 tickets were bought from StubHub for future reference.

    Thanks Portland for hosting us very well, we had a great time.

    • Andrew Brawley says:

      Truckerhat, thank you for identifying your source for tickets. We’ll work toward a system that reduces the number of tickets available there, with a goal of 0.

      • Gerry says:

        Stop. You’re embarrassing yourself, and us. You revealed your true hairtrigger tendencies by saying “NOW WE’RE IN BUSINESS” once you saw the Beckham name. You were clearly looking for some drama. Put down the axe and just enjoy the game. Or get a girlfriend.

        Somehow none of us are surprised that you used to be a bouncer.

    • Truckerhat2 says:

      I too am another “DB” truckerhat guy who spent three great days in Portland. I just wanted to follow up by saying that when we organized this part of the weekend we just wanted to get to an area where we could all sit together. That is why we were sitting in the only general admission section (which happens to also be the TA section). If you take a look at some of the pictures floating around you will notice that we went to the back of the section so we wouldn’t be “invading” your Army.

      Next time I recommend that some of you take a time out from tweeting and try enjoying some actual human interaction. It looked like those that did enjoying being around us “American Hats”.

      Hope to see you again Portland.

  26. LetThemStay says:

    I had seats just behind the bachelor party in question and am proud to have led the “Let Them Stay” chant. We spoke with these fine Canadians before the game began and they proved themselves to be respectful soccer fans and a fun group to sit near.

    The TA representatives attempted to kick our group out as well after we appealed let these guys remain in their seats… seats that they legitimately purchased.

    Sometimes tickets aren’t available in the visiting team’s section… and these guys weren’t even rooting for LA. It seems that the only offense they were guilty of was not wearing Timbers gear… far from a reason to kick them out of the section.

  27. calliope66 says:

    I’m hoping someone can enlighten me as I’ve been a Timbers fan for about 4 years now, but only recently joined the TA officially (and finally got season tix!) so I’m still learning the rules. I can’t tell by reading the post and all the comments if opposing fans just aren’t allowed in the North End PERIOD, or if the TA is solely concerned with preventing potential conflicts by restricting fans of the other team to the dedicated section; or if it’s cool for them to sit in ANY other available section. The egalitarian in me’s first instinct is to say that if you buy the ticket, the seat is your’s — all’s fair in love and soccer, and if there’s integration at other sporting events, why not MLS? And while I can totally understand wanting to prevent potential bloodshed, unless there’s actual aggression isn’t moving them presuming guilt just because they look like DB’s? Personally, I don’t think representing colors, even lamely, and cheering/booing is aggressive, or even threatening – again, all’s fair in love and soccer, besides we taunt them a thousand times louder than 20 can taunt us. I’d like to understand the TA’s side on this, especially now that my husband and I are members, so all questions are asked with humble newbie respect. Thanks.

    • Andrew Brawley says:

      calliope66: there is a policy on opposing team colors/logos, etc. in the TA section here:

      • calliope66 says:

        Thanks for the link, I read the rules. It doesn’t say they aren’t allowed in the TA section, only that it’s “not recommended” and they “may” be relocated. I guess that’s open to interpretation, but I still don’t get why they were moved. They didn’t assault anyone, they didn’t even threaten it. Have to say my opinion here is if they paid for the tix, what’s wrong with mixing it up a little? I understand the concerns and the desire to be proactive about avoiding trouble, but assuming anyone is going to make trouble and relocating based on those assumptions just doesn’t sound right (remember hoodie night and the reasons we wore them?) We expect fair play on the pitch, why not in the stands?

        • Andrew Brawley says:

          calliope66: honestly, they coulda drank to their hearts’ content and acted 10 times worse than they did and I probably wouldn’t have said anything. I’ve been to plenty of sporting events and public places, surrounded by drunk idiots, and have learned to ignore it. (Ever been to the Brewers Festival on a Saturday?) But once the shirt came off and the Sharpie ode to Beckham came out, I felt the need to act.

          It’s in the TA’s best interest to remove any cause for potential harm. We’re very fortunate to have an all General Admission area over 16 sections (by far the largest section of its kind in MLS), and it’s everyone’s job to help keep the peace. Otherwise, the fun is over for everyone.

          While relocating them may have been an extreme reaction, I’d still repeat that move 100 times than see what the alternative could have lead to. I’d feel a whole lot worse knowing I could’ve prevented something terrible from happening and not saying anything ahead of time.

  28. Get over yourself says:

    So in conclusion…people who talked to them? Nice guys and a lot of fun. People who didn’t? DBs. Gotcha. Good stuff, Andrew.

  29. Scott Jeffries says:

    I was in 208 and though I don’t know Andrew, I think we were in the same bunch of supporters and I watched the entire thing go down. Wherever they were from and whatever their intentions, they weren’t Timbers fans and as such didn’t belong in the Timbers Army. That’s the bottom line right there, and if they were really “respectful soccer fans” they would know they didn’t belong there in the first place.

    The “tattoo” was deliberately provocative. In fact, if he’d just kept his shirt on, we probably wouldn’t have thought twice about them. Someone asked if they were on a teambuilding retreat for work on account of their cute matching hats, but we never suspected they might be Galaxy fans until the shirt came off. So now we’re looking at two dozen dude-bros in trucker hats and plaid shirts and aviators with piss-drunk grins on their faces and one of them has Galaxy and Beckham crap scribbled all over his torso and what are we supposed to think? I didn’t hear what was said between them and Shawn Levy but they obviously didn’t make their case very strongly.

    This also came after a lengthy episode where a fan wearing an actual Galaxy jersey was arguing with security for a good 10 minutes about not being let in the Army, so we were already on alert. And it’s not like this is the first time we’d dealt with douchy opposing supporters trying to get into the Army.

    • Truckerhat2 says:

      Point of clarification, he was not wearing his shirt when we arrived at the JWF gates, nor when we arrived at our section. We encountered quite a few aisle attendants who showed us which section to sit in….all the while he was still not wearing his shirt. There was never any indication from the attendants that we would not be welcome in the area that our seats were in.

      ps. The funniest part of this whole this is that he wasn’t a Beckham fan to begin with…but after watching the display #23 put on, I think he might make the tattoo permanent. If so, we will know where to sit next time.

  30. shrekpdx says:

    To be fair… there are plenty of people that act like DBs wearing Timbers gear. The issue is the appearance of opposing team support/cheering. As soon as that happens it becomes a concern. As said even single opposing fans sometimes are asked to move an entire group is not unreasonable. It wasn’t as if they were kicked out of the stadium.

  31. GuyWhoWasThereAsWell says:

    I think a very reasonable group of people got moved for practically no reason. If anything Andrew is the DB here for not letting people stay in the seats they paid for and enjoying the game. The bachelor group didn’t bother me a bit. There’s always people from all walks of life coming to a game, just because they’re not your type of person doesn’t mean you should call security on them and get them moved.

  32. MJ says:

    You guys ended up on our side(L.A. side)! We crowd surfed the trucker hats.

  33. Richard says:

    I can see both sides of it. They bought the tickets legally and for the most part behaved themselves. The move to put on a Beckham tat (D.B. for short) was arguably a dumb move while sitting in the TA section and alone was probably worth asking them to move just to be safe. With that said, I have to lean towards keeping the integrity of the Army intact.

    We have something very special here and I worry that if we dilute this (via scalpers/Stubhub), we run the risk of losing the cohesiveness needed to keep the team long-term (especially during losing seasons). When I sit in the Army, it’s to chant with friends and inhale copious amounts of green smoke. If I wanted anything else, I’d show up 20 mins. for the game and casually walk down to my reserved seat.

    Since I’m not a season ticket holder (waiting list) and don’t know who governs what, I’d assume it’s ultimately up to the stadium. If there’s any power or influence, perhaps there is a way to regulate this. Maybe a signed agreement that all TA tickets that you’d like to sell have to go through an approved vendor at cost or forfeit your right to purchase the following year. A guaranteed buyer and one source to find tickets might simplify things. I don’t know how you’d screen who buys. Perhaps the 71ist buys them and puts up a first-come, first-served list to members only via PayPal. If they aren’t a member, they can sign up. Have a fund-raisers to buy up extras that may not get used. You can always sell them at cost while waiting in line for 8 hrs! Not the perfect solution(s) … just brainstorming. Feel free to blast me…I’ve got thick skin.

  34. Snakebite Sammy says:

    Andrew, the security guard. Hearing that you got up and left your seat to confront a group of guys who were there for a stag, who probably couldn’t give a rats ass about watching last placed Portland, shows everyone what a headcase/bully you are.
    There is a good chance other stags, that are there for a good time, will be at future games, so chill out.

  35. Brad says:

    I guess the only thing I can add to all the bickering over who is/was a DB and who was/is right is that everyone on both sides of this argument should be thankful we have what we have. We have a stadium that has 16 sections of GA (maybe not after today, but thats another issue) that enjoys a relatively small amount of problems. If this were say Stamford Bridge and a bunch of drunk blokes took off their shirts and started writing ROONEY #10 on themselves, do you think the game would actually finish? (It might due to the massive restrictions on seating and the fact there is about 1 police officer per 50 people in the stands) People get upset about hooliganism and fairness, but we are lucky compared to other parts of the world. We wouldn’t know true hooliganism from a hole in the ground. My family is from Scotland, my grandpa can tell you stories of fights at Old Firm matches. He can tell you about just charging the field because they were losing and drank way too much prior. He can tell you about dead people in the stadiums because of away fans in the wrong sections, he can tell you about week long riots in the street between rival club’s supporters, about guys hitting other guys in broad daylight just for wearing the wrong kit. They have lost the right to have what we have. I see no issue with what Andrew did even if the guys were “nice” The fact is rules are there to prevent the issues the rest of the world has. We have the luxury of growing our league and this sport after the rest of the world has already made all the mistakes. We can learn from them and prevent the problems they face(d) before its really a problem.

    Before you get completely upset at Andrew and condemn the no away colors rule, and/or his actions take a minute to just imagine what could happen if they were allowed to stay. What if after LA goes up 4 -1 Mr. Really Drunk Trucker Hat Guy runs down the steps screaming “4 -1!!! F-yeah!.” Some extremely upset equally drunk aggro TA guy is in his path and decks him. His 23 buddies decide to defend their buddy’s honor and deck the TA guy. 500 people from the surrounding area play witness to 23 perceived LA fans beating on a single TA guy. If only 10% of them step in to “help” their TA brother, you have a brawl between 75 people. Next time you are at a match, look around periodically and count the number of security, guest services, and Portland Police within a hundred feet of you. What do you think would happen if 75 people got into a physical fight? How many more drunk TA would join in, what happens when the police resort to pepper spray? Then people who didn’t even notice the fight feel like the police are attacking them, then they retaliate, more police, tear gas, fires, maybe even gunshots. When the dust settles, 100+ arrests, couple dead, dozens injured. We could be on CNN or SKySports and lay claim to yet another disgraceful record. “Worst Football Riot in Decades Occurs in US.” It doesn’t take much for mob mentailty to take over and cause serious problems. Then the TA will become another reserved seating section and the fun will be over for everyone. New security procedures will most likely become league mandated, attendances will hurt leaguewide, salary caps will decrease as TV ad revenue shrinks. MLS will be a history lesson and soccer will never become a mainstream sport in the US. Just think about that for a minute.

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