Board of Directors

Our board members help shape the organization and work to make the Timbers and Thorns supporter experience bigger and better, as well as contribute to initiatives in the Portland soccer community. You can contact the board at

Board officers for 2020:

Dawn Bauman
Zach Freeman
Kristen Gehrke
Jennifer Ingraham
Joshua Lucas
Drew Picard Sherrilynn “Sheba” Rawson     Gabby Rosas

Past Members

Dawn Bauman

Board member since: Jan 2018
Current Term: Jan 2018–Dec 2020
Responsibilities: Board Treasurer; Chair, TAFC; Co-Liaison, Rose City Riveters; Member, Events

Originally, just a kid from Staten Island, NY, Dawn moved back to Portland in 1996.  She’s been supporting University of Portland women’s soccer since the early 2000s.  She joined the 107ist in 2013, when the Thorns started. She’s passionate about watching, supporting, and playing soccer. She’s proud to play for bothBad Decisions FC and Thundercats FC, two of the teams that play under the TAFC umbrella. 

On Timbers match day, you can find Dawn and her wife Wendy at "home" in section 208. For Thorns matches, they enjoy the game from section 109.

Zach Freeman

Board member since: Jan 2018
Current Term: Jan 2018–Dec 2020
Responsibilities: Chair, Partnerships; Member, Community Outreach

Zach moved to Oregon from Maine in 2002. He grew up playing soccer and quickly found a love here watching the Timbers. Zach graduated from Portland State in community development and the atmosphere and engagement within the Timbers Army made a perfect pair.

Zach is active in the Community Outreach committee promoting equality and inclusion. Find him handing out wristbands and working in the Fanladen before each match, and organizing 107ist volunteers every summer at the Oregon Brewers Festival.

Kristen Gehrke

Board member since: Jan 2020
Current Term: Jan 2020–Dec 2022
Responsibilities: Chair, Events

I came for the soccer and stayed for the community.

I liked baseball, I liked Civic Stadium, and then someone gave me a couple tickets to a Timbers match. I, admittedly, didn't get it.
But I paid attention, watching from afar as the Timbers Army stepped in to rally the MLS to PDX crowd. I put a deposit down for a pair of season tickets.
I arrived at that game in April of 2011 and was awestruck. I haven't looked back.
Outside the stadium, I'm a writer and a knitter, and the job that pays my bills is in the finance department of one of Portland's many shoe companies. I keep the lights on.

Jennifer Ingraham

Board member since: Jan 2019
Current Term: Jan 2019–Dec 2020
Responsibilities: Board Secretary; Member, Communications

Born and raised in Alaska, Jennifer had zero exposure to soccer until her boys started playing, and she quickly fell in love with the beautiful game. She and her family watched their first Timbers match at the same time as the rest of MLS: the 2011 season opener. They've been in the North End since, usually residing somewhere in 207. 

Jen's been involved with the 107ist since 2014, helping with communications and the occasional tifo or other volunteer effort. In 2015, she took on responsibility for the weekly newsletter, and has shipped it out every week since. Jen has been on nonprofit boards for 15 years, and she's excited to use her experience to serve the 107ist. 

In her professional life, Jennifer is a writer for a massive transportation company, and she is also the manager of a small pool of copy editors for an e-learning development agency.

Joshua Lucas

Board member since: Jan 2019
Current Term: Jan 2019–Dec 2021
Responsibilities: Chair, Game Day Ops; Lead, TA tifo; Warehouse manager; Security; Board member, Gisele Currier Scholarship Fund

Born and raised in Colorado, Joshua found his way to Portland in 2000. Josh is heavily involved in Game Day Ops. He is one of the leads for TA tifo, helps with TA security, runs the tifo warehouse, and assists the rigging crew for both supporters groups. He is also part of the GCSF committee. 

Besides work at a small private school in Portland and soccer, Josh enjoys fly-fishing, spending time with friends, his partner, and dog.

Drew Picard

Board member since: Jan 2017
Current Term: Jan 2020–Dec 2023
Responsibilities: Chair, Travel; Co-Chair, Regional Supporters Groups

Raised a military brat, Drew moved back to Portland in 2008 to his one true "home". Immediately upon sitting in the North End for the first time in 2009, something just felt right. From that moment on he has spent time volunteering every way he could within the organization until striking up the courage to run for the board. Outside of seeing him captaining the buses up to Seattle Away matches or in the garage with a paintbrush, you can catch him in section 106.

Outside of the 107ist, Drew spends his days working for an ice cream shop and hosting a weekly Trivia Night.

Sherrilynn “Sheba” Rawson

Board member since: Aug 2011
Current Term: Jan 2016–Dec 2021
Responsibilities: Co-Chair, Membership Committee; Member, Communications Committee, Technology Committee; Board member, Gisele Currier Scholarship Fund

107ist delegate from the West Side stands; alternatively, the 107IST delegate from Clackamas County.

Season ticket holder in the west side stands for ten+ years, happy to find and bond with the 116 ultras. She was a bona fide soccer mom long before that.

Sheba is a lifelong bilingual educator, and currently the principal at Heritage Elementary School in Woodburn. Prior to her appointment to the 107IST Board, she served on the boards of other non-profits.

Gabby Rosas

Board member since: Jan 2018
Current Term: Jan 2018–Dec 2020
Responsibilities: Board President; Chair, Communications Committee, Chair, Co-Liaison, and ISC voting member, Rose City Riveters

A lifelong soccer fan, Gabby moved to Portland in 2007 and found her way to Timbers, University of Portland, and US Soccer matches as often as possible. When Thorns FC was announced in 2012, there was no turning back. 

Gab has been volunteering with both the Timbers Army and Rose City Riveters for years, and has had a hand in the Riveters' travel and merch planning.

On Timbers matchdays, she's nested in 208. For Thorns, she moves down into the sun to get some more freckles in 108.

Many thanks to our past board members for their service:

  • Roger Anthony
  • Eric Berg
  • Nick Brock
  • Mike Coleman
  • Christin Correz
  • Joanne Couchman
  • Todd Diskin
  • Garrett Dittfurth
  • Bruce ‘Obi’ Eaton
  • Abram Goldman-Armstrong
  • Rachel Harrison
  • Dave Hoyt
  • Laurie Jane
  • Bob Kellett
  • Stephan Lewis
  • Fernando Machicado
  • Jerry Makare
  • Sean Moran
  • Harper Morgan-Werner
  • Sara Nelson
  • William Packwood
  • Lauren Prince
  • Lexi Stern
  • Scott van Swearingen
  • Devlyn Swenson
  • Matt Talley
  • Ray Terrill
  • Maggie Williams
  • Jeremy Wright

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