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Last updated July 2020

Our committees meet under the guidance of the Board of Directors and do the hard work of making Board-level plans become a reality.

Communications Community Outreach
Events Finance
Game Day Operations Independent Supporters Council
Membership Merchandise
Partners Regional Supporter Groups
Rose City Riveters TAFC
Technology Travel


Chair: Gabby Rosas

For Riveters-specific comms inquiries:

Committee Description: The communications committee handles Timbers Army and 107IST website content, as well as social media accounts, event calendars, newsletters, and other one-off communications as needed.

Committee members:

  • Gabby Rosas - Chair (
  • Zach Freeman
  • Jennifer Ingraham
  • Darren Lloyd
  • Sheba Rawson
  • Jo Thomson
  • Whitney Tuttle

Community Outreach

Chair: Stephan Lewis


Committee Description: The community outreach committee administers charitable works and volunteerism for the 107IST (includes both Timbers Army and Rose City Riveters). The committee makes recommendations to the board as to how to direct resources (for both soccer-specific and other community projects) and coordinates volunteers.

Committee members:

  • Stephan Lewis - Chair
  • Christin Correz - Secretary
  • Todd Diskin - Booked! rep
  • Zach Freeman
  • Cody Goldberg
  • Rachel Greenough
  • Fernando Machicado 
  • Keith Palau
  • Patch Perryman
  • Billie Robertson
  • Sheba Rawson


Chair: Kristen Gehrke


Committee members:

  • Kristen Gehrke - Chair
  • Dawn Bauman
  • Michelle DeFord
  • Stephan Lewis
  • Steph Nova
  • Drew Picard


Treasurer: Dawn Bauman


Committee Description: The 107IST Treasurer works on issues related to accounting and compliance needed to maintain our nonprofit status and provides clear communication to the board and members about the financial health of the 107IST.

Committee members:

  • Dawn Bauman - Chair
  • Christin Correz
  • Rachel Harrison

Game Day Operations

Chair: Joshua Lucas

Timbers Army email:
Timbers Army Tifo Committee email:
Rose City Riveters email:

Committee Description: Game Day Operations (GDO) is responsible for the management and oversight of game day experience. Activities include liaising with the FO to ensure that supporters are represented, while self-policing to create a safe, and enjoyable atmosphere wholly dedicated to providing support to the PTFC. GDO is also responsible for putting out flags, banners, and oversees the deployment of tifo displays.

Timbers Army Committee members:

  • Joshua Lucas - Chair/Board Liaison
  • Ben Hackett (Trumpets rep)
  • Darren Lloyd (Drums rep)
  • Frank Oteiza (Drums rep)
  • Camden Murray (Capo rep)
  • Heidi Koenig-White
  • Ina Doerr (TA tifo rep)
  • Michelle Siiberg (TA flags rep)
Timbers Army Tifo Subcommittee:
  • Ina Doerr - Chair 
  • Fernando Machicado
  • Katie McGee
  • Sean Rea
  • Annie Schott
  • Jesse Wagner

Rose City Riveters Committee members:

  • Nash Drake - GDO Lead
  • Tina Ettlin (Capo rep)
  • Megan Drake (Drums rep)
  • Hannah Mueller (Tifo rep)
  • Michelle Siiberg (Flags rep)

Independent Supporters Council

Co-Chairs: Gabby Rosas and Ina Doerr


Committee Description: The ISC committee manages our group memberships in the Independent Supporters Council.

Committee members:

  • Ina Doerr (Timbers Army voting rep)
  • Gabby Rosas (Rose City Riveters voting rep)
  • Drew Picard (Timbers Army rep and ISC co-vice president)
  • Dawn Bauman (Rose City Riveters rep)


Co-chairs: Sherrilynn "Sheba" Rawson & Tyler McDonnell


Committee Description: The membership committee administers and promotes paid membership in the 107IST.

Committee members:

  • Tyler McDonnell - Co-chair
  • Sheba Rawson - Co-chair
  • Wendy Broussard
  • Michelle DeFord
  • Zach Freeman
  • Ryan Gillespie
  • Michele Griffin
  • Richard Hamje
  • Edward Kilgarriff
  • Sara Alexis Miller
  • David Ramer
  • Matt Shields
  • Brandon Sweany
  • Rich Ybarra

Merchandise - No Pity Originals

Co-Chairs: Scott Swearingen and Fernando Machicado


Committee Description: The TA merchandise committee designs and sells our No Pity Originals merchandise online and at the No Pity Van. Swing by the warehouse at 649 SW 17th Ave before or after home games to grab merch. 

TA Committee members:

  • Fernando Machicado - Co-Chair
  • Scott Swearingen - Co-Chair
  • Joshua Lucas - Board Liaison
  • Mikal Brucken
  • Ina Doerr
  • Rem Evert
  • Dan Gerhardstein
  • Matt Leamy
  • Hannah Mueller
  • Adam Mullett
  • Camden Murray
  • Colin Powers


Co-Chairs: Gab Rosas and Hannah Mueller


Committee Description: The Riveters merchandise committee designs and sells our RivetGear merchandise online and at our store front at Fanladen 1633 SW Alder St.  Swing by before or after every home game.

Riveters Committee members:

  • Hannah Mueller -  Co-Chair
  • Gab Rosas -  Co-Chair
  • Jay Elkins
  • Sean Forsythe
  • Lindy Lacson


Chair: Zachary Freeman


Committee Description: The partner committee maintains relationships with 107IST partner businesses, evaluates new partner applications, and reaches out within the community to establish connections with local businesses that are compatible with 107IST core values.

Committee members:

  • Zachary Freeman – Chair
  • Benjamin White

Regional Supporter Groups

Co-Chairs: Drew Picard and Maggie Williams


Committee Description: This group provides a connection between the 107IST board and the Timbers Army regional groups in the US and worldwide. The committee helps coordinate production of RSG merch; assists with supplies such as flags and banners; and provides a forum for RSG leaders to communicate and help one another work through issues.

Committee members:

  • Drew Picard - Co-Chair
  • Maggie Williams - Co-Chair

Rose City Riveters

Chair: Gabby Rosas

Riveters support email:

Committee Description: Along with many volunteers, the Riveters steering committee leads tifo, game day operations, travel, merch, communications, etc. for the Rose City Riveters (Supporters Group for the Portland Thorns). For more information about the Rose City Riveters, check out

Committee members:

  • Gabby Rosas - Chair
  • Dawn Bauman
  • Wendy Broussard
  • Nash Drake
  • Rachel Greenough
  • Hannah Mueller
  • Jo Thomson


Chair: Dawn Bauman


Committee Description: The Timbers Army Football Club (TAFC) committee administers the various adult recreational soccer teams playing under the Timbers Army name. It promotes membership in the 107IST and involvement in its mission, a better understanding of the game of soccer, community volunteerism, and camaraderie through participation in organized team play.

Committee members:

  • Dawn Bauman - Chair
  • Michelle DeFord
  • Heidi Jo Grubbs
  • Chris Knotts
  • Dale Montgomery
  • Pedro Nunez
  • Richard Sheals


Chair: Darren Lloyd

Committee Description:The technology committee maintains both the and web sites, as well as the 107IST member database.

Committee members:

  • Darren Lloyd - Chair
  • Ray Terrill
  • Sheba Rawson


Chair: Drew Picard


Committee Description: The travel team is charged with all away travel for the Timbers Army and Rose City Riveters. We do everything from reaching out to other teams, to arranging ticket sales on our websites, to putting together 15 buses to Seattle.

Committee members:

  • Drew Picard - Timbers Army Travel
  • Wendy Broussard - Rose City Riveters Travel

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