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If you are interested in getting trained, you can participate free of charge if you are a 107IST member or $20 for non 107IST members. Current training dates are listed below; more will be added as we confirm them on the schedule. Click on one of the dates below to sign up: 

107ist CPR classes in English and Spanish!! Stay tuned via this page more classes monthly including first aid in 2019.  

  • 107ist CPR is currently having a challenge scheduling classes this summer with the compact Portland Timber MLS and Portland Thorns NWSL schedules due to stadium construction.  Our first choice is to schedule classes on Saturdays but many Saturdays have Thorns or Timbers games scheduled.  The precious few other Saturdays I have work commitments that I cannot reschedule.  Stay tuned via this page.

    Thank you,

    Dale Montgomery, Paramedic
    107ist CPR & 1st Aid Training, Coordinator
The first part of the CPR course is required and is for CPR certification in general. A second optional course module covers infant and child CPR (not available on all dates).

A First Aid module has been added to some classes. For those who have already taken the CPR training, there is a First Aid Only signup option.

Class size is limited, so sign up as soon as you know you can commit the time!

If you have specific questions please email Dale directly. For the latest news and announcements follow Timbers Army CPR on Twitter and Facebook.


Our sincere thanks to American Medical Response for donating equipment; Providence Basecamp Cardiac Rehabillitation and the Portland Timbers for donating meeting space; the PCC CLIMB Center for training our instructors; to the 107IST for supporting certification fees; and most of all to Dale Montgomery, who selflessly donates his time and expertise to make these courses a reality.

You can donate to this cause using the Paypal Button below. Donations are used for equipment and supplies for the CPR classes. (Note that donations are not tax deductible.)

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