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The 107IST board will have four open positions this year.

The call for candidates was open from November 6 until 11:59 p.m. (Pacific) on November 15, 2019.

Applicants must be 2019 107IST members.

Candidates were announced on November 16, 2019.

Live Candidate Forum

The in-person candidate forum will be held at Ringler's Pub on November 24, 2019, from noon to 2 (Pacific).

A recording of the forum is here.


    Voting will run from 9 a.m. on December 2 through 7 p.m. (Pacific) on December 8, 2019.
    Results will be announced immediately thereafter. 

    107IST members who joined by October 31, 2019, should watch their email for an electronic ballot on December 2. If you have not received a ballot by the start of the voting period and believe you should have, contact us at elections@107ist.org.

    Online Forum

    Ask the candidates questions before voting and read their responses.

    2020 forums will be opened after the slate of candidates has been announced on November 16.

    Visit the online forums (members only) 

    2020 107IST Board of Directors Candidates

    The following individuals have submitted applications to be on the ballot for the 107IST Board of Directors. If elected, they will serve a three-year term starting January 1st, 2020.

    Candidates are listed in alphabetical order:

    Candidate Name: Andrew (Drew) Picard

    Email Address: Drew.Picard@107ist.org

    Please list boards and committees that you serve on, or have served on: 

    107IST Board; Travel Committee Chair
    Independent Supporter's Council; Vice President & Voting Timbers Army Chair
    Supporter's Shield Foundation; Appointed Board Liaison

    Portland Hash House Harriers; Welcoming Committee

    Biographical information (107IST-related and professional): I have resided in Portland for most of my life and my heart will never leave. I have found a family within the community surrounding Providence Park and beyond. As a Jack-of-all-trades, I have held many different job roles and have used this skill base well within the activities of the 107IST organization for over 6 years.

    State your objectives as a 107IST board member: I plan to continue my efforts in the Travel Committee while also assisting in ushering our organization into our future endeavors.

    How do you feel 107IST members would benefit from your involvement with the board: I feel as though I have learned a lot in my first tenure on the board and that I can now apply this knowledge with a better suited understanding.

    Conflicts of Interest: None

    Candidate Name: Christin (CeCe) Correz

    Email Address: christinperkins@gmail.com

    Please list boards and committees that you serve on, or have served on: 

    107ist Community Outreach Committee cat header a.k.a. secretary - current
    Project Management Institute (Community Outreach volunteer) - current
    Project Management Institute (VP Communications) 2016-2017
    United Way – Women’s Leadership Counsel (member) 2014

    I love being involved in my community. I always look for opportunities to serve and volunteer. 

    Biographical information (107IST-related and professional): I grew up in San Diego playing soccer with my two best friends. I always enjoyed watching the beautiful game, but beyond national teams, there was a hole in my heart for a team of my own.

    I found the Timbers Army by falling down a YouTube rabbit hole. I fell in love with the wildly inclusive community who still sings “You Are My Sunshine” at every match. Then I found out that not only was there a huge fan base for the Timbers, the Thorns existed and their fans were just as enthusiastic. I was immediately stuck in. I started watching all the Timbers, Thorns, and T2 games I could. Under the guise of exploring colleges with my step daughter, I started planning my first trip to Portland to watch a game. The teams were always a joy to watch but what the Army and Riveters bring to the matches were something to behold.

    I moved to Portland in 2018, and became the 107ist Community Outreach Committee Secretary. Six months later I am trying to get stuck in deeper.

    It was the love that the 107ist has for their community that got me stuck-in. I want to give back to the community that has welcomed me with open arms. I look forward to bringing my 10 years in banking and project management to help the 107ist continue to grow stronger and be able the expand the already amazing work that they do! 

    State your objectives as a 107IST board member: I want to be a resource to the 107ist. There was an ask for those with a financial background. I have been in banking for 10 years, starting as a branch banker and working up to mortgage compliance analyst. I want to serve on the board and be able to provide insight and direction so we can accomplish everything we set out to do, and be financially confident to do it!

    How do you feel 107IST members would benefit from your involvement with the board: I do not shy away from challenges. We have accomplished some great work and we as a supporter’s group are growing by leaps and bounds. I would be able to help make smart, strategic financial decisions to ensure that we are able to achieve all our goals!

    As secretary of the Community Outreach Committee, I have kept the committee organized and on schedule when preparing for meetings. I ensure that follow-up is happening on all our projects and that the committee is kept well-informed. I have created structure so our team can easily address outstanding items and work through their projects with ease.

    I look forward to bringing this same organization to the Board and the many projects we touch.

    Conflicts of Interest: None. While not a conflict, for full disclosure I do work for a bank but I am NOT in sales nor do I receive any type of financial compensation for products or services I may refer or suggest. I work in regulatory compliance and adhere to the highest standards of transparency and ethics.

    Candidate Name: Kristen Gehrke

    Email Address: nomadpdx@gmail.com

    Please list boards and committees that you serve on, or have served on: 

    Riveters steering committee (those first few years)
    Riveters communications
    Prost Amerika Portland editorial staff
    North End Noise
    Booked (albeit very rarely)

    Biographical information (107IST-related and professional):  I came for the soccer and stayed for the community.

    I liked baseball, I liked Civic Stadium, and then someone gave me a couple tickets to a Timbers match. I, admittedly, didn't get it.
    But I paid attention, watching from afar as the Timbers Army stepped in to rally the MLS to PDX crowd. I put a deposit down for a pair of season tickets.
    I arrived at that game in April of 2011 and was awestruck. I haven't looked back.
    Outside the stadium, I'm a writer and a knitter, and the job that pays my bills is in the finance department of one of Portland's many shoe companies. I keep the lights on.

    State your objectives as a 107IST board member: I want to both follow in the footsteps of past and present board members in protecting and growing the culture of Soccer City that began even before 1975. At times this past season, it felt as though our very foundation was being chipped away.

    I, as so many noobs before me, was told early on to know my history. I'm still learning and I hope to be someone who helps those who follow to know theirs.

    I also want to see new voices heard and hope to find ways to reinvigorate existing membership of the 107ist. 

    How do you feel 107IST members would benefit from your involvement with the board: I understand some of the workings of the board and the interaction necessary with the front office. I'm a good listener and a reasonable problem-solver. I can direct when I need to, and stand down when others are better suited to take the lead. And I remember my history.

    Conflicts of Interest: None

    Candidate Name: Mary Sue Renfrow

    Email Address: marysueemaileth@gmail.com

    Please list boards and committees that you serve on, or have served on: 

    St Philip the Deacon Episcopal Church Vestry (elected to Clerk [equivalent to Secretary])
    St David of Wales Episcopal Church / Harrison Hill Community Vestry (appointed Senior Warden [equivalent to President])
    Oregon Humane Society, Cattery Pet Pals

    Biographical information (107IST-related and professional): Riveter and TA. 108 and 208 respectively, although some of you might remember me from my TA beginnings in 103.

    I negotiate contracts for a paycheck, currently in renewable energy project development and construction. I have professional training in corporate accounting, Change Management, and cross-cultural communication.

    On the volunteer side, I have significant experience in working with nonprofit boards through significant growth and change lifecycles, as well as purchasing buildings and developing multiuse buildings through nonprofit collaborations.

    State your objectives as a 107IST board member: My objective is to serve for one three-year term and not seek re-election. During my one term, I will set up a framework for volunteer coordination to ensure that there is a clear and simple path to getting stuck in for all who seek to support soccer in the greater Portland area, and our beloved Thorns and Timbers.

    My three main goals by the end of my first year on the board are:
    - Create a Volunteer Coordination committee.
    - Have clear summaries of entry-level volunteer opportunities on a header-level subsite of the main 107ist web page.
    - Create a Code of Conduct for 107ist volunteers.

    I will have further details, project timelines, and sample communication documents available for review on the forums by 11/18/2019.

    How do you feel 107IST members would benefit from your involvement with the board: There are many stories from dedicated Riveters and Timbers Army members of times they have reached out and offered to volunteer, but received no response. There are also many people who attend Thorns and Riveters games that do not know the 107ist exists and does so much good in the community. And those who do volunteer with the 107ist and dedicate so much of their time and energy to build our community and support our teams are so busy that they do not have time to set up a comprehensive framework to onboard and coordinate volunteers.

    I currently have no obligations with regards to 107ist committees or working groups. I will be able to focus a significant amount of my time on building a volunteer coordination framework. My first step will be to survey current board members and volunteers to identify current needs and wants. 

    Conflicts of Interest: None

    Candidate Name: Ray Terrill

    Email Address: rayjohnterrill@gmail.com

    Please list boards and committees that you serve on, or have served on: 

    107IST board member

    Multnomah County Search and Rescue Team

    Biographical information (107IST-related and professional): Current 107ist board member, focusing mostly on Communications, IT, and TAFC. Principal Engineer at the Port of Portland. Frequently seen in 208 or shooting photos for the 107ist on the field. Dad to two beautiful children Clyde and Addie, husband to the amazing Kelli. Passionate about the work the 107ist, Rose City Riveters, and Timbers Army do in the community and around the world.

    State your objectives as a 107IST board member: Continue to lead the 107ist into the next chapter in its history - specifically navigating MLS as it expands to include additional teams, as well as finding a more permanent physical home for the org.

    How do you feel 107IST members would benefit from your involvement with the board: I’ve been a board member for the last 3 years, helping navigate one of the most difficult times in our organization’s history as a key member of the comms team, and have made a number of significant contributions to the organization even as our family has grown from 2 to 4. As our organization has continued to grow, my skills in operational management and communications are a great fit for the org as we navigate the complex issues that continue to arise. My ability to lead and drive decisions forward into actionable work would serve the 107ist organization well.

    Conflicts of Interest: None

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