Nike Pass for 107ist Members

Members of the 107 Independent Supporters Trust have been invited to shop at the Nike Company Store.

AUTHORIZED DATES: Sunday, January 1st  – Tuesday, January 31st, 2017.

  • Access is limited to one entry during the authorized dates.
  • Everyone MUST provide a photo ID at check-in (e.g., driver's license), including your spouse, permanent partner, and/or dependent children age 15 and older.
  • The 107ist member signed up must be present for eligible family members to gain access.
  • Your spouse/partner must provide proof of the same address to accompany you into the store.
  • Your dependent children must be: 
    • 22 or younger with the same address
    • 24 or younger with a valid college ID 
  • Please, do not wear any competitor brands into the Nike Company Store
  • Merchandise may not be purchased for reimbursement/resale
  • Select merchandise may be available to employees only
  • No exceptions will be made to these rules

Nike Company Store
3485 SW Knowlton Rd.
Beaverton, OR 97005
Phone: (503) 671-1601
Store Hours: Monday – Sunday 10am – 8pm  


National Collegiate Athletic Association rules strictly prohibit student-athletes from receiving special arrangements or “extra benefits” based upon athletic ability. 

Shopping at the Nike Company Store is considered by the NCAA to be an “extra benefit”, which may lead to the ineligibility of a student-athlete.

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