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  • 22 Feb 2017 6:00 PM | Ray Terrill (Administrator)

    TAFC will be hosting Open Play at RCF East (5010 NE Oregon St) on 3/4 from 2-4PM with the visiting Minnesota Dark Clouds and True North Elite supporters groups. This location is accessible via rideshare and transit, carpooling is encouraged.

    We'll have one court available, and it'll be informal, pickup-style play. All skill levels are welcome.

    Play is FREE, and we'll be collecting donations for future TAFC Open Play opportunities.

    RCF East has a bar/restaurant on-site, with ample space for those who want to come hang out or mingle and not play. It's also family friendly.

    All are welcome. #RCTID

    RCF East: http://rosecityfutsal.com/east/

    TAFC: https://timbersarmy.org/tafc

  • 16 Feb 2017 9:42 PM | Lexi Stern (Administrator)

    Thanks to all who came out to the Mission Theater for the 2017 107ist Annual General Meeting on February 12. Thanks also to Todd Diskin for organizing the event and to Scott van Swearingen for introducing the new format, which minimized the time spent on 2016 committee reports and instead allowed us to get some great discussions going with all of you. We'll be going through all of your valuable feedback in the coming weeks and using it to hopefully make everything we do this year even better.

    As we do every year at this event, each committee shared their accomplishments from the previous season, plans for the current season, and current volunteer needs -- but only for 30 minutes this time. The rest of the AGM was devoted to discussion and feedback. Our facilitators, Kevin Hiebert and Jessica Riehl, had everyone turn in answers to the following questions on notecards:

    • How has the 107IST impacted your life? 
    • What are the essential stories we need to share with the community about the 107IST?

    We then broke into small group sessions and discussed the following topics, with each member having an opportunity to attend two sessions:

    • Telling the 107IST story

    • Volunteer engagement

    • Building a robust communications system

    • Planning for the future: A place

    • Rose City Riveters

    We collected everyone's responses from all sessions and will be discussing them as a board later in the month.

    For those who weren't able to attend or who would like to look through the slides again, you can view or download the AGM presentation slides and notes as a PDF. Note that some sensitive financial data has been removed from this download, but the info is freely available to members by arrangement with the Treasurer.

    Volunteer Signup Forms

    Across the organization, we need all types of volunteers at all skill levels. Please read both the presentation slides and the following signup forms for details about what each committee is looking for. Committee chairs will be getting back to applicants within the next few weeks.

  • 08 Feb 2017 2:52 PM | Sherrilynn Rawson (Administrator)

    This Sunday, the 107 Independent Supporters Trust will hold its 2017 Annual General Meeting from 1:00-3:00 pm at the Mission Theater in NW Portland.

    As we do every year, the 107 Independent Supporters Trust holds a meeting for members before the start of the regular season. This Annual General Meeting, or AGM, is typically a chance for the 107IST Board of Directors to share information about the past year, including successes, challenges, and plans for the coming year. While we love to share the good news about the amazing team/town/TA-Riveters work that members accomplish, for several years the AGM has had the same format: board members do most of the talking, everyone else mostly listens.

    This year will be different.

    Much of the AGM is designed for your participation. We will have breakout conversations focused on a variety of strategic topics, including volunteer engagement, communications, Riveters & 107IST, and planning for the future. Several board members will be at each breakout session, and everyone will get a chance to rotate and participate in more than one session. Board members will take what we learn from all of you to our annual Board strategic planning session later this month. Pre-emptive thanks to our guest facilitators Kevin Hiebert and Jessica Riehl, who will be helping facilitate most of the afternoon with us.

    We’ll still have a little bit of AGM “sit and get.” Board members will still give brief reports to membership on the past year’s activities and a brief look at the year ahead. But this year, most of our time together at the AGM is designed to give members more opportunities to interact, with board members and with each other. As we do every year, we’ll also provide signup forms online for you to apply to work with our various committees.

    If you’ve been to the AGM before, come prepared for something different: a chance to participate. And if you’ve never been before or you are a new 107IST member, you’re also welcome and encouraged to attend. We look forward to the conversation.

  • 08 Feb 2017 2:29 PM | 107ist Admin (Administrator)

    —by Sherrilynn "Sheba" Rawson

    The game-day ticket exchange is our contribution to keeping match tickets available and reasonably priced for as many people as possible. It’s something I’m proud to be able to take part in as a 107IST member, and is near and dear to my heart. Donated tickets at the exchange not only give reasonably priced access to games, they also support 107IST efforts in mission-critical areas like tifo and community outreach. If you’re new to the ticket exchange, or if you have questions, hopefully this FAQ will help.

    What is the Game-Day Ticket Exchange?
    It’s a place you can go to buy, sell, or donate tickets at face value or less on the day of the match.

    Where is it?
    At the Timbers Army Fanladen, two blocks away from the stadium, 1633 SW Alder Street (at the corner of SW 17th and Alder).

    When is it?
    We almost always open the Fanladen for the game-day ticket exchange 3.5 hours before the scheduled start of a match, unless it’s a weekday match. Then it opens as soon as a volunteer can get off work and hustle to the Fanladen.

    How much are tickets?
    Face value or less. If you’re buying a donated ticket, the price will be the same as it would cost a season ticket holder for that ticket. The most common ticket people donate and buy is of course a TA/GA (general admission) ticket in the north end of the stadium. For 2017, that ticket will sell for $27 or less during the regular season in the game day ticket exchange.

    Note that the face value of tickets purchased as single game tickets is higher, and the price of so-called “premium” match single game tickets is higher still. But if you’re buying a donated TA/GA ticket or a TA/GA ticket from a season ticket holder, that ticket should cost you no more than $27 at the game day ticket exchange.

    Can I buy tickets from the game-day ticket exchange in advance of game day?
    No. There are other ways to get tickets before match day. If you know ahead of time that you want to attend a match, it’s always better to try other avenues first to secure your tickets, rather than trusting to the luck of the draw on game day. Hit up your circle of friends, check the Timbers Army Ticket Exchange on Facebook, post something on the #RCTID hashtag on Twitter (and check for responses regularly). And if you want more than one ticket, don’t be afraid to buy them one at a time as they become available. I know somebody who managed to acquire enough tickets for their entire wedding party that way.

    Can I email or phone in my request for tickets?
    No. Aside from the fact that the Fanladen doesn’t have a land line, the purpose of the ticket exchange is to provide last-minute, in-person opportunities to exchange tickets. You must actually show up and be present if you want to purchase a ticket from the exchange on game day.

    How do I donate a ticket?
    You can either drop off an extra ticket at the Fanladen or you can email extra tickets to ticketdonation@107ist.org.

    I’ve used the game-day ticket exchange before. Anything new?
    Yes. We are keeping two important changes this year:
    (1) We’re limiting requests to four tickets per person.
    (2) we’re keeping track of whether the person requesting the ticket is a 107IST member.

    In the first case, we’re responding to a small number of people who have taken to using the ticket exchange not as an occasional last-minute ticket source but as their regular go-to for several tickets for themselves and a large group of friends. If you have a bunch of people who all know they want to attend the game, they can either use other methods to line up as many tickets as possible ahead of time from other sources; or at the very least they can show up on match day and wait at the game-day exchange like everybody else.

    In the second case, while we certainly want to facilitate reasonable ticket prices for all, we also recognize that the actual Fanladen space for the ticket exchange, as well as the computer, printer, Internet, and of course the game-day volunteers, are all there thanks to the 107 Independent Supporters Trust. Without member dollars and member volunteers, the game-day ticket exchange simply wouldn’t exist. We don’t know what demand for tickets will be this year, but if we need to give priority to the people who are making the ticket exchange possible, we will.

    I have a question/comment that you didn’t address. Who should I talk to?
    Feel free to leave additional questions in the comments below, or email sherrilynn.rawson@107ist.org

    See you on game day!

  • 01 Feb 2017 2:00 PM | Sherrilynn Rawson (Administrator)

    A statement on behalf of the 107IST Board of Directors

    As the engine that fuels The Timbers Army and the Rose City Riveters, the 107IST board represents a growing and disparate group of supporters. As we have mentioned before, we know that as supporters we will disagree about many things, large and small, in person and online. In case it isn’t already abundantly clear, this is a reminder that as an organization there are some things on which we all agree.

    • We support team, town, and TA/Riveters.
    • We support soccer in and around Portland, Oregon, from the grassroots to the highest professional level.
    • We have zero tolerance for hate.

    We stand by our Muslim brothers and sisters, and by our friends in the immigrant and refugee community. We’re taking donations for immigrant and refugee families, and we’re gathering donated tickets so that we can take immigrant and refugee youth to preseason games. Our community outreach this year will focus on supporting the most vulnerable among us, including support for immigrants and refugees, participation in the Portland Pride March, support for homeless youth, and more.

    There is no room in the Timbers Army or Rose City Riveters for hate. None. We reject hate and discrimination based on race, gender, sexual orientation, disability, religion, or country of origin. Some things change as our organization grows: but our core values do not. This is not a political stance: it is a stance that respects basic rights and dignity for all humans. Regardless of world events and politics, we will stand against hate and discrimination, every time.

  • 31 Jan 2017 11:16 AM | Lexi Stern (Administrator)

    (Cross-posted from rosecityriveters.org)

    “To support soccer from the grassroots to the highest professional level”

    Chances are that if you’re at all familiar with the 107 Independent Supporters Trust (107IST), you recognize that as our mission. Those words have been the guiding force behind everything we’ve done as organization since we were formed in 2009.

    The 107IST was born out of the Timbers Army with the purpose of doing the heavy lifting on behalf of a vibrant supporters’ culture that was in the midst of a transition to MLS and the associated stadium renovations. The establishment of the non-profit organization was necessary to provide a stable point of contact to the Front Office on all issues facing supporters, be accountable for the management of all finances, house the intellectual and physical assets, as well as build on our already established record in the community.

    The 107IST was founded to be the engine that drives the Timbers Army.

    In the early days there really was little distinction between the Timbers Army and the 107IST. The 107IST Board of Directors supported the operations of the Timbers Army, and the two entities were viewed by most people as being synonymous.

    However, in 2012, a change occurred with the announcement of the National Women’s Soccer League and the news Portland would have a team. When the Portland Thorns FC announcement was made official, supporters were already working to come together, organize, and plan for showing their dedication to the new team. The Rose City Riveters supporters group was born out of passion, anticipation, and civic pride, and quickly joined the 107ist community. From the beginning, in accordance with our mission and the wishes of the 107IST members, there has been a close relationship between the 107IST and the Rose City Riveters. This has included everything from knowledge sharing, to organizational support, to sharing the 107IST infrastructure. The Riveters have supported the Thorns from day one, and have set the standard on a global scale for what it means to support a women’s soccer team. Their tifo is second to none, they travel across the country to support their club, and they share this knowledge freely with other burgeoning SGs.

    To be sure, there have been growing pains over the past few years, but there has also been much work done to identify problems and work through them.

    Even though this relationship is now entering its fifth year, we still see a lot of confusion amongst members of the Portland soccer community. We thought that as we head into the 2017 seasons for both teams, it would be a good time to put out a succinct statement that clarifies the relationship between the 107IST, Rose City Riveters, and Timbers Army.

    The 107IST is the umbrella under which both supporters groups live. It supports both groups as equal peers. Today the 107IST Board is still the de facto board for the Timbers Army, while the Rose City Riveters have their own steering committee. Lexi Stern sits on the steering committee as a 107IST Board member, and the rest of those positions are filled by core Rose City Riveters volunteers who oversee Riveters subcommittees.

    As our work has evolved, we have incorporated both Rose City Riveters and Timbers Army work on the 107IST Community Outreach committee. We are looking to continue to evolve this cooperative participation at the 107IST committee level in several other areas, such as in travel and membership.

    Over time we expect this “cross-pollination” to grow. We also expect that certain committees will work closely together, but remain separate as it makes the most sense. Game day is a good example here: we use the collective buying power of the 107IST to the benefit of both groups, but the actual day-to-day management of stadium operations are handled by two distinct teams.

    Additionally, as time goes on, you’ll see the 107IST and the Timbers Army becoming more distinct from each other when appropriate. This started with the 107IST newsletter (which has always included both Timbers Army and Rose City Riveters news) as well as with Green Weekend (where both SGs have participated for the past few years).  As we continue to grow and evolve, you’ll likely see some messages come from 107IST, some from Timbers Army, some from Rose City Riveters, and some from combinations of the three, as appropriate.

    In the end, the best summary of all of this is with an updated tagline that we’ve actually been using for a while:

    The 107 Independent Supporters Trust: The engine behind the Timbers Army and Rose City Riveters.

    Respectfully Signed,
    The 107IST Board of Directors and Rose City Riveters Steering Committee

  • 30 Jan 2017 5:00 PM | Sherrilynn Rawson (Administrator)

    For several years now, 107IST members have been the people who fund the engine that fuels the Timbers Army and the Rose City Riveters. In addition, 107IST members have had the chance to acquire an additional "thank you gift" (sometimes affectionately referred to as "swag") each year they sign up or renew. From enamel pins to bottle openers to tote bags to keychains, we've had a variety of different 107IST membership gifts in the past.

    This year, 107IST members who say "yes, I want a membership gift" will get a challenge coin when signing up or renewing for 2017. (Local members get a voucher they can redeem for a challenge coin at the Fanladen; members who live further away will get their challenge coins in the mail.)

    What the heck is a challenge coin?

    Challenge coins have several origin stories, all military in origin. In the Roman Empire, coins were sometimes used to recognize a soldier's achievements. Modern challenge coin origin stories include tales of a flying squadron in World War I; stories of the OSS in World War II; and still other accounts of the 17th Infantry Regiment in the Korean conflict.  Regardless of the origin, the general notion of a challenge coin is to commemorate membership in a particular military group, and is also often associated with special achievements or visits. A coin can be a source of pride, a memento of a special event, a morale booster, and/or proof of membership in a group. 

    The "challenge" part of the name refers to coin holders being challenged to present their coins. As in origin stories, the rules for coin challenges vary, but most have a similar theme: upon being challenged to present coins, all coin-holding members of a group must physically present their coins. Any member who cannot produce his/her coin is generally responsible for buying other members present a beverage. If all members in attendance are able to produce their coins, the person who challenged others to present coins must instead buy all members present a beverage.

    The 107IST challenge coin for 2017 is a beautifully crafted commemorative coin. On one side, there is a representation of a 107IST member doing volunteer work with Operation Pitch Invasion (thank you, Nicole Barker, for the photo it comes from). On the other side are the logos of the 107IST, the Timbers Army, and the Rose City Riveters.  Around the edges of the coin are the mission of the 107IST, along with some of the many things 107IST members do.

    If you are a local member, check your packet for the voucher with the picture of a challenge coin on it. Bring that voucher to the Fanladen during office hours (usually Wednesday nights 6:30-8:30) or on match days before home matches. You can exchange the voucher for your own challenge coin.

    We know we aren't the first supporters group to create a challenge coin. Heck, we aren't even the first Timbers Army people to do so. We have both Eastern Bloc & TA:CO (Timbers Army:Covert Ops) challenge coins on display at the Fanladen, for example. But we thought these would be a wonderful way to commemorate the work you support with your membership, as well as a reminder of what we're all about.

    No, we don't have any dictates about "rules" for coin checks. As with most other things we do, we're sure that people will come up with their own variations. As a 107IST member in 2017, enjoy your challenge coin as a reminder of what your membership supports. Whether it's tifo and other game day operations, community outreach, or any of the activities associated with our core mission, your membership in 107IST supports Team, Town, and TA/Riveters: supporting soccer in and around Portland, Oregon, from the grassroots to the highest professional level.

  • 30 Jan 2017 1:33 PM | Scott Jeffries

    Update 2/3/17: We have reached our goal for both games! Thank you to everyone who donated - we no longer need tickets. If you wanted to donate but were unable to, we'll be taking up collections for future games so hopefully you can contribute then. 

    Update 2/2/17: We have reached our goal of 30 tickets for the game on 2/9! We are now only looking for tickets on 2/15 against Vancouver. See original post below.

    Will you have any spare Timbers Army tickets for the preseason games on February 9th and/or 15th? We would like to have a group of kids from the Immigrant and Refugee Community Organization (IRCO) join us in the TA and we're looking for your unused tickets. Maybe you'll be out of town or you can't make a weeknight game, or maybe you just want to give up your seat for a good cause. Whatever the reason, your ticket will bring a lot of joy to a child and help them feel more a part of this community, which they need now more than ever. 

    Don't have season tickets but want to help? That's ok! You can buy Timbers Army tickets here - that's sections 101-208 (doesn't matter which) or choose the Timbers Army option under "Purchase By Price" - and then donate them! 

    Please email tickets as PDFs to ticketdonation@107ist.org with the subject "IRCO Donation". We are looking for the 9th (against Salt Lake) and the 15th (against Vancouver) only -- NOT the 12th. Please note we are only looking for Timbers Army (general admission) tickets so that we can keep the kids together. We will update this post when we have received enough tickets.

  • 18 Jan 2017 2:16 PM | Lexi Stern (Administrator)

    -by Brian May

    I have been a part of the Special Olympics Polar Plunge as a plunger for the last 4 years, with the last three being part of the SUPER PLUNGERS team. Those are the crazy people that plunge once every hour for 24 hours straight and each has different backgrounds. This year I will be leading the Timbers Army plunge team, and luckily for us, the Timbers Army team will be performing a single plunge on the 25th of February.

    The Polar Plunge is a fun event to help raise money for the Special Olympics.

    Where does the money raised by the polar plunge go? I’m glad you asked.

    • $50 - Provides an athlete with training equipment for one season
    • $100 - Provides uniforms for one athlete for the entire year (3 sports seasons)
    • $250 - Provides training and equipment for an entire basketball team for one season
    • $500 - Allows an entire youth soccer team to compete for one season
    • $1000 - Allows an entire team to travel and compete in Summer State Games

    There will be a special Merritt Badge for the people who plunge in the frigid waters of Broughton Beach.

    I’m hoping to get at least 107 of my fellow Timbers Army members to take the plunge with me on February 25th, 2017. No need to worry about missing any of the preseason tournament action at Providence Park, as there are no matches scheduled for the plunge day.

    To join the Timbers Army Polar Plunge Team, please visit the following URL: http://soor.convio.net/goto/TimbersArmy

    I hope to see you at the plunge!

    Brian May

    The Plunge Details

    The Portland Polar Plunge is located on Broughton Beach on Marine Drive.

    Tips for a great plunge:

    • Arrive early! Registration will open at 8:30am. We have been working hard to make things move faster, but be sure leave yourself enough time to get parked, take the shuttle/walk to the plunge site and get checked in. The plunge will start at 11am!
    • We will have Starbucks onsite serving coffee and hot chocolate. We will also have hot soup for the plungers!
    • Don't forget that you can wear a robe, a towel or something to keep you warm while you wait. You'll be able to drop it just before the plunge, and come back to it right after.
    • Bring an extra pair of shoes to plunge in.
    • Bring a towel.
    • You can turn in cash and/or checks on-site.
    • Bring a bag for your wet clothes, as well as a change of clothes. We will have changing tents!
    • Wear a costume!
  • 18 Jan 2017 12:00 PM | Ray Terrill (Administrator)

    As Portland continued to thaw this past weekend, 1/14-1/15, a couple hundred people descended on Rose City Futsal's new Westside location for the 2017 Winter Classic. Featuring three divisions - Men's, Women's, and Coed - 23 teams played 25 minute matches, with the winner determined by the team receiving the most points, Premier League-style.

    Saturday's matches started out with the coed and women's teams leading things off, followed by the men's matches later in the evening, and things seemed to get chippier as the night went on making for some great competition and entertainment. Sunday's matches reversed that format, starting off with the men and finishing up with the women's and coed teams.

    The Winners (all were undefeated):

    • Men's Rec - Buckman United
    • Women's - Back That Pass Up
    • Coed - Team X

    In the end, a lot of great futsal was played, new friendships were forged, a number of new players and teams made their debut (and we hope they stick around!), and a little over $3,600 was raised for TAFC's Open Play.

    A big thanks to all of our volunteers for making this event a success, especially our organizers Clifford Eiffler, Michelle DeFord, Emily Hausenauer, Bill Packwood, Oliver Mooÿman, Ray Terrill, a team of fantastic event-day volunteers, and Dawn Bauman, who celebrated her birthday with us at RCF on Sunday and had the entire facility sing Happy Birthday to her before the matches started.

    More Info:

    If you came out this weekend (as a volunteer, player, or spectator) - We're looking for feedback on how we did, and we'd appreciate your input on this survey: http://fluidsurveys.com/surveys/timbersarmy/2017-winter-classic/

    If you want to play futsal or indoor soccer, and don't yet have a team to call home, take a second to fill out this form, and we'll try to match you up with a squad (or form a new one!): https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSfkgVQBdNtIGktmxTXDR5QjGkZqBs-gxwiQ6kXy1WeL9KoGZw/viewform

    If you already have a team, but want to join the TAFC umbrella of teams - shoot us an email at tafc@107ist.org.

    Event Photos:

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