Booked! Drive Beats Last Year's Donation Total

30 Mar 2016 11:25 AM | 107ist Admin (Administrator)

—by Todd Diskin

For the second year the Booked Library and Literary Outreach Project challenged the Timbers Army to collect 107 new and used soccer books for children who don't have access to many books at home. Partnering with The Children's Book Bank and tasked with a deadline of the second home match vs RSL, the challenge laid out was again crushed by the TA faithful. This week the Booked committee was proud to give The Children's Book Bank a total of 268 books

This year, we asked our members to donate books that are part of The Children's Book Bank "A Story Like Mine" project, one that seeks to provide more books that reflect the rich and diverse cultures and identities of the youth they serve. Donations were also accepted, collecting just over $200! Those funds will go to help The CBB purchase books that are greatly needed. 

Each and every book donation was important to the drive and the Booked Library Committee is beyond grateful to the many people who helped support literacy in our community. 

Booked! drive facts:

  • The donation of 268 books means about 20 children will be able to own 14 books each (a magic number for children's book ownership) that they will get to keep. 
  • A middle income family will typically have 15 or more children's books in their home.
  • In Portland neighborhoods that experience high rates of poverty, the ratio of books to children is one book for every 300 children.
  • This year about 80,000 books will be donated, cleaned and delivered to area children by The Children's Book Bank. 
  • In the 8+ years The Children's Book Bank has existed, about 45,000 youth have received over 500,000 books. 
  • The Booked team will be teaming up with The Children's Book Bank for the final book cleaning project of this year at Bridges School campus on Saturday, April 9th from 1:00-4:00 PM. Sign up here. 

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