The People’s Ring

20 Mar 2016 11:55 AM | 107ist Admin (Administrator)

Stig and Travis, a couple of Timbers Army members, have taken it upon themselves to start a GoFundMe to purchase the last championship ring from the Timbers and have it donated to the 107ist. The ring is part of a Stand Together auction, and any money raised from its sale goes back into the community.

Under their proposal, The 107ist would house the ring in the Fanladen and hold it on behalf of the supporters.

While the 107ist board supports this effort, we are not contributing any money out of the 107ist coffers - all money will come directly from supporters via the GoFundMe.

If the GoFundMe fails to raise enough money to successfully win the ring, the money raised will be donated to the 107ist and used for charitable purposes. If the GoFundMe raises in excess of what is needed to win, the excess will be donated to the 107ist as well.

The bottom line is any money raised ends up going back into the community as charitable giving, and maybe the supporters get their own ring.

The auction is Wednesday, so the timeline to raise the funds is compressed.

If your believe in this effort and  have a few dollars to spare, the GoFundMe can be found here: Campaign is no longer active.

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