Buy Your Capo a Pint

27 Oct 2015 1:05 PM | 107ist Admin (Administrator)

The below comes from our beloved 108 capo, Sunday White. Please honor the tradition and buy your capo a pint for a great cause!

Get out your piggy banks, dump out those growlers full o’ coin, and grab some bills off that stack under your mattress because it is time for our annual #BYCAP Capo/DnT fundraising event.

The game day volunteers you know as the Timbers Army Capos/DnT, supported by our non-profit leadership, the 107ist, have championed an annual fundraiser for the last 5 years to support a cause that we, the vocal and passionate Capos, drums and trumpets of this team and town, can really get behind. This Thursday it is time to Buy Your Capo A Pint. (aka #BYCAP)

The jist of this is that we Capos/DnT, help the people of the Timbers army to find their voice during match day. We are raising funds on this day to donate to Camp Meadowood Springs. A youth camp that helps children and teens find their voice.

Camp Meadowood Springs is a unique summer camp experience for individuals and their families impacted by communication and/or social learning challenges and is open to children and teens. Since 1964, Camp Meadowood Springs has helped over 3,000 individuals overcome their unique social learning challenges, and continues to grow and adapt.

Buy Your Capo A Pint is a chance for you to say a resounding and effective “THANK YOU” to the volunteers of the MLS’s most insatiable supporters. We [Capos/Drums/Trumpets] are requesting that you take that spare change, that small bill, whatever you would consider to be the value of a ‘thank you beverage’ for a hard-working capo, and put that money into our pickle buckets and help our future, our youth grow into their voice.

We are also asking that those of you that want to say thank you, but cannot make it to the stadium on Thursday’s 10/29 match, to be a part of this fundraising endeavor by donating via this paypal link. Every dollar helps. #TeamTownTA

If you are unable to make the match to donate in person please follow this link.

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