Seattle Away – August 30, 2015

18 Aug 2015 12:15 PM | 107ist Admin (Administrator)

Tickets are now on sale to all!

Members, use the link and password that was emailed last week.

Bus/ticket combo: $60 (member price)

Ticket only: $24 (member price)

Non-members, use these links:

Bus/ticket combo

Match ticket only

Buses and captains are:

Bus #1 - Drew Picard — Rev Nats

Bus #2 - David Auxier — Bridgeport

Bus #3 - Matt Lindley — Burnside

Bus #4 - Eric Berg — Cascade Lakes

SOLD OUT - Bus #5 - Patch Perryman — Gigantic

Bus #6 - Nick Brock — Hopworks

Bus #7 - Richard Sheals — Lompoc

Bus #8 - Sara Nelson — Lucky Lab

Bus #9 - Steph Nova — Portland Cider

Bus #10 – Patrick Musto – Rogue


If you are a paid-up member but have not been receiving the weekly emails please first check your spam folder, if they are not there email us at ASAP and we'll look into it.


I bought a "ticket only" for the Seattle away game. Where do I get the real ticket?

  • Tickets will be distributed in Seattle. You will receive an email closer to match day with all the details on where and when.

I bought a bus/ticket combo. Where do I get my ticket for the match?

  • You will be given your match ticket as you get on the bus. Make sure to put it in a secure place as we do not have replacement tickets. If you lose it, you will need to pay for another one.

I'm taking the bus. Where can I put all my stuff when I'm at the match?

  • You can leave your personal belongings on the bus. The bus will be secured.

I'm not a member, can I buy a ticket to the match?

  • Tickets are available to 107ist members at this time.

I just joined, should I use the link above?

  • You will be mailed a link to purchase tickets at the member price within 48 hours of you joining (sooner if we can)

How many tickets can I buy?

  • Members may purchase two tickets, one of which can be for a non-member.

Are the tickets general admission or assigned seats?

  • Tickets will have a seat number printed on them. However, the section is general admission and you are free to stand anywhere within our designated area.

What section will we be in?

  • 301 & 302

I can no longer attend, can I get a refund or sell my ticket to someone else?

  • Refunds only given in the case of a genuine personal emergency*
  • You may sell or transfer your ticket to someone else. IMPORTANT - Email with the purchaser's name, email address and contact info


What if I can't get to the ticket pick-up in time?

  • It is imperative that you pick up your ticket on time.
  • Due to security procedures mandated by Seattle front office and CenturyLink, we are required to enter the stadium as a group.
  • If you cannot make it in time due to a genuine emergency**, please contact AS SOON AS POSSIBLE and we will leave your ticket at Will Call.
  • Please be aware that the travel committee has their hands full on match day and are not always available by email. An emergency contact number will be emailed to everyone closer to the match

What if I get to will-call and there's an error with my order?

  • Call the emergency contact number (will be emailed to everyone closer to the match)

*Poor planning on your part does not constitute an emergency on our part.

**Staying at the bar to drink longer is NOT a true emergency.

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