The Story Behind the Star

17 Jul 2016 7:31 PM | 107ist Admin (Administrator)

—by Mike Coleman

The Timbers Army tifo crew was wrapping up painting on their “Legends Never Sleep” tifo for the 7/17 match. All that was left to paint was the star on Freddy’s sweater.

That’s when inspiration struck one of the project managers. They had the thought to invite a player into add the coup de grâce. So, a couple of phone calls were made, and Diego Valeri agreed to visit the tifo garage with his daughter to paint that final piece.

But, as well all know, the first rule of tifo is you don’t talk about tifo. So before Diego arrived, the tifo crew folded up the banner so that all Diego and Coni, his daughter, could see was the blank star.

Of course he was curious what he was working on. He asked one of the PMs if he could see the rest of the design.

Nope, not until match day, was the response.

Diego smiled, and nodded.

Diego gets it. 

Gracias Diego por todo.

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