Timbers/Timbers Army Hillsboro DHS Family Visitation Room Makeover

07 Aug 2016 8:40 AM | 107ist Admin (Administrator)

—by Keith Palau

There are myriad reasons why I’m proud to be TA:

The high level of consistent support for our club before, during, and after the match.

The amazing away support.

The best tifo in North America.

The fact that we have our differences, yet remain unified.

But one reason that may be missed by some, especially outside the TA, is the quality and quantity of support for meaningful causes in our community.  As a member of the 107ist Community Outreach team, I’m privileged to see just how much is accomplished each year by our passionate, caring, and generous constituency.

Below is a description of an upcoming project that’s near and dear to my heart.  Via social media alone, the $3,500 budget was raised, mostly by people whom I know are TA, in less than 36 hours.  There were even a few ECS friends who joined in ;-)

If you gave a specific gift toward the room makeover, thank you!  If you’ve paid your 107ist membership fee, thank you; you help make things like this happen.  If you want to volunteer for the actual room makeover the 2nd half of August, please let me know.

And thank you again for letting me join you as part of our wonderful Timbers Army.

Here’s your opportunity to make a positive impact in the lives of kids and families on the west side of Portland, and represent the Timbers and Timbers Army at the same time!

The Timbers Army, Embrace Oregon, and other friends in the Westside Community are coming together to do a major remodel of a family visitation room at the Hillsboro DHS offices (Child Welfare Programs) this August.

The room will be done entirely in a Timbers/Timbers Army theme, with signed memorabilia donated by the Timbers, custom log slice end tables with the help of Timber Joey Webber, a mural designed and painted by TA artists, brand new furniture, and a new flat screen TV and game system. DHS plans on naming it the “Timbers Room”.

The visitation room is designed for children and teens who are in foster care to be able to spend an average of one hour each week with their birth families and other supporters. This is an intimate and critical point of connection for children whose lives have been turned upside down, as well as for biological parents who are working hard and taking steps to get their kids returned home. A visitation room that is homey and warm speaks value and worth to both the children and their families.

Another use for the “Timbers Room” will be when children are removed from their homes for imminent safety reasons and must sit in the Child Welfare office awaiting placement. Volunteers called “Office Moms and Dads” may be available to play with kids for an average of 5-7 hours while the caseworker tries to find a foster placement. In this instance, having an inviting space with activities is very helpful and allows the worker to focus on finding a foster placement.

Now is the perfect time to join us in reminding our children, teens, parents, guardians, and DHS staff that they are valued by creating this lasting legacy of love from the Timbers and the TA.

All of the money raised will go to the direct expenses of furniture not donated, new flat screen TV and game system, paint and paint supplies, shelving and wall mounts, games and toys, etc.  If we’re able to secure enough in-kind gifts to stay below our budget, we’ll have money left over for the proposed Timbers Army room makeover at the Beaverton DHS next year.

THANK YOU for considering taking part in this meaningful and lasting gift to children and families on the west side of Portland.


Keith Palau




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