Buy Your Capo a Pint (BYCAP) 2016 for Camp Meadowood Springs

11 Oct 2016 12:19 PM | 107ist Admin (Administrator)
—by Patch Perryman

Photo by Jody Taylor

It’s been quite a season for all of us in the Timbers Army. The capos, drummers and trumpeters thank everyone who joined us in the North End, on the road, and across the globe.

But before the season ends, we have one more request of you (AKA #BYCAP).

You may take it for granted that you’ll be at the next match, singing and chanting yourself hoarse. You’re from the North End and you’re there to make some noise, right?

Photo by shotbyacanon

But what if you couldn’t?

What if the joyful soundtrack of the Timbers Army was off limits to you?

You wouldn’t be alone.

Since 1964, Camp Meadowood Springs in Pendleton, Oregon has helped over 3,000 kids and young adults aged 6 to16 to overcome their unique social learning challenges. Every summer they offer a mix of summer activities intermixed with intensive hearing and speech therapy for their 60-plus campers with communication challenges.

Here’s how you can help: Instead of buying a pint, consider taking that spare change, that small bill, whatever you would consider to be the value of a “thank you beverage” and put that money into our pickle buckets, which you’ll see hanging off each nest along with one on the main stage.


Photo by Doug Geisler

If you cannot be at the match on Sunday the 16th, you can donate via this PayPal link. Every bit helps.


As the 2016 regular season closes (and the playoffs loom), please consider making a small investment toward offering a few, deserving folks the prospect of having an amazing and life-transforming summer in 2017.

Thank you very much and see you in the stands,

Your Capo, Drum & Trumpet Corps

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