Love Conquers Fear

11 Nov 2016 6:20 PM | Stephan Lewis (Administrator)

(Musical Accompaniment) 

To all the mothers and the sisters and the wives and friends

To the LGB-T-Q and the B-L-M

To those of all faiths and races and origins

Come on and jump on ‘cause we’re about to begin

Human rights are not political, in fact they’re quite critical

To true “advanced nations” they are, unequivocal

We are the 107ist (Supporters Trust)

Long ago, all of this has been discussed

From the delicious burnt ends to the upper crust,

If we see rights violations, there will be disgust

Love conquers fear, love conquers hate

Spread the love, rise above, believe, ‘cause this can’t wait

Festering below the skin, the answer is simple

Not like tryin’ to understand “Pauli exclusionary principle”

Now that hate has reared its head, we’ll pop it like a pimple

White nationals, headin’ to the capital

They have a blank check for hate, and it is cashable

It’s time to be tactical

Don’t go on a sabbatical

It’s time to show up like the elephants of Hannibal

We’re standing by your side, no need to run and hide

You may be terrified, we’re like a mountainside

If we can all stand together, we will be amplified

From Celtic to Rayo, St Pauli to Inferno,

In the barrio and borough

Ultras Antifa, rising like a volcano

Our Pride is on the map, let’s be the blasting cap

We’ve shown racism the red, now use an arrowhead

Some say we’ve lost our edge, that’s why I take this pledge

Love conquers fear, love conquers hate

Spread the love, rise above, believe, ‘cause this can’t wait

They used to say the U.S. is a melting pot

But that discounts diversity, so ^that^ it’s not

That idea’s played out like a mix cassette

We’re more of a tossed salad, be the vinaigrette

Relationships and partnerships are the key

True scholarly debate can set us free

This requires all to be diligent to keep an open mind

But more and more people are willing to be blind

Open their eyes, criticize, and show dissent

Antifa’s established, no need to reinvent

The TA and the Riveters can be a force

We represent Rose City, let us set the course

Still got more rhymes than seeds in pomegranate

Oh, by the way, don’t forget about the planet.

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