107IST Donates $12.5K to Project Blacktop, OPI's New Initiative

19 Dec 2016 10:06 AM | Anonymous

In keeping with the 107 Independent Supporters Trust’s mission of supporting soccer from the grass roots to the highest professional level, our latest boost to local grass-roots soccer is a $12,500 donation this past week to Operation Pitch Invasion in support of their newest initiative, Project Blacktop.

Project Blacktop aims to put soccer in schoolyards alongside basketball, kickball, foursquare and hopscotch. With this initiative, now up and running in four Portland-area locations, OPI has created ways to build soccer spaces for kids at a scalable variety of prices and is preparing to share its knowledge and experience with fans throughout the nation to help them grow the game in their towns. Read the press release here.

We're delighted at the success of our sibling organization and proud of our role in its development. Did you know that:

  • The 107IST created OPI as its first community initiative and launched the organization with seed money in 2010;
  • 107IST members have taken up shovels and rakes at dozens of OPI volunteer days over seven years;
  • The 107IST made the single biggest financial contribution — $50,000 — to Bless Field, OPI's first construction project;
  • The 107IST is the principal sponsor of Project Blacktop;
  • A portion of your 107IST annual membership fee goes to support OPI's various initiatives every single year. We are committed to providing the organization with $25,000 every two years, of which this month's donation is a part.

Keep an eye out for volunteer opportunities with OPI through the 107IST in 2017! If you know of a location that could benefit from Project Blacktop, please contact OPI with details.

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