2017 Annual General Meeting Recap and Volunteer Opportunities

16 Feb 2017 9:42 PM | Anonymous

Thanks to all who came out to the Mission Theater for the 2017 107ist Annual General Meeting on February 12. Thanks also to Todd Diskin for organizing the event and to Scott van Swearingen for introducing the new format, which minimized the time spent on 2016 committee reports and instead allowed us to get some great discussions going with all of you. We'll be going through all of your valuable feedback in the coming weeks and using it to hopefully make everything we do this year even better.

As we do every year at this event, each committee shared their accomplishments from the previous season, plans for the current season, and current volunteer needs -- but only for 30 minutes this time. The rest of the AGM was devoted to discussion and feedback. Our facilitators, Kevin Hiebert and Jessica Riehl, had everyone turn in answers to the following questions on notecards:

  • How has the 107IST impacted your life? 
  • What are the essential stories we need to share with the community about the 107IST?

We then broke into small group sessions and discussed the following topics, with each member having an opportunity to attend two sessions:

  • Telling the 107IST story

  • Volunteer engagement

  • Building a robust communications system

  • Planning for the future: A place

  • Rose City Riveters

We collected everyone's responses from all sessions and will be discussing them as a board later in the month.

For those who weren't able to attend or who would like to look through the slides again, you can view or download the AGM presentation slides and notes as a PDF. Note that some sensitive financial data has been removed from this download, but the info is freely available to members by arrangement with the Treasurer.

Volunteer Signup Forms

Across the organization, we need all types of volunteers at all skill levels. Please read both the presentation slides and the following signup forms for details about what each committee is looking for. Committee chairs will be getting back to applicants within the next few weeks.


  • 26 Feb 2017 9:10 PM | Anonymous
    I would love to be involved more... but we live in Bend. Is there somewhere I can sign up for 'at a distance' support?? :)
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