Never Too Young to Make a Difference

06 Oct 2017 5:00 PM | Keith Palau (Administrator)

By Coley Lehman

This is Daisy. Every year on her birthday her great-grandfather sends her a crisp $100 bill. Usually this money goes right into her college savings account.

This year Daisy had an idea for how to spend the money. She told her parents she wanted to buy presents for kids who didn’t get birthday presents. Her parents agreed to match her money 1:1, so after discussing a few options, Daisy decided to buy gifts for kids in foster care. Daisy and her family are big supporters of the Thorns and Timbers. Her parents were already familiar with Keith Palau’s work with 107ist to improve the waiting rooms for kids receiving DHS services. Keith was able to use his DHS contacts to get a wishlist. With a list in hand, Daisy and her family made a trip to Target and loaded up $200 of art supplies, jammies, and toys.

Even though she’s only 8 years old, Daisy was able to take something that would have only made a small difference in her life, and make a much bigger impact in the lives of people who need it a lot more. 

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