Sunshine Flag Update

10 Aug 2018 1:00 PM | Stephan Lewis (Administrator)

The 107ist board would like to thank all who have participated in the discussion on this topic.  Through this process we have given special weight to our Asian and Pacific Islander members and the broader API community, locally.  While we don’t discount the ranging concerns around this issue, we believe that our use of the sunburst throughout our iconography is very different in meaning from the Rising Sun, yet we do understand and acknowledge the concerns of some of our members in this regard.

As a result, we will be retiring the green and white capo stand flag unless/until significant design changes can be made.  Also, we have been talking with the creators/owners of the current BAF and Away Sunshine flag about evolving the flags to incorporate more Portland-centric elements that will make them more divergent to any perceived negative reference.  They will be attending our board meeting next week to discuss paths forward.  They have been hoping to have alterations to the Away flag ready to travel to KC on the 18th, but it may go into temporary retirement until those changes are completed.  Due to the sizable logistics of working on the BAF, any significant changes would need to be an off-season project for them.  Therefore, the BAF will be used in its current state throughout the rest of this season. 

We also feel that this is a great opportunity to highlight some of the great work being done in our community to productively address hate.  The local group Coalition of Communities of Color is working on a hate incident reporting app as a clearing house for incidents that will streamline tracking and response.  The Asian Pacific American Network of Oregon (APANO) is leading the development of a highly detailed rapid response system of protocols that the reporting app will feed into to provide the most effective, unique response for each reported incident.  This system is currently in the beta testing phase and is proving out well.  The hope is to have it up and running in the coming months. 

By continuing our relationships with many of our communities susceptible to hate, we aid in the social change to obtain self-determination, wellness, justice and prosperity for all who call Portland home.  Through the strength of efforts like these we can contribute to an even broader impact on these present issues and we welcome you to continue to join us as we look for ways to do so.


  • 10 Aug 2018 6:25 PM | Ryan Pollard
    The 107IST organization has made strong, controversial decisions in the past, but it has always owned its identity wholeheartedly. To the best of my recollection, it has never tried to hold two diametrically opposing viewpoints at the same time.

    I think the part of this BAF decision that bothers me the most is this weird attempt to have it both ways… To say “we’ll fix the problem in the offseason, but in the meantime, we’ll act as if there is none.” Frankly, if the board is determined to keep it for the remainder of the season, then there's no reason to redesign in the offseason. If we as an organization have chosen to keep it for even one more match, we've declared that we’re fine with it on principle. And if this is what our elected board members say the 107IST is about, then the 107IST should openly and publicly embrace it. The membership can then better decide whether to continue supporting the organization or not.

    Furthermore, I would like to know how the board voted on such an important issue. I understand that board minutes do not (for whatever reason) identify votes cast, even in a non-executive session. I think this would be a lovely time for our board members to make themselves and their values known.
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    • 14 Nov 2018 1:00 PM | James Belcher
      Bang-on, Ryan. Could someone please point me to the latest on this? I'm not really seeing anything about it on the site, and haven't noticed anything in the What You Need To Know emails. Thanks!
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  • 10 Aug 2018 9:01 PM | Kevin Bensel
    I'm sure there are plenty of TA / 107ist members who do not know what the BAF looks like or recognize it by its name (or that "BAF" is an acronym for "Big A$$ Flag"), so here is a link to a picture for anyone who doesn't know (it's the green and yellow flag in the link below):

    Admins: Please consider including a picture of the BAF at the top of the article.
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