October Match Day Drive - My Voice Music

05 Oct 2018 8:59 AM | Michelle DeFord (Administrator)

I don't remember when I first met Coley, but I feel like I have always known her and her family. You might too. The tiny girls’ front row at the Thorns games; blazing red hair in a mohawk, adorable side cuts, in love with Christine Sinclair (like everyone, obviously). When I originally asked for ideas for match day drives, Coley was one of the first people who responded. Coley is a total badass and a current member of the East Coast Platoon.  I asked her to write a blog post about MVM and what it means to her.

This following is a guest post by TA member Coley Lehman:

This month’s match-day drive supports My Voice Music (MVM). I have been a board member of MVM since 2015. I care deeply about this organization and the impact we have on youth in the area. Here are some important statistics about My Voice Music (MVM):

  • In 2017, 1800 young people ages 7 to 20 participated in MVM’s music programs.
  • 700 of those are young people experiencing mental health crisis, living in residential mental health treatment centers; through partnerships in over 20 youth organizations; many of whom are recovering from trauma, such as, abuse, sex trafficking, and drug addiction.
  • 215 are refugees, unaccompanied migrant youth seeking refugee status in the U.S. who have been separated from their families and were in the custody of ICE.
  • 85 are young people living in foster care.
  • 300 are young people who attended programs open to the public at MVM studios, which include summer camps for 9-13 year olds; year-round artist mentorship programs designed for middle school, high school, and transition age youth from 11 – 20 years old.
  • 85% of those 300 attended free.

Numbers tell one part of the story. Students’ own words tell another part.

“I was not speaking to anyone. I was angry. I didn’t know what to do. Music gave me a place to share what I needed to say.”


Hip Hop Artist Outreach Programs, Year-Round Artist Mentorship Student, Rock Camp Teacher

“The first time I heard a recording of my music, I felt a door opening in my life.”

-Joseph, electronic musician

MVM Outreach Student

“My Voice Music is hope.”

-Owen, multi-instrument & songwriter

Rock Camper & PreAmp Student

From the friendships I’ve made through 107ist, I know many of you have personal connections to this work with youth. It is important and often literally life-saving. Please support this month’s match-day drive.
Thank you, Coley (@propersneakers)

Coley has also curated a special list for the 107ist to use as a guide for more affordable items for this drive. 

  • batteries (AAA, AA, cr2032, 9 volt)

  • ear plugs (the foam kind for sound sensitive folks)

  • bus passes

  • Notebooks, journals

  • pens

  • markers (for making band posters, etc.)

  • dry erase markers

  • Large Easel Sticky Pads (25"x30")

  • multi-colored pipe cleaners & other things for kids to creatively fiddle with while taking breaks.

  • 5 gallon buckets (for bucket drumming workshops)

  • alternate percussion (shakers, tambourines, triangles, etc) can be found in kids toy section of Freddy's

  • Blank CDs, similar to these (We go through lots of CDs at our outreach programs and need white ones in order to stamp our MVM logo and info onto them.)

  • Portable CD players

  • Headphones or earbuds

  • Non-perishable snacks

Music Specific Small Items (not found a target or Freddy's though)

  • drum sticks

  • Acoustic guitar strings

  • Electric guitar strings

  • guitar tuners

  • ukuleles

    You can also find MVM's wish list here.

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