How I Got Stuck In

11 Dec 2018 1:57 PM | Michelle DeFord (Administrator)

Get Stuck In
informal -- to start doing something enthusiastically
-- Cambridge Dictionary


Thank you, Devlyn.

Had it not been for your enthusiastic conversations about the Timbers, I wouldn't have found a team I'm passionate about, or a community I care about so much.

I wouldn't be stuck in.

We all have a story of how we got stuck in. I’ll tell you mine. I was doing a few podcasts on a local internet radio station -- one about dating and one about knitting. One of my co-hosts would always come in and talk about the Timbers, about the games and about the players. And it would always end with, “I think you should come with me sometime.” 


One day, I gave in and went. I remember the crowd, I remember the people ... I absolutely do not remember the game. I spent the rest of the season in section 107, row N. I got to be there for the Sunflower Goal. I met Bright Dike in front of the apartment complex we recorded our podcasts from. But I didn't quite realize what I had gotten myself into. 

The first time I went to Seattle for an away game on a bus ... We hiked up those awful ramps. We sang our hearts out for the full 90. And I had never had someone yell such awful things at me from outside our section. 

It was terrible and amazing. That's when I realized I was stuck in.

A little over a year ago, I tweeted something about thanking whoever brought you here. The response was amazing. Everyone had a story for why they’re here, how *they* got stuck in. So I decided I wanted to try to document that. 

Interested in coming out? Fill out this form here and I will be in touch.

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