Match day update: September 22

22 Sep 2019 9:47 AM | Jennifer Ingraham (Administrator)

What to expect today

We’ll be doing the same as last week:

  • We will be silent through warm-ups, walkout, and kickoff.
  • We will start singing Bella Ciao at 3:30.
  • If you have a two-stick or banner, display it whenever you’d like.

Remember to respect your fellow supporter. Everyone supports the team differently. We will not tolerate bullying or intimidation in the North End.


Why are we still not doing more?

This past Thursday (September 19) in Las Vegas, MLS met with representatives from the Timbers Army, other supporters’ groups, and the Independent Supporters Council to hear input about the current code of conduct.

A statement from the 107IST representatives who attended:

We feel that our meeting in Las Vegas with the league was very productive. We were well prepared and came with a lot of questions, and we learned a lot. We had a good discussion about the path toward reworking the code of conduct, and they listened to our input. MLS needed additional time with key stakeholders to finalize any agreements on our future partnership. We are encouraged by the dialogue and progress made, and we look forward to our meeting on Tuesday, September 24.

On Tuesday, MLS and the attendees of the Las Vegas meeting will reconvene via a conference call to continue the discussion. Talks will include, among other things, MLS’s final decision on whether or not to suspend the Iron Front ban for the remainder of the season. As a continued display of trust and good faith during these ongoing talks, we are again holding back on larger-scale organized boycotts and protests today.

Tuesday will be the final determination for our next steps.

What can I do in the meantime?

Keep up your individual protests. We are having an impact. Our voices have been heard by both our Front Office and MLS headquarters. Stories have appeared in local, national, and international press, — almost universally in favor of the supporters’ groups. But we still need to keep up the pressure.

  • Email to let them know your thoughts.
  • If you’ve already emailed your local ticket representative, continue to do so to remind them that this issue isn’t going away.
  • Continue the social media campaigns.
  • If you’ve been boycotting concessions, keep it up (and consider donating that money to the Gisele Currier Scholarship Fund).
  • Contact your local and state elected officials to ask for their support for the Iron Front campaign. Every level of elected office in Portland and Oregon should take a public stand.
  • Talk to those around you in the stands and in the community about why this matters.

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