Deep Roots Can Survive a Fire

28 Feb 2020 5:13 PM | Stephan Lewis (Administrator)

The 107 Independent Supporters Trust is as strong as we are because of you, our members. More than just forking over dues and buying merch (both great, BTW, don’t stop), our members carry our mission and our ethos with them wherever they may go. You’re the eyes on the street and the boots on the ground. With this, one of our members brought something to our attention that our collective can have a strong impact on.

Last month there was a fire at Timber-Linn Park in Albany. Several structures at the park were destroyed, including the storage shed for the Mid-Willamette Valley chapter of the American Youth Soccer Organization (AYSO). We’ve had the opportunity now to meet with them and figure out how we might be able to help.

AYSO Region 870 has grown since 1992, now running their programs in Albany, Lebanon, Sweet Home, Tangent, Halsey, Jefferson, Scio, Turner, and Brownsville, and are planning growth into the Silverton area. With the embrace of the principles that everyone has a chance to play, positive coaching, good sportsmanship, player development, open registration, and balanced teams, Region 870 is completely volunteer-run and already has a system similar to GCSF in place funded through their community.

While they’ve received in-kind donations of much of the replacement equipment they need, they could use our help closing the gap in their fundraising. So far, we’ve been able to hook them up with pinnies, boots, and shin guards from our cache of equipment that flows through the 107ist for these types of occasions. They’re now good on size 5s, but will need the smaller sizes sooner than later. Once we get our overall budgets in order, we’re hoping to close the gap for them through some additional fundraising as their end goal is close to $10,000 to replace what was lost. On a side note, they’ll be coordinating with OPI to see how they can grow similar efforts in their region.

The soccer universe works in strange ways at times. Not only has this led to us building stronger relationships in the Mid-Valley, as you know, we are all greatly saddened by the recent passing of Jimmy Conway. Jimmy's work growing the game in Oregon was integrally linked to by the reps we met as they could draw a direct line form his efforts to their's and is a reminder of how many lives he's touched.

Aiding in the services celebrating his love of the beautiful game, we combed our archives for materials that represented his work in our community to be a part of the service. One of the things we came across was a box with a full set of Jimmy Conway shirts in all sizes from our 2016 Walk to End Alzheimer’s team. We’ll be selling them at the No Pity Van on Sunday, with proceeds going to the above effort. The supply is limited with just 69 in total (nice, right?), so check ‘em out when you hit up the Van.

What better way to Spread the Love and celebrate Jimmy’s life and contributions than to once again support youth soccer in Oregon?

And if you’re able, check out AYSO Region 870's fundraising page and throw some duckets their way.

A Legend is dead. Long live the Legend. Pints Up!

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